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Reactive Arthritis

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  • Guest M

    reactive arthritis

    I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis 2 months ago after a bowel infection (food poisoning during chrstmas holiday in egypt) I thought ReA was supposed to clear up between 3 and 12 months, by the looks of things it doesn't. Inflammation first started in my heel then big toes, both knees, slightly in...

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  • MrStrong 1

    Reactive Arthritis patient since Oct. 2016

    Heres my story and what I've learned, I was diagnosed with ReA since October 2016.  ReA occurs when your body suffers an infection and redirects your immune system to attack joints. Personally, my infection was chlamydia.  Some other common ways to get ReA is infection to the bladder or intestines....

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  • Mamjan 2

    Pain Amplification Syndrome

    has any one ever heard of this syndrome.  My daughter has had recurrent bouts of reactive arthritis and arthralgia joint pain and stiffness following viral infections e.g. UTIs.  This syndrome has been mentioned along with various other suggested diagnosises. E.g. Reactive arthralgia and biomechanical...

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  • youwouldnt 2

    Reactive arthritis - just now developed

    Hello,   I have been reading the stories of reactive arthritis and i thought that i would share mine. It all started 3 1/2 years ago with urethritis and all the classic symptoms that go with an STD after a one night stand. I went in to urgent care 3 different times over many months and was treated with...

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  • scott61950 2

    Permanent symptoms

    I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis 5 years ago due to a chlamydial infection and have come to accept the pain in my joints. But the one thing that never went away and really bothers me is the ulcers on my penis. They don't hurt but that look so bad and create a bad odor. Is there any way at all...

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  • jauline63536 2
  • luvdrpepper 1

    Making progress - 90 day update - stay positive!

    I'm 44. I play tennis 4 days a week for 2hrs a match. I take allopurinol 300mg day for gout. Stays stable. Dec 15, 2016 my shoulder was killing me. Went to Ortho and received corti shot. 2 days later my left ankle swelled to where I was unable to walk. 5 more days and my right elbow did same.  1 month...

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  • Ambitious 2
  • shayne3 1

    Hep B and RA connection.

    After having Hep B vaccine I have had 2 of the 3. Then I have had sore joints , it is Asymmetrical. Pretty much if I have knocked, Brocken , bruised , twisted joints in my past 55 years the ache has come back to them all. Is it true Hep B vaccine can be a cause.

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  • clairc 1

    Recurrent Reactive Arthritis

    I'm a 35 year old woman and last year I was diagnosed with Post Streptococcal Reactive Arthritis. I also have ME/CFS which was diagnosed when I was 15 years old. In July I had sore throat that lasted for 3 weeks and wasn't getting any better so I visited my GP. She thought it was a virus but did a...

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  • angela 48192 2
  • peter54087 2

    Latest flare-ups triggered by oral sex/link to statins?

    First thing I want to emphasize is that no one should lose hope in fighting this disease. The myopic nature of Western medicine (and doctors) can be frustrating when dealing with symptoms that are very real to us but not so to those treating us. However, I've found that the key is to educate oneself,...

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  • Guest M

    Sexually Aquired Reactive Arthritis

    Hi, I am wondering what the symptoms of sexually acquired RA might be and can you get it from Oral sex. I thnk I have them but my doctors insist not. I first had joint pains (elbows, ankle) in Sept 06, then have had at various times sticky eye, mouth inflamation, slit tongue, prostate/testicle/penis...

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  • Guest M

    im 57 years old and have suffered with sore knees for te...

    im 57 years old and have suffered with sore knees for ten years, xrays show nothing but the ache can be wearing,i get poor vision etc at times, i also get an ache in my groin, taken to hospital 4 weeks ago , A/E doctor gave me ciprofloxacin and sent me home, seemed to remove the groin pain but did nothing...

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  • Guest M

    several symptoms

    I have many of the described symptoms for reactive Arthritis. My history is a renal cancer, where the kidney was removed. The cancer a year later showed up in the femur bone. After breaking the bone and surgery performed to repair the femur, I was put on an immune therapy called nexavar, approx 6 months...

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  • Guest M

    Reactive Arthritis - Is there any hope??

    I was diagnosed with Reactive Arthritis Sept 07. Doctors said I must have got it from being in Mexico (june 07) and having 1 night of an upset stomach - which most people get being abroad anyway! I was biten loads over there too by mozzies. back in England - came off my pill to start trying for a baby...

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  • Guest M

    Reactive Arthritis

    I started to have a bulge behind my right knee in March 2007. Fluid was taken off and I was given diclofenac. Fluid than gathered in my right ankle and then my other knee and ankle became affected. I could feel fluid trickling down the back of my legs and also felt very sick and poorly. I felt...

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  • Mamjan 2

    Recurrent Reactive arthritis in child

    does anyone have any experience or advice regarding recurrent reactive arthiritis flare ups in a 10 year old girl. She had a couple of bouts of RA as a toddler. She has talked of joint pain in her fingers and lower back pain since she was 7 as well as heel pain diagnosed as planter fascillis. Then last...

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  • emma00334 1

    Going on 27 - but feel like I'm 60 with Reactive Arthritis

    Hi Everyone. I signed up to this after spending countless hours searching the web for Reactive Arthritis support/help/ name it. I'm a 26 year old female, with a previously extremely healthy medical history. In 2015, I went solo travelling around SE Asia, 26 days into my trip I woke up one...

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  • Guest M

    seems like your active life is over

    i have RA and currently having worst attack i have ever had cant even stand up. docs keep saying it will go but showing no signs yet and its been 3 weeks, but keep optimistic i had 1st flare up 4 years ago it took a year to recover but i started playing football again and going to gym 5 days a week....

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  • MJ 1

    Reactive Arthritis

    I was diagnosed with reactive arthritis following having a very painful and large amount of swelling to my left wrist, this was approxiamately a week after having suffered from campylobacter food poisoning. The pain was very intense and left me unable to even touch the tips of my fingers with my thumb...

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  • Guest M

    Reactive Arthritis - Why me?

    I developed pain in my knees and lower back. The pain in my knees began as a dull ache increasing to a cramping pain and then came the swelling and the burning pain followed by intense heat. On bathing my knees and legs would feel tiggerly and there would be a burning pain whenever i submerged my legs...

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  • Chuuch11 2

    Recently Diagnosed w/ Reactive Arthritis

    Recently, I have been diagnosed with Reactive Arthritis after having chlamydia. First was the left heel pain, then the mid spine pain, hip, left hip and wrist. I can manage to work and still do my daily activities normally, though I noticed my knee pain is getting progressively worse. I do have a family...

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  • margaret86513 1
  • Guest M

    Return of REA

    Hi guys im a 30 year old male, 5 years ago contracted rea from food poisining, it hit my hands hard giving me a claw hand, then wrists, knees elbows, hips, i went throught this for 12 months then the my physician prescribed me plaquenil, 3 month later my swelling went down. I started weight training...

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  • edrich76894 1

    Reactive arthritis with swelling and skin rash

    Hi all. I'm a 38 year old male. I been diagnosed with reactive arthritis May 2016 after a chest infection started in March 2016. My symptoms were at the time, swollen hands, ankles, elbows, legs and skin rash on my arms, back side, feet, legs and under my feet...rash feelslike I've been scolded with...

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  • Vincentworld 3
  • rita73435 2

    Diagnosed Year ago...looking for advice

    I was diagnosed with Reactive Arthiritis 10/2015 after I was on antibotics for a sinus infection. About a week later I developed C-diff due to failing the antibotics for the sinus infection. About a 5 days later I began having severe swelling in my right leg that I couldn't put weight on. My PCP sent...

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  • countrygirl 1

    reactive arthritis due to strep

    I am 42 years old and was diagnosed with reactive arthritis due to a strep throat infection in August 2008. The arthritis was followed by erythema nodosum (an immune response which left me covered, arms and legs, with \"blisters\" of lymph). Prednisone 50mg/day for 1 month and then gradual...

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  • JeanD 1

    reactive arthritis caused by campylobacter

    I recently watched a program that through up the fact that if you have had a campylobacter infection that reactive arthritis can rear its head. I had this campylobacter infection 20 years ago while 7 and a half months pregnant with my son, I was hospitalised and in isolation for 4 days. After he was...

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  • wakuns 1

    Advise required

    Hi there. I've been down with waist and hip pain for 3 weeks. Did a scan yesterday and the result shows I'm suffering from arthritis. The prescription is weight loss and a Lyrica caps. Can someone help me out there with some good tips. Regards.

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  • Majkase 2
  • sebastian38246 2

    Opinion about symptoms(HLA B27neg)

    Hi all After taking antibiotics for 2 straight years for a tooth infection I developed a bloody diarrhea that lasted 4 days. 10 days after the diarrhea my pinky finger become swollen for an hour. The weeks after I had random dizzy pains but some 6 months after the diarrhea I started having pain in my...

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  • Vincentworld 3

    Reactive Arthritis - 2 years- Not going All????

    I hope someone can help me here, I am desperate and no where to go. About two years ago I came down with some sort of urinary infection. I was tested for chlamydiae & Gonorrhea (GC) before going on any medicine. Results, negative. 4 weeks post exposure – started getting joint pain, prostatitis, mouth...

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  • jaybirdie 1

    Seeking Reactive Arthritis success stories

    Hi, My hubby has been suffering from RA for over three months, but was only diagnosed about two months ago. Since then he's been taking Sulfasalazine tablets, 2X2 tablets a day for the last month. To manage pain, he takes Cataflam (50mg) 2X1 tablet a day. He has bad and worse days, with severe pain...

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