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  • andrea35441 2

    stomach pain

    Okay, I've had GERD and 2cm hiatal hernia for a while. I've been on PPI for 25 years. I have, over the last couple years, developed pain in stomach after I eat. (especially meat)  I know it takes longer to break down proteins. I am scheduled for a stomach emptying test in a few weeks. I always feel

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  • oprea 1

    Possible recurrent inguinal hernia

    Hello everybody! So i had surgery in October last year ,clasic surgery ,a mesh was also added.   The past week i've been experiencing some difficulties with my area looks good but when i touch it ,i can say it hurts a little.I also feel discomfort sometimes when bending over or standing

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  • mark62486 1

    Incisional hernia

    Hi I'm due to go back next month to see my consultant about a grapefruit size hernia in my stomach. I had several operations on my bowels what led to having a open wound to heal approximately 8 inch by 2 inch resulting in this hernia. I am wondering if any one has any experience with what they call

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