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  • david33372 2

    Ultrasound post op

    I had a Hydrocele removed from my left testicle about a year and a half ago to two years ago, I recently noticed a bump protruding to the right side and a bump at the very bottom. I remember the doctor told me I had either a cyst or a small calcium deposit but I still feel paranoid and the bump

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  • jrd8850 1

    hydroceles and sex

    I'm 65 and have a hydrocele, so I assume that could be part of the ED problem I've had for about 10 years. Are there certain male enhancement products that are better than others for this condition? I have a Viagra prescription, but like many, looking for cheaper alternatives.

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  • Guest M

    my son has a hydrocele

    :wink: my son after birth had hydrocele, he was now 6 years old and the the hydocele was reduce to its bigger size and I thought this would be a very good sign to postpone surgical plans. Is this won't able to get bigger as days would go? I'm worried about it please

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