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I think I am allergic to spiders web but I don't know if...

I think I am allergic to spiders web but I don't know if it is a medical thing or if it is a physiological happening.

During the summer months we get a lot of very tiny spiders jumping into air streams and travelling distances on the wind. These spiders leave masses of near microscopic threads of web behind them.

Whenever one of these threads touches me, which it does often, it seems to make my skin feel very strange and cause me to itch. I find it more apparent on my face, arms and backs of hands. It also seems to affect my hair because if feels for many minutes afterwards as if the web is still in my hair even though I can go into the bathroom, wet my hands and rub my hair all over in an attempt to remove anything that may be there.

If feels psychological on my head but doesnt on my skin which is strange.

I am not too bothered by spiders but I will say I don't like them.

Anyone else suffer with this at all ??

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    I believe I may also have some allergic reaction to some spider’s webs; the web seemed to burn my skin. The first time I noticed it was one-summer years ago when my arm looked all cut up a few hours after I walked through a Christmas spider web. Again 2 nights ago I was cleaning spider webs in the garage and a piece of web fell across my hair and nose.

    The next morning I had a large cut across my nose and couldn’t explain it. It looks as if the web had a chemical reaction and burnt my skin.





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    Today I was cleaning up my backyard when I was moving my bbq a spider web was leaning against my wrist. It started to burn. The little hairs on my wrist turned yellow. I quickly ran my wrist under water and my wrist turned red and all the little hairs are gone. its been 20 min since this happened and my wrist is still burning. It feels like little pins are going into my skin. I came on line looking for help or answers to this...

    Ontario Canada

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