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  • FrozenMary 2

    Any Type 2’s Gotten Off Lantus?

    Any Type 2 Diabetics  gotten off the Lantus? If you have successfully gotten off all long-acting insulins, how did you go about it?  Thanks.  I just lost about 16lbs and reduced medications. Lantus is down to 11 untis.  I plan to get off the Lantus with continued weight loss. (I have only been on

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  • dee50000 3

    Retinopathy "spots"?

    Hello. For anyone having diabetic retinopathy, I have a question for you. I've got mild, non-prolific retinopathy, and have had it for about 3 years. My ophthalmologist says I have some intra-retinal spots where blood has leaked out. I see black spots whe I blink, and then the almost disappear,

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  • Dageez 1

    Knee replacement

    Hi there, I have been on the NHS list for a knee replacment for the past 18 months,it was postponed in March last year due to my higher than normal sugar levels, I wont bore you with the rest but my original consultant is no longer with my local trust so i have been put to another consultant who I'

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