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Polycythaemia Rubra Vera

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  • ellen68007 3

    One of 3 more tests done!!!

    Just got home a bit ago. I had the sleep apnea test last night. One of 3 more tests the Hemotologist ordered before a final diagnoses of Polythemia Vera is confirmed. I think I will sleep well tonight in my own bed. I did manage to sleep there but very interupted. In any case  it's done. Will keep

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  • harrishill1 3


    Hi everyone. Yes, clem, I agree. I just want to mention that I was having rapid heartbeat with dizziness. Turns out that after I quit all caffiene, THE rapid heartbeat stopped. I no longer drink sodas, and I drink decaf coffee and tea. No more dizziness. Have a nice day all. 

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  • harrishill1 3


    Hi PV patients. I have pV diagnosed for almost three yrs now. Have since had a left knee replacement, and alsobe en diagnosed with gout and Rheumatoid arthritis. Now, I have a weird new symptom. I have a bump on my shoulder. It looks like a growth. It may be osteomyelitis, I hope. I read that

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