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Oesophageal Achalasia and Spasm

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  • Osteobarb1 1

    Oespohageal Spasming

    Over 7 years this condition that would occur randomly when eating hospitalised me 6 times in horrendous pain. Unable to swallow the copious amounts of mucus the condition produced until the spasm reached a crescendo and then would release, I would vomit (half choking this up) and then the spasm

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  • Guest M

    A solution?

    I have been suffering from this for 25 years now on average I would say I have about 4 attacks per year. All of which leave me doubled up in pain for several hours. So believe me I know what you all are going through and it is a very unpleasant condition. I was firstly diagnosed with IBS and

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  • david777 1


    I have no problems with my food going down its just my spincter closes rite up and it stays like that it could be food blockage?when i had a berium meal i watch the dye go down my oesophagus and settled rite above my stomache,Has any body had the same proplem with the to prise

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