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  • mo 69 3

    Side effects

    I have BX and was tolkd there are only two options now for antibiotics due to the effect others had on my stomach.  Have taken Ciprofloxacin before and have had a reaction in my tummy but perservered. However the last dose I started I felt rough and also my chest felt Ok so after a week I stopped

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  • niya54294 3

    Any advice will help please

    I was diagnosed with anxiety but months later I found out I have IST (inappropriate sinus tachycardia). Had an ablation don't November 3rd of this year. A week later I been feeling tightness in my chest,burning little pains and shortness of breath. I wen to the hospital yesterday they drew blood

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  • Fairy28 6

    Palpitations and chest pain

    Will keep as brief as poss but hope for answers. Hubby had heart attack a year ago, three blockages and three stents fitted. Ever since he's had more and more palpitations with central needle like stabbing pain. Back and forth to hospital who say nothing wrong.  ! Untrue ! He also has another 50%...

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