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  • basten 3

    waiting for results

    I may have diabetis. But not sure. Its is od. Tiny spag bread garlic. Piece frui 23. Me same but no cake. Her sugars 6. Now over months of losing weight but not peeing of nerve pain in body which no meds worse by end of day sfter

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  • dee50000 3

    Retinopathy "spots"?

    Hello. For anyone having diabetic retinopathy, I have a question for you. I've got mild, non-prolific retinopathy, and have had it for about 3 years. My ophthalmologist says I have some intra-retinal spots where blood has leaked out. I see black spots whe I blink, and then the almost disappear,

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  • Dageez 1

    Knee replacement

    Hi there, I have been on the NHS list for a knee replacment for the past 18 months,it was postponed in March last year due to my higher than normal sugar levels, I wont bore you with the rest but my original consultant is no longer with my local trust so i have been put to another consultant who I'

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