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This rash on my neck won't go away?

I have this rash on my neck. My mom says I've had it since I was about 2-3 years old. It's red, not really raised at all, and itches only from time to time.

I've tried a lot of creams, but none worked. At first I got this steroid cream from the doctor, I don't remember what it was called, but I think it just made it worse. Then I got Cortopin, which says I should only use for a max of 1 week. One week passed, nothing happened.

I've also tried leaving it without any cream and not covering it, but it doesn't go away. Nothing works!

The rash is like a bunch of patches. This is really ruining my confidence, and I'd like to be able to wear things other than massive jumpers and scarves that cover my neck.

I don't have any allergies I know about, eat well, work out and have a healthy body. Overall, I'm in pretty good shape. I am really stressed though, but I don't think it's that since I've had this rash for years, even when I'm not stressed it's there.

Any help? Thanks.

PS. I'm 15 years old right now.

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