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  • noelfitz 2

    Low iron

    One of my grandchildren has low iron, but not low haemoglobin.  He has had iron supplements, but seems unable to absorb iron properly.  His reading is about 3, rather that 10+. What would you advise? Is this the correct place to raise this issue? Thanks for help.

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  • noelfitz 2

    Low iron and height in a grandson

    One of my grandchildren (age 3 yrs 7 mnths) has low iron, but not hemoglobin. He was premature and sick as a child. His parents are tall, but he is small and not strong.   He is on Losec and would this be causing his iron to be low?  To increase his iron he takes Galfor, but so far this is not

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  • jordan36851 2


    I didn't know where else to put this thread. According to the Daytrana site, there's a shortage of all strengths of Daytrana, but it was last updated on February 3rd. I'm worried because I'm running low on patches, and my doctor is working on getting more. What if he can't find more, and I have

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