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Unique self treatment cured my Peyronie's disease

I was diagnosed with Peyronie's in June 2016. It was determined I probably got it a few months earlier by attempting sex without a complete erection, and damaged tissues in my penis. I had hard lumps buried on the top of my penis, (most likely plaque) and what felt like two hardened worms stretching from the base of the shaft to almost the head. Any attempt to achieve erection was not complete and caused great pain.

After the Urologist told me there wasn't any proven cure available, I did my own research. I noticed a few people tried Ultrasound, some with good results. Not having such a machine available, I thought I would try something similar, my Sonic toothbrush. I know this sounds weird but please bear with.

I placed my thumb under the shaft, and with my fingers, pulled my penis down around the thumb to force the lumps on top to the surface as much as possible. I then took the flat side of the Sonic tooth brush (the opposite side of the brushes) turned it on to the highest vibrations setting, and firmly pressed on the lumps in a circular motion. I did this for about 5 minutes, and also massaged the rest of the top of my penis going from the base to the head with it. I can tell you they almost immediately disappeared, and the pain significantly subsided.

I let the little feller rest for a couple days, then did the same treatment, followed by another one a day or so after that. The lumps have disappeared completely. I am thinking the high frequency from the Sonic toothbrush applied to the lumps caused the plaque to break up or dissolve.

I then put some Castor oil on the hardened "worms" and they have softened back to almost normal. My penis is about 99% back to normal after a week or so of this treatment. My erections are back to normal without pain.

I have placed this cure on several pyronie's sites, hoping someone else will try this to see if I am a fluke or if this is truly an easy cure for this horribly disabling disease. I hope this works for all who are suffering with no apparent hope.


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  • david01026 david01026 NoGMOs

    Hi, I was diagnosed with this dreadful condition some years back, I was told it could be fixed with an op and maybe a 'little'loss in length! don't believe it because it wasn't fixed and it returns anyway and the loss in length was 2 inches.

    ​This has ruined my life basically, I can achieve climax, assisted or not but penetration is out of the question.  I am in touch with an american guy through this site who is undergoing injections (painful he says) to try and correct the condition and so far he says it is working.

    • NoGMOs NoGMOs david01026

      I can certainly understand your pain. The object is to get rid of the plaque and scar tissue. I would certainly try my cure before getting shots. The most it will cost you is a Sonic toothbrush, which you can use for it's intended purpose later if for some reason it doesn't work for you. I have recently read good reports on heat therapy, where you wrap the penis in a very warm wrap. I believe some people heat rice up in a sock in a microwave, and then wrap the sock around the affected area. It takes a few weeks though, whereas my method only takes a few days. I hope you find whatever works towards your cure.

    • nick75873 nick75873 david01026

      I hear you about no penetration. I'm short because of overweight curse of buried/hidden penis syndrome, and have a tight foreskin. This sometimes makes the rollback during penetration painful and cause over stretching of the pinched end, and a little tear becomes loud and clear at the first urination!

    • david01026 david01026 NoGMOs

      Fair enough.  May I ask a couple of question:  1) Does your erect penis curve toward your abdomen?, I only assume that is the normal presentation.

      ​2) What is the make and model number of your toothbrush?

    • NoGMOs NoGMOs david01026

      It does not curve anymore after my sonic treatments, it is straight. It curved up with the Peyronie's. The brush is called Sonic Dentiguard, which I purchased from Aldi's years ago. It vibrates at the highest setting at about 22,000 per second, I think was the spec. I would think any Sonic brand (make sure it is a Sonic, and not just electric) that did this at least this speed would work, so don't spend a lot of money if possible. Good luck and I hope it works as good for you as it did for me.

    • david01026 david01026 NoGMOs

      Thanks for that info.  It would appear from looking at a penis cross section that the corpus spongiosum in my case was not affected and hence causing the erect penis to curve toward my stomach.  The other two 'erectile' areas, the corpus caverniosum must have been affected equally to cause the penis to lack length when erect, it is these that are affected by plaque and need treatment.

    • NoGMOs NoGMOs david01026

      Yes, it appears the fibrous plaque forms between these, and is what causes the penis to abnormally bend upwards. Once this is plaque is removed and healed, it should return to normal or at least not as bent, and without erectile pain.

    • ahmed79751 ahmed79751 NoGMOs


      when did you try your mother, how was the result and after how many day you have seen the result, and did you continui to use the mothed even after you a heave a good result, and how is the condition of the peynorie now


  • l24312 l24312 NoGMOs

    I truly cannot thank you enough for sharing your experience. My husband and I had a whirlwind romance and got married on the one month anniversary of our first date. I noticed his curve right away and he was definitely in denial. Which is completely understandable. He withdrew, our new romance bubble was burst. We struggled and after about 6 months when the curve got so bad that intercourse was pretty much impossible we went to the urologist. I had already done research on the options to heal this and was not ok with him going through any of that pain. It has been a struggle for both of us. Ibuprofen, vitamin e and me massaging the area was doing nothing. I would not give up searching and found your post. Last night was our first attempt at your treatment and it is reduced almost by half. It is such a huge burst of hope! I cannot believe how much the lump is reduced. The hard sharp edges of it are smooth now. I did but didn't want to fully attack the lump but worried on going to far. We have waited this long so I can manage taking time to not cause him pain. I cannot believe urologists do not know about this! I surely will tell his after the next treatment tomorrow if this progress continues. Thank you again so very much! How is your long term?

  • maybe5591 maybe5591 NoGMOs

    About ten years ago I suddenly had the "curve". I talked to my family doctor and he said peyronies and referred me to a specialist who said it was peyronies and put me on PABA, which at the time I had to order from Canada and expensive, and viaiman E. Within 4 weeks the curve was mostly gone but I had lost a little length. All was well until recently when all of a sudden I lost about 1 1/2" which made me look like I had not been circumsized when erect. PABA is now non prescription so I am taking PABA and E again but am seriously thinking about the sonic. My doctor told me it would be reacurring as I got older unless a cure was discovered and it sounds like the sonic may be just that at least for some.


  • ThankyouNoGMOs ThankyouNoGMOs NoGMOs

    Dude! You are the best thank you so much for posting your story! I actually freakin works!!! Within 10 minutes 2 smaller ones are gone and one larger one is about half the size!! And my penis is regaining its normal shape. You deserve an award good sir!! Thank you again!!

    Best use of a $37 toothbrush ever!! :D

  • JCpt JCpt NoGMOs

    Hello, i'm stuck with this condition too, about 4/5 months.

    I was reading all the posts, i sure will try it and if it works is one off the most surprising technique that i've been appling in the past months.

    Can anyone suggest me the models of brushes that have been used ?

    Thank you

  • Bosch Bosch NoGMOs

    Hi NoGMOs,

    I'm 45. In Dec. of 2016, I discovered a baby aspirin-sized lump that began to concern me on the dorsal side of my penis. There was no curve that I noticed at that point. Normal intercourse continued. Feb. 2017, during intercourse, my penis accidentally slipped out and was severely bent during my thrust, missing my target. There was no blood to note and the pain wasn't too horrible and it went away soon. In the following days, the curve in my penis became noticeable. After several occasions of intercourse, my gf commented on the curvature of my penis. The curve is uppward and a little over the 30 degree mark. There doesn't seem to be any loss of size. Erections are not painful put there is a pressure/hardness at the bend. Of course, the more intense the erection, the more my penis bends. There is no noticeable difference when I am flaccid. Intercourse is fine, when I'm on top. But, it's a little worrisome when she's on top because she isn't conscious of how she makes it bend more when her weight comes down. And, I don't think it helps my condition. At first, she was kind of intrigued with the pleasure. But, that has developed into ,"it's hitting me weird and you need to go get that checked out." I did some research and was mostly hoping to find homeopathic topical remedies, which I did find. I have not tried it yet, eventhough I've purchased the 3 part topical remedies (liquid iodine, vitamin E gel tablets, DMSO gel). I'm undecided whether to try them or to just go see a doctor. A lot of info I've read on Peyronie's says that doctors, at first, like to try a wait and see approach for 6-12 months to see if it goes away. However, at the thought of possibly avoiding several injections into my penis. I am now definitely going to try your Sonic Toothbrush suggestion.

    • Bosch Bosch bradthomaspix

      Everyone's condition could be different from what I've researched. I attempted the sonic toothbrush only 3 sessions, until I read a concern about sonic vibration causing inflammation which has a negative effect on scartissue, a plausible concern. Eventhough I didn't attempt many sessions to make a difference, my paranoia of negative effects made me stop. Also, it's possible my condition worstened a little, which may be due to other circumstances. I've been taking vitamin E by mouth and I'm having a urologist take a look at it. I hope to share as things progress.

  • vin94770 vin94770 NoGMOs

    Hello NoGMOs

    I was reading your post. The toothbrush does appear to be an incredible alternative to some of the options that are out there. I have the same symptoms that most have posted. What you discovered with a tooth brush is nothing short of ground breaking.

    Before trying, I have a couple of questions: 1. Did any of the symptoms return? 2. Could there be any inflammation that might make the scar tissue react in a negative way, which would be caused by the vibration of the toothbrush? Since this condition is is inflammation based, from what I gather, not aggravating scar tissue is important. Would love to hear your response.

    • Bosch Bosch vin94770


      Your question about inflammation and "scar tissue react in a negative way," I think, is an important consideration. Everyone's condition could be different from what I've researched. I attempted the sonic toothbrush only 3 sessions, until I read your question. Eventhough it is not many sessions to make a difference, my paranoia made me stop. Also, it's possible my condition worstened a little, which may be due to other circumstances. I've been taking vitamin E and I'm having a urologist take a look at it. 

  • donwells donwells NoGMOs

    As per my friend extender are good option to cure peyronie disease. I followed several review sites like and come to conclusion to buy one for me. Can anybody suggest me which is good device?

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  • Cmgilley Cmgilley NoGMOs

    I had an injury that left me with the lumps as well, but didn't get referred to the correct dr to understand this as quick. The dr started me on injection treatments where the fluid would help breakdown the scar tissue along with stretching exercises. After many treatments, I was still unsatisfied then read about the same ultrasound treatments where the 3mhz moves at the exact depth and speed to massage the tissue up for you. They are on ebay for less than $40 on a handheld, but then I read this post and tried the toothbrush trick. Also dmso/caster oil mix (so it doesn't burn with aloe Vera), wrapped with saranwrap for overnight a few times over a week. I used the vibrating plastic back of the t-brush while pinching the scar tissue as much as possible. At first I thought I was just wishful thinking that it broke up, but the pain is gone, it is less clumpy, and my length is back some. People say don't believe everything you read on the net, but to correct: believe whatever works for you. I will continue this until the 3mhz delivers til it's all gone if possible, so thanks for leaving your resolution NoGMOs

  • Perdido Perdido NoGMOs

    I've read this entire thread with great excitement.  Can this sonic toothbrush thing really work?  My plaques and weird pain at erection showed up about 8 weeks ago.  My erection is also suddenly much shorter and noticeably narrower, and you can believe that is cause of tremendous concern for me.  I've not seen a doctor, but everything I've read points to Peyronie's and the list of official treatments reads very grim indeed.  I will literally do anything to reverse or cure this horrible thing.  Those of you who had success with the toothbrush/Castor oil:  How long did you apply the back of the toothbrush to the plaques, and how many times per day?  And just holding it there, or moving it all around the penis?  I will definitely try this, and keep fingers crossed for the best results.

    • Cmgilley Cmgilley Perdido

      The vibrating toothbrush was just a trial for myself and I wouldn't go looking for one.   It doesn't go as fast or have enough power when pressure is applied.   I used it until my 3mhz wand came in as it moves the speed so fast to breakdown the cells and the castor oil-dmso mix helps soften the collagen for the ultrasound tool.   Few sta out there use the ultrasound but it has better results than the xiaflex (not spelled correctly I'm sure) injections alone.   My urologist is well known I was told and has done over 500,000 injections (Gerard Henry and has a website).    If you are unable to get the 3mhz then a vibrating toothbrush is an option since it's basically a 100hz (1,000hz = 1Mhz I believe), but no matters of right/wrong, it is the idea I'm giving to the difference in cycles from the 3mhz tool the actual ultrasound device that's used for Peyronie's.   1mhz doesn't go as fast and allows for deeper penetration like for internal organ use.   I paid about $40 USD for mine, so it is cheap, may not last years or months but I pray it's all gone within a few weeks.  

      The exercises, stretching the scar tissue to break up fibers, etc was for 4-5 times a day, 3-4 minutes a session.   The back of the bristles is what to use since the brushes tip is designed to get the movement from the tiny internal motor. Squash the hard tissue into the plastic end is a suggestion, but trying things is how we get anywhere.   I know the tools have to be moved around since the ultrasound heats up the tissue due to the high amounts of vibration it sends off.   

      FYI, anyone doing the dmso, make sure you test a tiny spot first!   I didn't think and used too much at first, felt something hot then the mess started burning and I was next to the shower and got in.   The solvent label was no joke, but it didn't leave any burns thankfully!   The dmso absorbs and pulls in whatever it's mixed with, so wash and lookout for any foreign anything.   I've been using Saran Wrap to soak but I'm going to use condoms instead from now on.  I'll know this evening how the 3mhz works!

  • robert22417 robert22417 NoGMOs

    Is the sonic tooth brush procedure done in the errect state or the flaccid state? Thanks for any info you can share.

  • Antiii Antiii NoGMOs

    Hello no gmo's

    While playing basketball I got hit really hard and therefore obtaining peyronies I was wondering if while obtaining this disease if it's possible to loose length or girth on the penis also with this method to fix Peyronies how to do this method. What are the other websites you post this on so I could get more info and how do you do this method to fix the peyronies 

  • RickthePrick RickthePrick NoGMOs

    Hey guys I'm new here and I'm freaking out! I've had this for about 4 months now and I'm finally doing something about it tomorrow. I have an appt w/a urologist. I think the reason it took me so long is because I didn't wanna believe anything was wrong... Well there definitely is :-( I've got an indent on the top left and another indent on the bottom right so it kinda looks like an "S" and it's curved downward. You guys have no idea how lucky I am in one regard. My wife and I were trying to have a baby for over two years. Thought I was broken (well now I am) and as soon as we found out she was pregnant in June, I got hit with whatever this thing is in/on my penis. So I'm very thankful for that but I'm not thankful for this. We tried "having some fun" couple days ago but it was too painful. Not does it have indents and it's curved but I've totally lost girth and length. I was just in bed w/her crying like a lil'girl about it but thankfully she is so awesome and said "she is never going anywhere". But of course anyone can say that in the moment but I'm totally freaked she'll leave me some time in the future because of this? Also, I noticed when it's flaccid it seems like it's trying to crawl back up inside me? Wtf? I also just went to the bathroom (#2) and when I p****d, it went between the toilet seat and the toilet. Like I'm 5 yrs. Old again wtf?! Any. Help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Cmgilley Cmgilley RickthePrick

      That is something every guy is going to think due to the history of others with their normal circumstances.   Talking about it excessively and being down on yourself too much will have worse affects than the issue itself (I've experienced it with my injury).    Try not to panic as there is resolution to everything!    The quicker you start treatment, the quicker the results and stay with them.   I did the injections, but having nerve damage in my whole body, carpel tunnel prevented my daily stretching to breakup the tissue from the injections.    The dmso/castor oil mix people use is just a slower process than doing the injections from your urologist if they do them.    I use a 3ghz ultrasound which you can research on and I'm about to start the injections again, plus use the ultrasound tool to break it up, along with the daily exercises (I bought the stretching device for Peyronie's).   Last resolution is to have an implant which will give you all your size back I believe.  Dr elist in California has a patent on a silicone sleeve that is an enlargement plus fixes the Peyronie's, although it is $13,000 without insurance coverage.   I'm planning on doing that since my luck has been terrible with this.  My indentation is in a few places also, looked like a snake at one time (deformed exactly like you mentioned), then immediately I got a Velcro strap turning the hooks outward, tied a string to it, then another to my knee with another strap.   This kept a constant stretch to it when I sat a certain way then relaxed when I could.  This took the deformed shape out in a couple days, then all I have now is the scar tissue all the way along the top and some around the middle and base.  

      At once before all of this started, I was waking up soar like I had an erection all night, then it had 4 marble size balls of tissue down the shaft.  My general dr never heard of it like that, then the deformed S shape came, so that's when I done the strap/stretching technique, then I had my urologist appt that started the injections.    I am saving up therapy money for my surgery if nothing clears up by the end of 2017.   Just don't want to spend my current investment money, because I'd be left without any money, but a big slong!  Haha

    • RickthePrick RickthePrick Cmgilley

      Thank you for the words of encouragement Cmgilley, I appreciate it. So I just bought a Sonicare toothbrush bit I'm not sure if it's the right one? It's an E series model # HX7022. And right after that I had a "shrink" appointment. And for the first time, I talked about it with her. I was debating on bringing it up because my shrink is a woman but I did and she said it was ok since it was making me very depressed. Another thing is, I don't make much money so any additional things I can do to my case of PD will mostly be things that are covered by my insurance :-( can someone please tell me if the model Sonicare toothbrush will work for me? Again, it's the E-Series model# HX7022.

      Thank you very much again Cmgilley

    • Cmgilley Cmgilley RickthePrick

      A legit 3mhz ultrasound tool is less than most of those ($26 eBay).   Lookup the ultrasound process and you'll understand that it's the vibration it sends to the tissue about like getting a massage to knots in your body, but a zillion times faster.   

    • jimboco jimboco Cmgilley

      Can you give a brand/model number for the wand. The only things I find on ebay are $70+ I must not be using the right search terms. I would really love to get one of these to try.

    • Cmgilley Cmgilley jimboco

      "3mhz ultrasonic" is all I typed in after I realized the word ultrasound was mostly for hearing a heartbeat on a baby which sounded logical.   There are more options on there now I just seen for the same prices and less depending your location.   Ppl in china get them for 50 cents I bet, but at least we don't have to find the small portion of urologist that do this to get treatments now.   I am starting to get the injections in a couple weeks so that it will cut the time in half hopefully and return the other half of "myself"!   This is some messed up bs to deal with!

  • bill29104 bill29104 NoGMOs

    Ive tried Pshot injections (nothing), Vacuum pumps (nothing), Drugs (nothing)....

    I guess Will have to try this out...

    • Cmgilley Cmgilley bill29104

      I've done multiple searches on normal scar tissue to get more knowledge of treating it.   Of course it comes from trauma just alike other scars, so it stops blood flow as we all know.   That's where using a pump in moderation will help, but too much will make it worse (FDA website proven).   Very importantly: don't squeeze/pinch in the top center or center bottom areas, only the sides can be massaged or injected into due to important, sensitive parts for function lay there.    The pump adds blood flow to help regenerate new cells, plus the injections help dissolve the collagen build up, stretching and an ultrasound tool (also used on kidney stones) help break down collagen as well.   A combination of them all is what I am going to do to help my excessive buildup, then do the surgery when it's affordable (just don't do the longer side reduction, because if/when it returns, you have a much shorter "John" as my dr has said happened with first patients doing it).   Good luck

  • gus00675 gus00675 NoGMOs

    Hi NoGMOs,

    Thanks for posting this.  I just started having this pyronie's issue about 6 weeks ago.  after noticing a couple of small hardened spots on the shaft (underside) of my penis.  In my case, the bent is towards the legs rather than the belly, as it seems to be the most common syndrome.  I will give your method a try but had some questions before I start:

    1) did you use other topical creams/dmso besides castor oil?

    2) you mentioned results within the first session, have you gotten the same feedback from other sites that you posted besides the couple of comments on this thread?

    How much pressure did you apply?  I want to make sure I'm not causing more trauma.

    Thanks again

  • ken12611 ken12611 NoGMOs

    I want to add to this. Yesterday, after mildly uncomfortable erections for a week or so I noticed a lump about the size of a large pea and a beginning of a curve at it. Researching it I stumbled on this. I don't have insurance but I do have a Sonic toothbrush.

    I didn't want to go crazy so I applied medium pressure with the back of the brush head against the lump area and ran it through 4 auto off cycles. I kind of massaged it around while I did.

    Incredibly the lump is much softer and than half the size!!!

    I'm going to give it a rest and apply the brush again tomorrow but it does appear that this can work for some.

    I only tried this due to the positive replies so I wanted to add my own.

    Thank you OP for your original post. It appears that you have helped yet another penis!

    • rraidernc rraidernc ken12611

      This is the first confirmation on this thread of someone who tried NoGMOs method and actually confirm that it works.  I've had this for almost a year now and have thought it was something I'd have to deal with for life since non of the clinical methods seem to be consistent and probably end up being a ripoff. 

      I'm going to try this as soon as I can and will post here with updates as well. 

      Good luck to everyone on the thread, this is such a tough thing to have to deal with. 



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