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  • denys91543 1

    i was amiorodion for over 10 years

    this drug  was being on viagra bad drug i stopped taking 2years ago my mental health affected my heart consulten warned me it will kill me i suffed bad losed my vision i lost my family because side affects.i suffod stroke in2007 had to learn to speak again ,read and write again i cant name the

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  • Guest M


    I have been on AMIODARONE for almost two years now, and it has only benefited me, having previously had problems with a very irregular heartbeat that had hospitalised me twice. I have had no problems with photosensitivity, although I realise other patients have. I take Amlodipine and Perindopril

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  • Guest M


    I havent been able to reply to your message as I havent been onthis site. Its 2yrs since and the Amioderone finally damaged my Thyroid I,m now suffering an overactive Thyroid they have had me on Camobizole and I have tinnitus bad the consultant finally changed me onto bisperol it controles my heart

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