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Silica! Please try!

I have read some real horror stories about these cysts, and although my own stories are child's play in comparison, I want to share a tip!

I first got a Bartolin's abcess about 2 years age. It appeared out of nowhere and within days was about the size of a gobstopper and was so painful that I could barely walk, and had a fever from the infection (sweats, chills, etc). When I crawled to my doctor he did not seem entirely sure what it was, but precribed painkillers, Claricid antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. He told me that he would need to lance it if the medication did not work, and so I was duly terrified! However, the medicine stopped the pain almost immediately, and even though the gland did not drain or go down, it was something I felt I could live with! After all it didn't hurt at all, and was just mildly uncomfortable when prodded or squeezed, so on his advice I left it. The gland eventually disappeared by itself about 2-4 months later. However about a year later the gland on the other side started to swell, although it did not hurt at all. However I felt concerned as it progressively got bigger, and I went to the doctor again just to see if I could get it to go away. He this time diagnosed it as a Bartholin's cyst (which I had realised from internet study) and referred me to a gynaecologist on Harley Street, telling me it was best to get it surgically removed. When I saw her she confirmed that it was about the size of a golf ball, but when I discussed my fear of surgery (i had read stories of the excruciating pain of numbing the area let alone operating, plus stories of people for whom the wound never quite healed, causing them to have painful sex for the rest of their lives. I absolutely LOVE my sex and so this was not at all an option!!!). She bascally told me that as long as it was not painful during sex or everyday activities I might as well leave it, which I did.

About a month ago I started getting annoyed with it again as it was slowly but surely increasing in size, especially after a vigorous sex period in which case it would throb fairly painfully (about a 5 on a scale of 1 - 10) for about a day afterwards, and I was terrified that it would never stop growing (I hear they can grow to the size of oranges). I therefore did some more online research for homeopathic remedies, and stumbled across a site that suggested Silica supplements at 3x the recommended daily dosage). I rushed out and bought some immediately from Holland and Barratt and I swear to you I could see the difference after taking the second pill (I take them 3 times a day). I have only been taking them for less than a week but every single day I see a marked difference. I am at the point now that while last week it was protruding painlessly from my labia and could clearly be seen under the skin (mking my vagina look rather strange and lopsided) it is now barely noticeable. I am so happy I could cry, and I want to share this remedy with Bartholin sufferers everywhere!!! Apparently Silica is very good for draining cysts naturally (if you look it up you will see that it is used in medication for dogs and cats anal glands, nice I know, but hey, this is similar!) and so if you have a cyst and want to decrease the size and hopefully stop it from getting infected, please give this a shot!!! Mind you I am only on the first week of a three week course, but the results have been astounding! I have no idea how it will work in the long run, but see how it works for you!

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    Thanks for the great info/advice!!

    If mine comes back (fingers crossed it won't) this will be the first thing I try.

    Better than antibiotics or surgery any day.....

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    iv just gone and bought some silica because i like you dont want the op!!!! i got high strength silica complex,which says 1 a day and i asked the lady at holland and barret about tripling the dose but she adviced me not too, so i was wondering if any one could tell me if just taking the 1 tablet is going to work????i am desperate for it to go as this is the second time its appeared and last time it turned into an absess that was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sore and burst while i was in hospital waiting to be put under so they could remove it!!! which obviously i thought was particularly great timing,and that id got away with having the op,but my doctor has told me if it gets worse again the only way to deal with it is get it removed!!

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