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  • abbas76384 2

    pain in middle of butt crack

    for the past two days i have a really bad pain in the middle inner part of my butt crack, it hurts really bad i have hard time sitting, driving or sleeping. i check the area there is no lump, or any thing . can you guys tell me what this thing would be, or tell me what of kind of doctor will check

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  • leesa56475 2


    Hiya, my issues started suddenly one morning almost 2 yrs ago,,never suffered from stomach/ bowel probs up feeling so sick, loss of appitate no energy , stomach cramps and a pressure feeling in my back passage and women's area,,,,GP did lots of tests ESP for ovarian cancer n all clear,

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  • Guest M

    Drug free pain relief

    I have had this since my children were born, and have found only 2 things which really help: codeine (prescribed for somthing else and horrible side effects) and an anal vibrator. Buying one may be almost as embarrasing as taking yourself to the doctor, but it definately works for me and beats

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