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  • Osteomyelitisinjaw 2

    22 years old With Osteomyelitis in my jaw- 8 years of pain -

    It is quite difficult to start writing about something which has been such a big part of my life for 8 years. I will start from the beginning... It started when I was 14 out of nowhere. The dentist I saw said I had a displaced jaw bone and this was the reason for my pain. I will always remember him...

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  • rebecca44273 2

    Jaw osteomyelitis

    Help? I'm new here and I'm losing my mind over this osteomyelitis. My infection started in May this year after my hyoid and tongue suspension surgery. I suffered with months of oral antibiotics and pus drainage before they finally did surgery to scrape the infection off my jaw bone and remove scar...

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  • lisa29315 2
  • debra57 2

    anyone out there who has a fused hip (arthrodesis)?

    Hi all am new to this site and am desperate to have communication with anyone who has had a similar operation. I had undiagnosed osteomyelitis as a baby and my hip was fused at about 1 years old. After spending nearly entire childhood on and off in hospital for long periods of time with full plaster...

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  • jennifuhh 1

    Childhood Osteomyelitis, Long-Term Effects as Adult.

    A recent string of events have led me to investigate how osteomyelitis as an infant might have long-term effects as an adult. I've tried to do a little digging around the see if I could find anything, but I've found nothing so far that explains the effects over a lifetime. As an infant I had osteomyelitis,...

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  • chelsea91977 2
  • fwaite 1

    osteomyelitis pim spinal cord

    Hi . I have had osteomyelitis in my spinal cord and it's been almost two years since. I still have very bad pain in my back . I just had an MRI done , the third and my doctor says it very much improved . I spent almost a year where I could hardly walk and had a pic line in for almost four months. Just...

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  • jake91186 1

    do I have osteomyelitis

    I've been in hospital for over 3 weeks. I had a op 2 weeks ago on my hand just above the knuckles, I then go a infection to they fine debribement and remove all the tissue and tendons all the way to the bone. they also done bone samples. the bone sample results come back with bacteria on the bone they...

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  • kiley58686 2

    Daughter 8 years old osteomyelitis

    My daughter just finished treatment for osteomyelitis in her tibia. She di Vanco for 5 days in the hospital and finished out with an an IV antibiotic via a picc . Now not even a week after having the Picc removed she is complaining of pain again. She originally has been seeing an orthopedic dr is there...

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  • Notabene 3

    WHY dentistry does not recognise jawbone infection

     After suffering for eight years after botched root canal treatment I understand why NHS dentists are reluctant to refer jawbone infection. I consider it a massive cover-up because they all  know that route Canals fail, and mercury amalgam causes disaster in the jawbones. If you have the misfortune of...

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  • alison 41 2

    Jawbone osteomyelitis

    Can anyone help me !! I am convinced I have a bone Infection . I had a dry socket and it's more or less healed over now but I have constant pain from underneath the socket and now I have a lump on my jawbone I keep sayin to the dentist , doctors etc that I think I have osteomyelitis and they say I might...

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  • clio2008 1

    Living with Osteomyelitis

    I have never met or spoken to anyone with this condition before. I decided 3 days ago to find other sufferers and was given the link that brought me here. It is a big relief to find that I am not the only one, especially after living with this illness for most of my life. I got infected on a christmas...

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  • TracyA33 1
  • Guest M

    any osteomyelitis statitical data collected in uk?

    I need to find statitical data collected on osteomyelitis. i am trying to take my local nhs to court for negiligence, my claims are that my daughter who had chronic osteomyelitis was not given the recomended antibiotic treatment, she was given oral antibiotics and never given any iv antibiotics. it is...

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  • becca86195 1

    Osteomyelitis back again!

    I was misdiagnosed for about 3 years with my osteomyelitis, usual case of doctors thinking I was faking, when I finally got diagnosed after seeing 5 diffrent doctors we finally had an answer as to why I could barely walk with out screaming in agony (the infection is just above my knee) after an extended...

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  • melindasmakeup 2
  • melindasmakeup 2

    Anyone recovered/recovering from Osteomyelitis?

    I've had five surgeries and five picc lines to treat chronic acute osteo in my lower jawbone. I still have severe pain, albeit the swelling is minimal. I am not sure if I should get more testing/x-rays done or move on to a pain management specialist. Seems like osteo specialists/infectious disease specialists...

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  • sarah267 1
  • william22670 2

    osteomyelitis ? i never knew i had it,until it was too late (why)

    osteomyelitis is a disease of the bone and or surrounding tissues, two catagories , acute & chronic. acute if diagnosed early enough,is treatable with courses of anti-biotics once the germ/bacteria has been identified.. chronic is mainly treated with possible anti-biotics and or surgery , such as debribement...

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  • chris23193 2

    Newly diagnosed and ignorant

    Hi. I was recently diagnosed with a bone infection to my pubic bone following prostate surgery (which I had 3 months ago). They also found a bladder infection and I already knew the surgery gave me prostatitis. At this stage they are doing more investigations so I've had a blood test and X-ray (had previously...

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  • jonjay 1

    anyone had amputation

    I have just had an operation my 6th due to chronic osteomyelitis and there is an hole you could get your fist in. It all started 3 yrs ago i had a fixator frame on and one of the pinsites became infected. I have not had a day go by without pain and i'm so fed up with all the pain i have asked my consultant...

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  • shantell03710 3

    Help me please

    Hello I'm a little concerned and a couple of question..On July 27 16 I had surgery because a week prior i had broken my ankle playing kick ball i broke my tibia and fibia btw i am a 26 yr old ..after surgery things was normal i was off my feet for aix weeks ok i never thought that my incision look right...

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    Hi, Can anyone give me advice? 2 years ago my partner fractured his leg in 5 places he had extensive metal work. After a yr of pain, and complaining something was not right, his consultant agreed the bone had not knitted and another op was done this Jan this year. When he was discharged, his stitches...

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  • Mmagot 3

    Does bone infection itch as it heals?

    Been on Cipro for 3 1/2 days and without any pain or tenderness or redness (little red) for a month when my finger used to be the size of a dill pickle it itches. Is that a good sign?

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  • Mmagot 3

    Is this osteomyelitis? Results of bone scan

    I am 29 years old and scared as hell right now. Nuclear medicine triple phase bone scan, hands, 10/12/2016 12:09 PM Indication: Cellulitis of right index finger Comparison: No previous bone scan. MRI finger, 9/15/2016. Technique: The study was performed with 23.6 mCi of Tc 99m MDP given intravenously...

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  • daniel95667 2

    I wonder if I am being reasonable,osteomyelitis

    Like the title says I wonder if it is "all in my head". December 2013 I had a cervical fusion to correct nemerous cervical issues mainly related to aging, no accident. The operation in December was a posterior cervical fusion, I had recieve the anterior work in August of the same year. I was warned before...

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  • amanda802 2

    Pelvic osteomyelitis, p.acnes, staph neg coag.

    Sorry this is long. I'm just gonna explain! You can skip to question at the bottom if needed. For years I suffered with debilitating pelvic pain. It slowly got worse until I was in a wheel chair for anything that involved walking for more than 10 minutes. I was diagnosed as osteitis pubis of unknown...

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  • AnnaM 1

    Osteomyelitis in Right Arm Bone (Humerus)

    In early January of this year (2008) I was working out at the gym one day with weights. I heard a \"pop\" in my upper right arm. Did not think much of it. Continued working out with weights for another 3 days. One night a terrible throbbing pain started in my upper right arm. It was bad. I...

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  • kelly78107 2

    HBOT may help!

    I have read many of the posts here and am amazed that there has been no mention of hyperbaric oxygen treatment for osteomyelitis.  While I don't know where any of you live there are many centres across North America that would provide this kind of treatment.   In Ontario Canada, it is an approved indication...

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  • david88095 2


    Hi Everyone I have posted before, just adding that my fused hip as left me with one leg shorter than the other by 2" and I wear a raised shoe, I coped with this when I was younger, but as I have got older it as become more difficult getting dressed is a problem I cannot walk to far. I have been offered...

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  • david88095 2

    Fused Hip

    Hi Everyone, as I have said earlier I have had my fused hip for 64 years & now depend on a mobility scooter I do suffer with backache everyday & I have difficulty with simple everyday tasks (ie  putting my socks on I use a sock aid, I also use a walking stick, I cannot walk far & have difficulty sitting...

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  • Kadmiel01 1

    ive been in d Osteomyelitis pain and distress for 12 years now

    Very chronic i wish i could upload a picture of it, it occured in my leg , for the past five days now ive been in great pain though im on antibiotics use , right now i couldn't sleep all night till now the pain keeps going severe , pls what should i do, initially i was disharged at the hospital in the...

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  • chris23193 2

    What prognosis

    Hi. My bladder was accidentally damaged during an operation in Nov last year. The medical team didn't realize this had happened until February this year but during that time infected urine had been walking away at my pubic bone resulting in osteomyelitis. I have just completed a 6 week IV course of morning...

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  • debra57 2


    Having read many,people's posts, it still angers and saddens me how IGNORANT the medical profession still can be sometimes with regards to early diagnosing of osteomyelitis. 52 years later and a lifetime of it's effects, having had a too late diagnosis of osteomyelitis, STILL IN 2016, early warnings...

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  • Emery0123 1

    My daughter is 10 is in the process of getting tested

    My 10 year old daughter is waiting for an MRI to see if she has the same thing as her hip, they said she has an infection in her hip, but havent confirmed if it was in her bone yet. I just want to share some of her symptoms n see if they r similiar as any of you guys. Shes had the hip pain since 2 weeks...

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