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  • lou86 6

    Palpitations and chest pain

    Will keep as brief as poss but hope for answers. Hubby had heart attack a year ago, three blockages and three stents fitted. Ever since he's had more and more palpitations with central needle like stabbing pain. Back and forth to hospital who say nothing wrong.  ! Untrue ! He also has another 50%...

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  • ivan17274 3

    chest pains.

    hi I'm new here. no idea why writing apart from very concerned. started 6 months ago. putting key into door strange pain just to left of breastbone. got to sit down and pain increased considerably. this happened 3 times over 6 worse. is it angina? on propranolol for

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  • Riper 1

    Heart block

    My father is 52 years old he has the history of hypertension, diabetes and asthama recently he was hospitalized and was diagnosed as LM: Mild wedging eccentric plaque 25% LAD : Osital 25% LCX: OM2-minor plaque RCA: Distal 100% Stress thallium result is Scarred mid interior, basal inferior, mid

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