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  • Williamm 2

    Lansoprazole long term side effects?

    I started off taking 20mg of omeprazole In 2009 when I was 18 and took it basically everyday until 2012 when I was then switched to 30mg of lansoprazole. I have took lansoprazole basically everyday from 2012 to now. I am now 26 so have been taking a ppi basically everyday for the last 8 years. I

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  • Williamm 2

    How to stop taking lansoprazole?

    I am convinced lansoprazole is causing a lot of my mental health problems like brain fog, confusion, agitation, irrabillity and blurred vision. I took 20mg omeprazole basically everyday for 3 years and 30mg of lansoprazole for the last 5 years. I tried to stop taking the lansoprazole recently and

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  • gary35 2

    Trying to lower my dose

    Hi. I have been taking lansoprazole for over 5 years as I had chronic heartburn. I am not over weight or smoke etc but do suffer anxiety and take sertraline for it.  I currently take 30mg twice a day but am trying to reduce my dose. I have currently cut a quarter off one of my tablets every other

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  • Guest M

    My experiences of stopping taking Lansoprazole

    Hi, Like everybody on here I take Lansoprazole for stomach problems. There are lots of experiences on here of the side effects people get when taking them but; What effects do people get when stopping taking it? I think it would be very interesting to find out as I cannot find anything on the

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  • Guest M

    Lansoprazole - chest muscle ache/pain

    Hi, I have been taking lansoprazole for about a week now as I was suffering from bad Heartburn/Indegestion and have noticed that my pectoral muscles are aching/painful. I do work out from time to time but have done for quite a while and have never had this before due to my exercise and I haven't

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  • stefan53258 2
  • nicholaa1980 2
  • jhleerph 2

    Long term side effects from PPIs?

    I was taking H2s and PPIs for 5+ years.  Luckily I was able to taper myself off.  Over the last year I have been struggling with weakness/sitffness/pain in back/chest/legs/abdomen.  I was wondering if anybody else is stuggling with this?  My thinking is that my muscles are magnesium depleted which

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  • susan27029 3

    Newly diagnosed acid reflux

    hi all iv had uncomfortable times with slight reflux but 6 weeks ago feelings of something stuck or pressure feelings in my chest/throat sent me to the doctors. the main problem is the stuck feeling, and when eating/ drinking the feeling that it is slow to go down. i have been taking lansoprazole

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  • anthony.l 1
  • Guest M

    I started taking Lansoprazole at the age of 27 and have ...

    I started taking Lansoprazole at the age of 27 and have been using it daily for five years. I used to get these terrible throbbing pains in my upper stomach, which would spread upwards into my food pipe. The pain would get worse and worse, and go right through to my back. When it first happened I

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  • kotchki 1


    Was prescribed lansaprozole (Zoton) for reflux. Cured reflux, but caused hair loss. A headful of thick curly hair was reduced to my scalp showing through, also lost all body hair and eyelashes! Stopped taking it but haven't got my hair etc back! Can one sue the Pharmaceutical company?

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  • Pearls girl 2
  • charlotte1824 4


    I dont know if this is the right place to post this question but I wanted to find out about peoples symptoms for indegestion or reflux. The ones listed on sites are very hard to understand how they actually feel. I have not been diagnosed with reflux or indegestion as its never been something i

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  • steve51768 2

    30 years of taking Lansaprozole

    I have been taking 30mg x twice daily for nearly 30 years. For the past 5 years i have had terrific bloating, pain, loose stools. I have had more tests than anything ranging from suspected  Ceoliac Disease, Camera's in nearly every orofice, tested for Lactose/Lactoluse in fact every teat

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  • Fernandous 2

    My key hole surgery made me worse than ever ?

    Been on lanzoprazole since the age of 20..21 so 20+ now 42 i have a hyiatus hernia with barrets and i had key hole surgery but it was the worse decision of my esophagus pretrudes outwoulds very swollen,75 mg daily but still suffering greatly , my tummy is always bloated and the

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  • emma68321 2

    Lansoprazole - constant pain not going away

    Hi im wondering if anyone can help me. I woke up ast friday early hurs of the mornig with unbearable chest pain. Thought i was having a heart attack. Im only 32! doctor prescribed Lansoprazole. Been on 2 tablets a day for 4 days now and taking gaviscon and paracetemol. ve had no imporvement and i

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  • Koo. 2

    omeprazol now lansoprazole not working.??

    Im now quite poorly and needing some September and November last year i was rushed to A&E 6 times with really bad chest and back pain,ecg bloods and chest xrays done on every occassion i was embarrasingly sent home and told my doctor needed to refere me for tests.. Come December i

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  • Pearls girl 2

    Ive decided to try to come off lansoprazole anyone else tried this

    Ive been on lansoprazole for over 30 years and am now experiencing bad long term side effects . The tablets, 15 mg per day have worked well for me so far but i have now started getting reccuring polyps in my stomach which i have to have cut off every year. Also ive just had pneumonia, another side

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  • shelly 55145 1
  • Guest M

    I have been taking lansoprazole every day now for the pa...

    I have been taking lansoprazole every day now for the past 3 years. It was first prescribed to me for extreamly bad heartburn, acid indigestion and reflux. From the first day i started to take lansoprazole it worked immedialtely and over all this time i have never had any problems with the original

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  • Gillian1956 4


    Hi I'm taking zon ton fast tab it's basically lanz but in a tablet form you can swallow or just let melt in your mouth how would I reduce this I really want to come off this bed I've been on it for three years I still get problems but I'm fed up with taking this I've had very low vitamin D since I'

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  • lorray64454 2

    Linx or Nissen surgery?

    Hello I have heard success stories with both of these surgeries but I'm looking in to seeing if my insurance will cover the Linx surgery. I appreciate you all putting your stories out there for people like me to read. If I can have the Linx I am going to go ahead with it. If I can't and insurance

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  • beebee12 3

    Dry mouth

    I was originally on Omeprazole but GP changed me to Lansoprazole,i am waking during the night nearly choking cause my mouth is so dry,i drink plenty of water,could this be the tablets doing this. I am also on sertraline and propranaol.

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  • caroline50055 3

    Has Lanzoprazole caused you increased anxiety and depression?

    Hi - I have been on Lansoprazole for some months now and am convinced it has made me much more anxious and is also adding to my depression (I have anxiety and depression anyway but do think the Lanzoprazole is hindering any improvement and has made things worse). I have to be in it for a stomach

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  • jubler 1

    how long does lansoprazole take to work?

    I have been taking lansoprazole for 10 weeks, 30mg a day,and still get some reflux and heartburn every given up coffee and reduced my wine intake. Side effects have been minimal. Some wind which I have stopped by not drinking with meals but worried about the osteoporosis risk. Dr says

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  • christine90956 1
  • Amber2016 2

    After 2 years on lansoprazole how do I stop?

    I have been on lansoprazole for gerd etc. for 2 years and now having read up on PPI's I want to come off the drug.  I got some HC acid supplement and 2 days ago I tried not taking lanso but taking one HC capsule with both my high protein meals - all seemed well until last night when I was extremely

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  • Clem1956 1

    Lansoprazol side effects

    Have had acid reflux for over ten years. About three years ago i started sharting due to the Lansoprazol. Tried changing my diet drastically to stop taking drug but only ended up getting scooped due to throat irritation. Doctor said get back on Lansoprazol an stay there. Im sick an tired of soiling

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  • denis24888 1


    I was prescribed this recently to take 15 mg per day which  I take on the morning but picked up the wrong packet and took another 15mg by mistake will that b ok

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  • sezza978 2

    Lansoprazole and B12 supplements

    Hi. I'm on lansoprazole twice a day. I have in the past suffered a few times with low b12. I know taking lansoprazole can lower b12. I've only been on lansoprazole for a few months and I think my b12 is low again. I get tingles in my feet and legs. I've Googled to see if you can take the

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  • gary35 2

    Weaning off

    Hi I have been on 30mg of lansoprazole twice a day now for over 4 years and 38 years old. I think that I mainly suffered from severe reflux due to being an anxious person. I also take sertraline for my anxiety which apparently can cause reflux. I want to cut down my lansoprazole to 1 pill a day but

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  • kathryn91538 2

    Proton Pump Inhibitor Wd

    I'm 61 with GERD, hiatal hernia and Barrettes esophagus.  The recent info on PPIs is very concerning.  I had surgery in 2014 and they infected my spine causing scarring which weakened it (was abdominal surgery so a surgercal error when they nicked my spine) and in getting off the opiates from this

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  • Guest M

    Lanoprazole side effects?

    taking Lansaprozole 15mg one every 2 days now for the past year or that I was taking another PPI tablet for heartburn for about 2 years(Nexium) but doctor took me off those cos too about 3-4 years in that time I have had a bloated belly all of the

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  • zoe57508 2

    throbbing pain in stomach

    Hi Everyone that is taking these tablets! I was just wondering if any one gets throbbing stomach pains and clay coloured stools whist taking lansprazole? I have been on them since last October and im up and down with side effects but these pains are any of you out there getting the

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