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  • mar59164 2

    stopping bendroflumethazide

    Hello Have been attending hospital ,sent to A@Eby gp .Had loads of tests,ct,xrays now seems although not admitted of course that this little pill is the culprit ,Just found out today my potassium level is 3.3 and that this is not as I thought for 30 years one that does not deplete levels All my symptoms...

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  • Maeve70 2
  • janice31 2

    Bendroflumathiazide - Gastric Side Effects

    I have been taking Bendroflumathiazide for hypertension for several years. I dont have to take it every day, my GP agrees that I can take it effectively 2-3 times a week (alternate days) and I keep a close eye on my fluid balance daily. Over the last year or so I have noticed that I on the days I take...

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  • jody417 2

    Can't get rid of this edema

    I don't know if the pictures will come out very good, but I am going crazy about this, I've had edema since 2011. I t all started when I went into the hospital for kidney failure. The doctor put me on lasix. i deidn't pay attention at the time, I was more worried about getting my creatine level down,...

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  • sue15 2


    hi i was on Amniodipine for high blood pressure but delveloped swelling on my ankles so my doctor changed my meds to indapamide 2.5 mg im also taking perindipol 8mg but soon after taking my first tablet of indapamide i developed bad heartburn all theses side affects arrr any one had this with this thks...

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  • aron2259 2

    Reversing diuretic effects?

    I took gydrochlorothiazide 20mg for a week and have been facing side effects I stopped consuming diuretic after one week. Too much weight loss, shortness of breath when lying e.t.c Any way to reverse it's effects? I prefer natural way.

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  • kitty13236 2

    Indapamide problems

    I've been taking ramipril and amlodipine for several years with no problems but last week my Dr prescribed indapamide. I feel sick, headache, light headed, dry mouth and generally awful. I've read that side effects are "minor and transient " but I don't know if I can wait until they go. Any advice...

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  • justme67 3


    Hi I have been on cardioplen and ramapril for High bp for couple years . Had numbness in feet and leg couple years back, still occasionally. Last couple weeks left ankle swelling so dr stopped cardioplen and gave me indapamide .started them Friday. Now eyes been feels by very heavy as if going to fall...

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  • Sigatoka 3


    My GP has started me on 2.5 Indapamide 3 days ago and I have been taking 50gm Losartan for a few weeks now.   Today I am suffering bad headaches - sinus type headaches - and am wondering if Indapamide causes headaches.  Thank you

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  • Jayn 3

    Bendrofrumethiazide withdrawal

    Hi, I came off this 2 weeks ago because my BP was normal, in fact it is lower since I came off it.  I have been getting headaches everyday and some light headidness. My doctor said it was my blood pressure going up an down.  Has anyone experienced coming off bendro and if so, did you have any withdrawal...

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  • Jag89128 1

    Water Retention at Night On Spironolactone

    I was on Yaz birth control pill which contains a similar ingredient as spironolactone but experienced no water retention, then i added 25 mg of spironolactone and still had no issues. I then moved up to 50 mg and thats when I began retaining water in my face every night, it has really affected my face...

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  • johnnyguit 2

    Trying to get the word out bout my great discovery!

    1)Diuretics= Hydrochlorothiazide I've been on with BP meds 30 yrs+. Bad for kidneys! Sexual probs! Always feel like I have to go and can't! Plus just learned my BP med Cozaar/Losartan already has the same diuretic in it! New NPracticioner about 1 yr ago and I remember her saying "I think your BP med...

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  • Annaflare 3

    Spironolactone question

    Recently I was put on spironolactone at 100mg a day, that was four days ago. Come today, I've stopped taking it because I seem to be having a paradoxical effect and by day three my urinary frequency had reduced dramatically. I found information online to say this was under the severe side effects list...

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  • jody417 2

    My experience with diuretics

    Hi, I take 2-3 everyday because I have terrible edema on both legs (calves down to my feet) dose is 40mg. Sometimes I feel that it doesn't do anything, but if I stop, the edema does get worse. I had multiple surgeries in about three years I had both knees replaced and then both hips. That wasn't the...

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  • jtd 1

    Muscular Weakness caused by Bendroflumethiazide

    Several years ago, I strained my back when loading a skip, shortly after starting on Bendroflumethiaze tablets. I then had back pain for years, despite the efforts of osteopaths and physiotherapists and a facet joint injection. So I assumed I had done some irreparable damage to my back loading the...

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  • jody417 2


    I've been using Lasix for yesrs. I have edema in both calves and ankles. It really never seems to do much good. I had to go to my orthopedic doctor and he took one look at my legs and said you need to see a vascular doctor. (I had both my knees and both hips replaced). Well just saw the vascular dr today...

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  • libralady13 5

    Bendroflumethiazide your experiences or comments

    Hello I have recently moved from London to the North of Engand and on seeing my new gp I mentioned that my ankles are swelling much more than they used.  I had been on amlodipine for many years and know this is a side effect.  My previous gp was reluctant to change as apart from the swelling I didn't...

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  • nezza72309 2

    indapamide and phenergan

    Hi , I have been given phenergan to take with indapamide  but I am scared to take this tablet as they are contraindicated and can cause serious heart rythem ,any help appreciated.

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  • AkiBaby 1

    Coming off Bendroflumethiazide

    Hello, Due to weight loss regualting my blood pressure, my doctor has advised that I stop taking abot my dosage of 2.5mg Bendroflumethiazide. I also take Felodipine 10mg modified-release tablets and Lisinopril 20mg tablets. Does anyone have any experience of coming off this? Thank you

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  • pat11500 4


    Is it ok to take a small dose of Furosemide every now and then? I suffer from water retention/bloating sometimes and I find it does help. I have heard it has disturbing sife effects though. Anyone have any thoughts on this please?

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  • 7878 2

    Diuretics in Hypertension and Indapamide error NICE pathway

    I am a 63 year old patient who has always previously had out of control hypertension my BP on 23rd August 1999 was 176/108. My brother died early from it and my mother had several strokes then died. My BP is now very well controlled on 80mg Valsartan, 25mg Chlortalidone (half a 50mg tablet) and 1.5mg...

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  • Jayn 3

    Bendrflumethiazide and Citalopram interaction

    Hi Is anyone on the above combination? I have been on both for several years and for months now I have been getting vague symptoms such as general aches and pains and more recently shortness of breath. I know that taking these together can cause low blood salt levels which can cause these symptoms....

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  • graham1950 2


    Been on 40mg since 2009 but now have started with ankle swell. Is 40mg high?

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  • kitekato 2

    Medication change to Indapamide .Any thoughts please

    Greetings to all. After suffering from some challenging side effects of Amniodipine my GP has just conscientiously changed my medication to Indapamide.for blood pressure control. Have any users of this medication found it effective and are there any dramatic side effects that they have experienced? Thank...

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  • nellybear 3

    indapamide and amlodipine cocktail

    hi i have been on amlodapine for about 2 months at 5 mg but gp was still unhappy with my blood pressure so upped it to 10 mg .I then got swollen feet and aching calves with burning skin .Although my blood pressure had gone down to a normal level.I have now been put back to 5 mg plus indapamide at 2.5...

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  • shirleyann43258 2
  • Lindsayloo88 2

    No more Lasix--9 lbs fluid retention thanks doc

    Can anyone with professional experience tell me why I have been put on Lasix (furosemide) for peripheral Edema caused by a combo of Remeron and Gabapentin (necessary evils, as they are the only drugs that brought me back to life), only to be told by the nurse that it is not safe for long term use? My...

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  • pat62 3

    Prescribed Bendroflumethiazide for loweringblood pressure

    I had been prescibed Amlodipine for high blood pressure,  but that caused my legs to swell.  I was then put on Ramiplin, which although was effective for the bp, gave me a constant dry couch which kept me awake at night.  My blood pressure was coming down significantly due to taking more exercise sometimes...

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  • Sussexlady 1

    Bendroflumethiazide Good experiences for a change

    I have been on this drug for about 12 days. My blood pressure has improved dramatically and I have never felt better. In fact I seem to be less anxious and bad tempered since being on this !! Has anybody else experienced feeling less stressed out etc since being on Bendroflumethiazide (what a mouthful)...

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  • todd70383 2

    Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5

    How should I take Hydrochlorothiazide?  Do I need to drink more fluids than I'm taking now?  Shoild i wait until I'm at work in the morning to take the pill? To be honest I don't think I retain water like the doc says I do.  I'm currently taking Toprol XL and Losartan (at night).

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  • carol350 3
  • confused2 1

    Two Drs and Two opinions

    Due to swillen ankles/feet, I was prescribed Amiloride/Bumetenide in July 2011 and have taken once a day ever since. A couple of months ago a Dr at the practice told me they are for short term use only and to stop taking them at once. Instead he arranged compression socks ( below knee) Learned to get...

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  • Mollyourcollie 1

    Bendroflumethiazide Having trouble walking and neck and shoulder pain.

    Have been on bendroflumethiazide for about a year now and the Doctor has taken me off them 3 weeks ago. Have numb and tingling thighs which mean I have trouble walking. I am stumbling along like I am 90+ yrs old. My neck and shoulders are stiff and I have shooting pains in my right eye. Is it correct...

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  • Guest M

    Furosemide and tinnitus

    I have been prescribed 80mg per day for pulmonary oedema and am experiencing ringing in my ears (tinnitus). As I take other medication I can't be sure without stopping the furusimide if it causes the tinnitus and no doctor I have spoken to agrees. Does anybody else have this side effect?

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  • jennifer63664 1

    Nettle rash and Bumetanide

    My 89 year old mother has congestive heart failure. She was put on furosemide which did very little for her and was switched to bumetanide. This has made a big difference with reduced breathlessness and water retention but she has broken out in severe nettle rash on her legs which is keeping her awake....

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