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Coagulation Disorders

New discussion Join group Also known as Bleeding Disorders, Clotting Disorders, Haemophilia, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, Platelet Disorders, Protein S Deficiency, Thrombocytopathies, Von Willebrand's Disease

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  • helena10394 1

    Leg pain over 24hrs now

    My leg started acheing n feelin numb yet sore. Get tingling too. It comes n goes in belts of mild to strong too the ppint i cant feel anything. Its front of left leg

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  • RusticRomance 1

    Our 2 Daughters are Heamophillia Type A confirmed

    Dear All Our 2 Daughters are both confirmed from carier status and sufferer status of Heamophillia Type A, My Husband is the same also H, type A, I am due to be tested in August 2017, Due to the fact that my girls both suffer from it and carry it, does this mean that I must have passed on a Faulty X...

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  • combatking0 2

    I have been bleeding when I go to the toilet.

    A year ago I went to see my doctor about the bleeding I experience when I evacuate my bowels. He said it was nothing to worry about. It has steadily become worse, occuring almost every day as opposed to 3 or 4 days a week. Should I go back to my doctor, or should I hope it goes away?

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  • Guest M

    Cerebral Sinus Thrombosis

    I'm 32 and recently suffered from the above. It was only detected after suffering 2 weeks of intense headaches which eventually affected my optic nerves in my eyes. I wear glasses and after 2 weeks of intense headaches my eyesight actually became much better which baffled me. I was sent away from...

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  • sheila91262 5
  • rebekah38988 1

    Continuous petechia and bruising

    Hi I went to the doctors after I kept getting severe bruising on my legs during exercise, the bruises would appear without contact right before my eyes. I've also had petechia randomly for about a year. The doctors did a full blood count and checked for clotting and said my results were fine and they...

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  • Tassy 2

    Diagnosed with Factor II or G20210A mutation

    Just found out I am heterozygenous for Pro Thrombin G20210A mutations (aka Factor II).  Wondering if anyone has insights as to next steps, or added tests I should have ?  No history of clots yet, but family members with this same mutation have had DVTs and Stroke.  Any insights would be welcomed.  Thanks...

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  • Inca 1


    Hi i was diagnosed 2yrs ago with a platelet count of 9k. I was given 40mg day of predisonolone (horrible stuff) which quickly rose my counts but as soon as i started tapering my count hit the floor again and was put on 60mg day. This didn't work either so was told i need a spleenectomy. I found a fantastic...

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  • mary ann 59659 1

    Bleeding from urine

    I have been having blood in my urine for 3years and finally got referred to a urologist... He had me pre in a cup and then put a dip stick in it and he says I have a significant amount of blood. He didn't say anything but told me he wanted a Urogram (CT) with and without IV. Then he scheduled surgery...

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  • petapeach 1

    Are Inhibitor deficiencies temporary

    Hi My son has been told he has a inhibitor deficiency which is negative for anti lupus coagulant. They didn't identify what it is but said they think it is only transitory and aren't too concerned. He suffers from regular nosebleeds and prothrombin time was over 60 seconds. I can't find any information...

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  • jjoll 1

    Will turbulence inside artery cause coagulation ?

    Hi, I was just wondering if any vibration and turbulence inside a artery will cause blood coagulation or not?  Let's say hypothetically, I place a fan inside blood vessell, will the rotation and turbulance cuased by the fan cuase any blood coagulation (cloting)? if yes, why? any help would be appreciated....

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  • gad61711 2

    Legs pain and fatigue, dvt blood clot????

    In 25. I have posted before because I have been dealing with gastric issues for like three years. I also suffer from palpitations (sometimes tachycardia). Ive had multiple ekgs, holters and echocardiograms. The doctor tells me to not worry, that my heart is healthy so they are not dangerous. With that...

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  • 3or4magpies 2

    CVST - Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis

    My husband has just suffered from a CVST on Sunday 19th March. He's been discharged on wafarin and fragmin whilst his warfarin comes up to a therapeutic level. His headaches are immense still and he's only managing with codeine and paracetamol 4 hourly. I've just spoken to the anticoagulation nurses....

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  • jade00610 2

    Lupus Anticoagulant Test

    Hi Does anyone have any idea how long it usually takes to recieve Lupus Anticoagulant blood test results (in UK)? Many Thanks Jade

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  • mjune 1

    Cerebral Venus Sinus Thrombosis - I feel dumb!

    Hello everybody! I'm Madison, and as listed above, I have CVST! It all started halfway through October when I started getting intense pain in my neck that shifted into a horrible migraine. It was the most pain I've ever been in, but the whole spiel is a story for another time. Long story short, it...

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  • orange12933 4

    Light bleeding.

    Noticed past few days I have been bleeding lightly. Had my period 2 weeks ago. The light bleeding has happened before but I tried to ignore it. Now it is making me wonder if there could be an issue with my ovaries? Any advice or help would be greatful. Thank you!

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  • Stanley1869 2

    Prp injections

    Platelet rich plasma injections into my achillies tendons, known as PRP.. does anyone have ir had the same surgical procedure? Thanks in advance

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  • michelle08437 2

    spontaneous pattern bruising

    I need some serious help here.. Has anyone here ever had or heard of spontaneous facial bruising.. around the ear and in front of the ear, neck.. NOT FROM TRAUMA.. these bruises come and go, switch sides.. and they are always in the same area.. symptoms with them.. bleeding from the ear.. FATIGUE, vomiting......

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  • paula189 2

    Higher than average platlets

    Hi. Can anyone put my mind at rest please. Had blood test and had a call telling me the results and appointment sorted there and then for another blood test. I dont feel or have not been ill. I cant sleep as im very worried. My dad had cancer and mum had aplstic annemia. Can anyone put my mind at ease...

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  • melanie 11602 3

    Ear aches after cvst

    Hi all, I hope you remember me and my story. I am now 9 months post cvt. I'm off thinners since august and was doing great for a while. Until last week when my anxiety went off the roof. I've been having a weird feeling in my ears. It feels like they want to pop. It's on and off, not constant. Barely...

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  • rameez0362 1

    ITP with borderline HCV

    My mother is suffering from ITP, her platelet count went below 10k, reports reveal she has borderline HCV as well.She had bleeding from mouth and bruise marks on her body. Bone marrow results are attached. Hematologist has prescribed revolade (25mg daily) alongwith prednisone steroid (deltacortil) 45mg...

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  • tasana 55177 2

    please assist really feel alone and confused

    tasana 55177 Greetings all. I was diagnosed with sinus thrombosis 3 months ago. It started with server headache going into my neck. Was firstly mis diagnosed by my GP as migraine causing spasms in my neck. By the 5rh day I got my first seizure in the evening at around 8om and another 2 thereafter. That's...

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  • alex11325 1

    Important Paid Study On Haemophilia Please Share Your Time

    We are conducting a study across Canada with hemophilia patients to gain insight on treating and dealing with hemophilia on a daily basis, and medication choices. The study involves participating in an online survey. This online survey will take approximately 25 minutes to complete. In appreciation...

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  • Stanley1869 2


    Just had prp treatment, anyone else had it before and how did they feel?

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  • saraht1968 2
  • holly75952 3

    Antithrombin deficiency

    So I was diagnosed with a DVT in my subclavian vein earlier this month. ​I've had a number of blood tests done. ​At my last appointment the consultant told me that I have an antithrombin deficiency. I think normal values are 80-120 and mine was 57. ​I'm not sure if this is a temporary thing or if...

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  • holly75952 3

    arterial ultrasound

    Hi guys, Sorry for repeating myself but in case you havent read any of my other posts I was diagnosed with a DVT in my subclavian vein earlier this month. ​I've been told I've got an antithrombin deficiency and elevated factor viii (i don't know if this is temporary or permanent). ​Also, i have been...

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  • Guest M

    non production red blood cells

    my elderly mum was diagnosed with et about two years ago. Given hydroxyurea and tolerated drug well. All was going well until 6 months ago when she developed anaemia and has had a no. of tranfusions since. told at hospital that red blod cells are not being produced though original problems with et are...

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  • RHGB 6

    Plasma transfusion - consent.

    I suffer from coagulation problems because I have damaged my liver through alcohol. I tend to bleed profusely and don't clot well, and my recent blood tests results should be ready soon, so I should see my platelet count as well. However , my question is, 18 months ago I had a bleed on the brain stroke...

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  • melissa91009 4

    Acquired Von Willenbrand

    Hi My name is Melissa, I'm 33. I have had 5 surgeries this year from a medical mistake in 2012 that caused both my hips to repeatedly partially dislocate and impinged my sciatic nerve. I've never had a bleeding issue but the last surgery, which was supposed to be fairly straight forward, resulted in...

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  • olivia1993 2

    23 and having a hysterectomy

    Hello really not sure help to use this site correctly but thought it would be worth while to see if there is anyone out there with similar issues. I am 23 and have been bleeding for about 3years quite badly. I have had many hysterscopy, laparoscopy, mirena, zoladex, primalude, just to name a few things...

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  • ann22560 1
  • rhiannon_mcpaul 2
  • elizabeth31209 2

    Has anyone been prescribed Pentroxol?

    Ihad a DVT several years ago and was on Warfarin for three months. With lifestyle changes I have been well for many years. However about eighteen months ago I had a fall and ended up getting Plebitus on the leg that was affected by the DVT and developed an Ulcer. All the usual treatments have failed...

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  • sandra79399 2

    Sunbathing on warfarin

    Hi. I've just been reading about the effects of sunbathing while on warfarin. Has anyone had experiences good or bad. Have you any tips.

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