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Prostate Problems

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  • kenneth1955 6

    The Prost Rcison Procedure

    Hello all.  I just got through reviewing this procedure for cancer.  It is a non cutting procedure That uses radioaction seeds put in the prostate. They will use the seeds and the beam to kill the cancer..  When I first heard about it. It was very promising.  Well after reading the boolet that they

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  • Guest M

    acute prostatitis

    I just got out of hospital a few days ago after having acute prostatitis. I was in hospital for 3 weeks. When it first started I found it a bit painful when urinating but I thought it would go away. About 24 hours later it was very painful when urinating and I had a high fever. In hindsight I wish I'

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  • Guest M

    chronic bacterial prostatitis

    I have been suffering from CBP.I have taken Nitrofurantoin (hydrous/anhydrous) capsules for the last three months. and still this i have also taken ciprofloxacin 1 g,500 g,and ofloxacin 400 for 1 and half month. recently continue myself on taking Nitrofurantoin (hydrous/anhydrous)

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