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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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  • jonathan58 3

    Having to go for more tests

    I went back to get my results for my blood tests and barium meal exam results last night, luckily they came back normal but now I have to go back for more tests, I have to go for an ultrasound and a small bowel series. Ugh, I'm sick of all these tests, but the clinician said it could be a narrowing

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  • a60450 2


    Hi have had a history of diverticulitis and then two years ago uc. Had all the scans and cameras and ended up saying that the sigmoid colon was damaged so two weeks ago had a op with a colostomy bag fitted permanent because they cannot do a reversal. Ok with that as 77 but also a fistula mucus

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  • lisa88519 2

    Retained Appendicolith

    Hi I was wondering has anyone any experience with an APPENDICOLITH  my son has a perforated appendix in Febuary, he had an abscess on the appendix also, in April he became unwell again and it turned out he had an abscess on his liver further scans revealed that he has a appendicolith lodged on his liver,...

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