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  • Stobban 2


    Hello Fellow sufferers, Sitting at my computer at the moment with my spine giving me a lot of aggro; although I've taken my medication and not much relief; so it must be the weather as at present it is cold and wet. Doctors in the believed this to be a fact that weather does affect

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  • Guest M


    Having had severe back pain for many years and taken this and that, i have been given DHC. I take 120mg twice a day with my other meds for the last 3 month and am very happy now. I still have some pain but am able to walk with a stick and that is such an acheivement for me. Im happy on it at the

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  • Stobban 2

    Be sensible with the drugs prescribed.

    I take tramadol, co-codamol and dihydrocodeine at the present time for severe pain. The codeine has been prescibed to me for twenty years and though they're not the strongest drugs thank goodness they give me relief. I suffer spinal, hip pain and because of this combination I live a normal life,

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