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Cardiac Arrhythmias

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  • kevin07195 1

    Chest strap heart rate monitor

    I see these available mainly advertised for exercise purposes and athletes. Long story short, I'm supposed to keep my resting heart rate under x BPM on top of medication etc etc. There are quite a few to choose from for chest strap and wrist monitor etc. I could just spend more time doing research,

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  • garry11136 2


    Ive neen having irregular heartbeats since i was 21yrs old They come and go thw 1st time i had it the 1st dr Gave me inderal i think it was 10 mgs. It stopped until when i was 35 yrs old i was fine through the period until i had another. Issue with my arythmia. My 2nd dr. Gave me cordarone 200mgs ...

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  • LleidaLiz 2

    ICD and exercise bikes

    Dad, 82, ICD Oct 2015. Now wants an exercise bike to improve his general fitness. Model he prefers uses magnetic resistance - is this ok for him to use? Tried googling with mixed results - seems 50/50 yes/no. He's not due to see his ICD specialist or cardiologist until December. Any thoughts anyone?...

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