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Epidermoid Cysts

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  • stacey53097 1

    Milia or Cyst?

    I have a small whitish bump on my face (cheek) for about 6 mths. One derm said it was milia, she lanced it but didn't work.  Another derm said it was a cyst that I could leave it alone or have it removed.  I hate this thing it's noticeable makeup doesn't cover.  Has anyone had a cyst removal and

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  • JRL 1

    Home Removal Sebaceous Cyst

    I successfully removed what my doctor said was a Sebaceous Cyst by applying Aloe Vera multiple times a day and lightly rubbing it in so it penetrated. It took about three weeks. At first it seemed to have little effect but gradually the cyst began to decrease.  The rubbing hurt a little at times,

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  • deepika 64395 1

    After lancing a cyst

    I had a cyst under my right armpit which the doctor lanced last Saturday. I have had a packing change in it twice. It hurt alot, but yesterday the doc said I dont need to pack it anymore. Its been 7 days all together, and its still draining, very little pus mixed with blood. Some of the skin around

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