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I have had verrucas, one on the ball of one foot and one...

I have had verrucas, one on the ball of one foot and one on the heel of the other foot. I have had them about 5 years, had treatment at the chiropodist, have used bazuka gel and the pad you can buy with nitrogen on it. They all seem to work to a degree but don't completely clear them, so they then start growing back again and can become quite painful to walk. As a last resort, I am now trying 'Gaffer Tape'. I think it is used in the plumbing industry - my husband had some in his shed. I have been using it a week now, changing it every other day, and I think it is working. It has a very sticky back and you just put it completely over the verrucca and leave it, I'm realy keeping my fingers crossed now as I have a wart on my finger as well, which I am treating the same.

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