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  • Fairywren 2

    I just want my period :(

    Day 32 and it's trying to period normal,skipped the one before ovulating,uterine lining good,have simple cysts that are being checked next 26days regular cycle.     I just really want my period that's started to spot a bit to 's like it wants to but

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  • chloe44713 2

    Is it just me?

    Evening all Just wondered if it's just me or it's My periods have really become erratic, more frequent, sometimes only 2 days sometimes 6 and super heavy but after each one I get a really swollen tummy, water retention, weight gain, super sensitive gums (sometimes this is during), nausea,...

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  • Tracychapman1 2


    Hi just woundering if anyone can give me some advice i have been taking pemique for neally a year now they have helped with my mood swings but when i tryed to get another perscription they are not stocking them for some reason so the doctor gave me a perscription for prempak c 15mg im woundering if

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