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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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  • bcm23 2

    IBS and birth control

    Hi just looking for some advice really. I was diagnosed with IBSD at 21 but iv been on birth control since I was 19. First the injection then the rod. So I have no idea how good, bad or otherwise, my IBS is off of birth control. Was wondering if anyone has come off or gone onto birth control whilst

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  • vivian89329 3

    Water Bottle Cleanser

    Hi I have IBS c and d also. Diverticulosis. I was treated 4 times this year for infection. Since my last bout in June Surgeon Gastro and GP did not think that it was diverticulitis but more of a severe episode of IBS. Since then I have not been able to regulate my bowel movements. I had some

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  • lisa88519 2

    Retained Appendicolith

    Hi I was wondering has anyone any experience with an APPENDICOLITH  my son has a perforated appendix in Febuary, he had an abscess on the appendix also, in April he became unwell again and it turned out he had an abscess on his liver further scans revealed that he has a appendicolith lodged on his liver,...

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