Could this be thyroid issues

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Hi all

Will try and keep this very brief.

Stopped smoking 'permanently' in January & since mid January or end January I developed something of a constant discomfort in my throat area of my neck.

In January I had a cough, being a smoker my dr ordered a chest xray which was normal, but nothing has changed. Dr has also ordered Full bloods - normal (6 weeks ago)

Lyranoscopy - normal with irritation on Lyranx & Globus diagnosis (2 weeks ago)

My symptoms are

~ Heavy fullness feeling in the throat area (the area from the voicebox to the part where your collarbones meet)

~ Swallowing saliva is a discomfort on the right hand side only of the throat, like I have a deep paper cut

~ Eating solids & liquids makes it feel better to the extent of not feeling it at all

~ The felling of something trapping the back of my throat or applying constant pressure to the throat or a 'dangling' feeling at the back of the throat feeling like my windpipe is blocked.

~ No lumps or bumps present upon physical examination by ENT & GP

~ Exessive dry throat

~ Feeling of cold air sensation when breathing in shooting to the right part of my throat where this cutting feeling is.

~ Sleeping is not disturbed but when I wake it makes its horrid appearance once again, it starts of slowly then boom full on symptoms of blockage, discomfort & heaviness feeling

~ Constant swallowing

I have been put on antibiotics twice with no relief, lansoprazole & omperazole - no relief & do not believe I have GORD as no heartburn, I understand you can have LPR but again no relief even when being on PPI's for a month & Gavison & Rennies!

This is driving me literally insane, I know the likelihood of throat cancer is none as my scope has been done for that but now my mind is wondering to cancer of the oesophagus or thyroid.

I am 35 f with no history of being a drinker, smoked for 16 years (10 a day or so), overweight sad.

Can someone if you can shed any light on this 'disorder of mine'

My GP dismisses me to having anxiety & these are they symptoms for that she states but for me this is so REAL!

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    Wow, you have described my symptoms very well. 18 months I have dealt with this. I am not the same person I was before.

    Mine all started with a horrible sore throat. But different than any I had ever had up to that point. My throat felt so swollen and tight, that I thought it was. Going to close up. I saw my ENT doc who told me I had LINGUAL tonsillitis. They are not the tonsils you see top. They are little tissue patches on the back of your tongue. I took steroids and antibiotics and the intense pain did get better, but the feeling of something stuck there never went away.

    I saw another ENT doc for a second opinion. He told me I had a mass at the base of my tongue and it needed to come out. There as a potential cancer scare, and I was terrified. I had the surgery and the "mass" removed. It wasn't cancer. Thank a God. But the sensation was STILL THERE. I went back for two follow up visits and got my throat scoped two more times and he said everything looked great. No reason to still have the sensation of something stuck. I went into a deep depression. I got very sick, with other problems too. I have no idea if related to the throat issue.

    So I convinced myself it was something I would have to learn to live with. My cross to bear. It eased slightly, or else I started doing better at ignoring it. Then a couple of weeks ago... it became unbearable

    again. I don't know why. So now, 18 months down the road and I'm debating going back to the ENT and starting over.

    The sensation generally feels like a flap of tissue that seems to make swallowing a real chore, mainly on the right side. I have to really focus on swallowing. Mine isn't the esophagus but the area at the bottom of the tongue. Most of the time it feels so dried back there that my throat sticks together. Eating and drinking help temporarily the it dries

    Out and gets bad again. I've even started feeling like something is clicking in my Throat when I swallow 😩

    I'm so over this, I could just give up. I'm not a suicidal person, but I could see where chronic issues and pain could drive some people there. There's just no relief. No answer. No explanation. No end in sight. And for the record, I do have thyroid disease and Hashimoto's. I've had two recent ultrasounds though and said no nodules or enlargement, so my doc doesn't think that's it.

    Would love to hear how you are doing now. Prayers and hugs.

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      Hey there

      OMG this has never ever left me! I am literally in the process AGAIN of finding out WTF is going on! 

      I have had another chest xray a fortnight ago and clear - bloods were clear end of December, I am now going for lung function tests in 3 weeks! 

      My throat feels blocked when I inhale its the worst feeling ever! I need to take deep breathes to feel satisfied! The dr has given me an inhaler! The bottom of my throat feels like I have been strangled every single day, swallowing does not hurt but the cold sensation when I inhale is 100% still there I am really just thinking of ripping my throat out sad

      What else have you experienced? I have since last week developed tingling where my collar bones are up to my throat....I have had my esophagus scoped last year and nothing.....I probably need a scope into my airways!

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    Hi there,

    This is exactly what I was suffering from 10 months ago but on the left side of my neck. Mine was diagnosed as GERD and stress caused by a erratic sleep/work/food schedules. Although everything else has me feeling better, that feeling in my throat, as if my Adam's apple is plucking on a tissue, has just never gone away haha. In a follow up checkup, my doctor suggested going in for an MRI of it persists, but I decided to never go ahead with it. Been living with it ever since.

    I'm wondering if you ever went in for MRI and how you are feeling now?? Thanks and best wishes.

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      Hi there

      Thanks for your message

      I have been treated for LPR and GERD the tablets for acid has not made a difference sadly - my Dr has sent me to a lung specialist, depends what they decide to do with me! I have had inhalers for asthma and allergy tablets, nothing helps

       No quite sure what this is - obviously I think I have lung cancer now

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      Hey there

      My symptoms are the same, I have been to the respiratory clinic 3 weeks ago today, they reckon it is a hyper sensitive airway to cat allergens - nothing helps so I am off to see them again in January - I am scared I have lung cancer now 

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    Don’t be scared of lung cancer just because you have to see a pulmonologist. I mean I get it bc I have health anxiety too, it’s scary when you don’t have answers and the mind runs but people smoke decades and don’t get lung cancer. 

    I went to pulmonologist and had neg x ray as well, normal function testing and they thought it was non allergenic rhinitis. The doc gave me script for chest cat scan just to cover himself but I don’t want that bc when I think logically I don’t think I need it. A chest cat scan could rule out lung cancer but it gives a heavy dose of radiation. They say one ct scan can cause cancer years later bc it’s the equivalent of at least 80-100 x rays. I don’t want to give myself lung cancer bc I am afraid of it!

    Anyway please keep us posted as to how you get on in January.

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      It is good that your dr is arranging a CT scan - I wish mine would.....I need to know what this is all about

      I cough during the night also......that is cancer a persistent cough.....

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    Hey Kay. 

    Having the same issue here. My story is a bit different, though.

    Started having chronic headaches in Sept ‘17. They were bad, like really bad. Lasted several hours at a time and weren’t like anything else I’d ever dealt with. I’d had migraines before and it was nothing like that. I was searching for answers. 

    Dad and his family have a history of thyroid issues. My dad was diagnosed in his mid 20s with hypothyroidism. He had similar symptoms at that time to what I was experiencing. 20/M here so I figured I might be in the same boat. Stupidly, I asked him if he thought that taking a small dose of his meds could cure the headaches (they were all the time by that point). We agreed that it was a good idea and then I could go to the doctor and get on the proper medication. So I tried a half dose of his synthroid pill. This was the day my life changed. 

    Later that day my headache had worsened exponentially, and I had this unbearable neck pain. It was like a radiating all up and down the front of my neck area, and was extremely painful. I checked into the ER that night but told them about my head pain and not my neck. They wanted me to have a CT scan, which I didn’t want to do. I ended up leaving and going home. Later that night, I started shaking uncontrollably. Never had anything like that happen before, it was scary. My neck hurt so badly and I thought just going to sleep would alleviate the pain. 

    Enter one week later, by which point I figure it’s the medication causing pain. I went to see my doctor, who gave me a full panel and sent me to an ENT. Panel came back fine for TSH levels but my neck still hurt. ENT looked in my throat and said I had lingual tonsillitis, and prescribed me Augmentin for 10 days. I took it, and the pain was much much better. Something weird I found during this time was that wrapping my neck with a scarf made the pain more bearable.

    10 days go by, and the pain isn’t as bad as before, but it’s still there. I went back to ENT and had been diagnosed with GERD immediately (I walked in and saw my doctor, and she literally gave me a prescription without any checkup). I figured that the specialist knows best, and went and got my meds.

    Started taking omeprazole and it seemed that the pain went away. I think by Thanksgiving I remember not having it so bad. I remember eating turkey and being thankful for good health. Boy, I was wrong.

    A few days went by and the pain came back in full force. It was gruesome.  I didn’t know what to think, so I started taking the medication again. A few more weeks went by and the pain hadn’t changed even a bit. I went to see my ENT again and she scoped me another time. She said that it looked like my tonsils were still infected but it would be fine. I was really confused at this point whether or not it was my tonsils or GERD. 

    Now it’s January. The pain has been the same since it came back in November. I’m convinced that there is something going on. ENT said go have a neck CT, so I did it. Nothing. Apparently everything is 100% normal. I can’t believe it.

    My best friends’ Uncle is an allergist, and has experience working with throat problems, so I went to go see him. He put me on some medications for my allergies (which are helping with those), and Augmentin. He figured that this was either a function of allergens, or infections, so we’re hitting both. 

    I stopped taking omeprazole since he suggested that it wasn’t helping (as it seemed to be that way judging from the fact that the pain hasn’t gotten better in 2 months). My neck pain seems more noticeable now but I can’t really tell if it’s worse or better. In any case, my quality of life has been really terrible. I’m not usually prone to depression or any sort of sadness, but I’m worried that this will be status quo for the rest of my life. And I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to handle that news.

    In summary, I seem to have the same exact condition, and can empathize with you.

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    Hi Kay,  I know it's been 2 years since you posted on this site and I'm not sure if you will see this. I briefly reviewed some of the responses you received so I'm not sure if any of them were helpful for your situation, but I have had a similar experience and it is amazing how many drs will ignore your parathyroid. I have had so many symptoms and some of them were for years. But like you said, they want to chalk it up to being in your head. I told drs how my throat hurt and swallowing problems and the feeling of lumps in the throat and eventually pain into the ears and jaws and lymph areas. They would "feel" my throat and because they didn't "feel" any swelling, they ignored it. I even saw an ENT 3 times. But even with the scope, they could't see anything outside the esophagus so he said there's nothing wrong. I eventually became worse and could hardly function. But my PCP ignored me because he thinks I go there for attention because I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy so he figured it was pain from that. Eventually, I had a heart issue that he misdiagnosed and the heart dr saw that my calcium level was up; which means a parathyroid problem. (Actually, before this, he did check the thyroid by doing a TSH and it was normal. Then he sent me for a thyroid ultrasound which showed a nodule that was benign, so they ignored the fact that it could possibly be a parathyroid issue.) After he felt bad about the heart misdiagnosis, he figured he'd better follow-up on the high calcium level - but he didn't do it right away because he said the level wasn't high enough the first time to worry about. But that is something a dr should never allow because it means it's bad one way or the other and it will only get worse - as it eventually did. So when the calcium level got higher he decided to send me for a nuclear CT but it didn't show a swollen parathyroid which is what actually causes the calcium level to go higher. But they don't always show the adenoma so he sent me to an oncology surgeon. There was an adenoma and they removed it last week and I am going in today for the follow-up. I am anxious to see what the prognosis is. He didn't say it was cancer in the recovery room but it can still take a toll on your health. Try to find another dr that will listen to you. I'm not sure how it works in England (is that where you are from?) but if you can see an endocrinologist, they will be able to help you. Here in the States we need to have a referral from another physician to see one. I am anxious to see him as I have had pain in my lymphs for years and have been struggling with total exhaustion every day. I finally saw a neurologist which said to have the painful lymphs biopsied but again, the drs won't listen because they can't feel anything. I know you didn't say anything about pain in the lymphs but I just had to tell you about this part because it is just amazing how they ignore you about everything. Anyway, I hope you get to read this so you can take a different approach unless you have already found an answer which is what I hope for you. If you ever see this and have time, please let me know how you are making out. Well wishes. Margie


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      Hi there

      Thanks for your email, my issues are still here, been for another xray last year and normal with loads of bloods, been to a specialist and he diagnosed me with Hyper airway dysfunction due to cats.......however no ct scan etc....still coughing GRRR what else can one do but just pray this is not something like cancer!

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    Hi Kay,ive search the internet for hours and hours and finally found your thread,I’ve literally read every post on this thread and I have every symptom and problem you’ve been having for 3 months now,my doc has just started the process of scans and ENT and proper checks etc now after a few visits and lanzaparole and anti biotics and checks,I’m just like you because for me it drove me crazy with worry it’s something serious that pretty much overtakes your life,keep me informed if you get any better or cured at all and I’ll add what they find with me,I really just signed up here to say to you that just find peace and say to yourself what will be will be,as soon as I accepted that I can’t do anything about nature’s course and that if it is serious and this is my time I’m ok with that now and hopefully I would get to see my mum and my Nan if that was the outcome,took my 3 months to get to this way of thinking but my god it made me feel at ease overnight,like I say I know something is still very wrong but I’m not thinking about it quite as much now and feel at peace,good luck and I’ll let you know my outcome 
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    Try looking up Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia.

    It sounds just like what your describing.

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    Hi friends, I having been having this pressure and discomfort in my throat for the past 6months now. The symptoms I have which includes a very strong pressure in my throat,general body weakness and pains,from my back to my head,my arms and elbow,chest pain..I feel tired all the time without doing any job,i can't sit down and be looking downwards because of the painful and heaviness pressure on my neck. Fainting feelings And once I eat any food I get to constantly force my self to belch. I do not feel pain but a slight feeling if I get to touch my throat area(esophageal area)

    Really before I was driving myself crazy thinking that I am about to die..all my mind was that I have cancer,even when I saw a doctor he said I have ulcer and gave me antacid and some other drugs but I had to go back when It became more serious,they said it is GERD and gave me antibiotics and omeprazole . But upon all this drugs still yet it has become worst. Last week I had serious pains and throat pressure and I was having chest pains and my heart was popping so fast that I thought this is the end of it. The worst is nobody seems to understand what's happening to me. I have to start searching on the internet to see if there is a way I could really see a way out of this ailment. I saw thyroid and that it has a cure. seriously I don't think I could be able to live with this because all my daily activities are in jeopardy..this sickness has ruined my life,it is better I have malaria than this. I am seriously in deep depression and my anxiety level is 99%. I have a one year old son and we cannot make ends meet let alone money for drugs . I am just fed up and tired. I am hoping to go to hospital probably before the weeks runs out. I just saw this forum and it spoke a lot about my ailment.

    Please Help me out on this issue if you find a cure to it.

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      Hi, I just red your massage. English is my second language I'm sorry for the mistakes.  After 2 days having my son I foound out that my husband had Cancer.  I felt a not inside my  throat.  Then the not just stay and go. I though it was stress. Unfortunately, after 4 years I found that I was border line for Hashimoto. And,  9mm and 5 mm nodul. Hashimoto- Your own imunaty  ataks to your  thyroid.  Because my blood work was normal I'm not taking any madecation for thyroid.  A  months ago I went to see doc bc I had problem with swallowing and pain inside my  throat and chest pain. I was refure to GI. I deed scoop,  esophagus  Xtray. They found that I had  acid reflux and bacteria. I take big dosage of  antibiotics  and omapazol. However not inside my throat still there.  For  heart popping fast I took magnesium, vitamin D,  selenium,some stress relief nuturla herbs. Like Ashgavanda.  You might want to check your antibodies. And get ultrasound for your thyroid.  Stay away from  caffeine and  acid food. Some times people who have thyroid issues they can have  Problem with   Stomach. 

      I wish you all the best and I hope you find the way to make your self better.  

      P.S. B12 might help you with your energy level before you take it make sure to check your blood for B. 

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