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  • johnuk 1


    I had operation on 12/9/13 after discovering in march 13 that my left teste was swollen this may have been the result of my 2 year grandson jumping on me however it may have been there prior to that, I went to see my doctor she examined me and gave me antibiotic, followed by a stronger dose

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  • alexander1865 1

    Inguinel hernia

    I went in for this operation two & years ago,which went so badly wrong that I ended up losing my testicles, hormones. Sex life, dignity , fertility & a whole lot more. This is more common that the NHS would like to admit , yet they do very little(nothing at all really ) to warn of the

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  • Guest M

    Pleasant Operation

    I had the operation last month and I feel much better now. It still hurts a little when I sleep but normally out of 10 nights 3/4 will be slight pain. I can stand and walk around as normal. I still have some stitches inside the skin, which are not visible outside. Overall the operation went fine

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