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Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

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  • christina01500 2

    HSP is genetic

    Today I took my eight year old to see specialist in New Orleans that deal with HSP. After meeting with an urologist and the a nephrologist we finally had some answers. My sons condition has been going on for 4 months now, as of the last two weeks we have seen an improvement. After multiple tests we...

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  • brittany08747 2

    Thyroid involvement?

    My daughter is 6 now. She got diagnosed with HSP in March. Her nightmare of a story is already posted on her. After her two emergency surgeries we did weekly urine tests. They had been coming back okay with only a trace of blood here and there. This week she got an ear infection and ran a low grade temp....

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  • shreesa21736 2
  • Blilly622 2

    38 and just diagnosed with HSP

    I am 38 and have just been diagnosed with HSP and have a few questions about it. 1. Does prendasone do anything for it or does it just run it's course? 2. How long does it take for the swelling and blotchiness to go away? 3. It seemed to stop just above my waist. Will it go any further? it odd for...

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  • Avazerooh 1

    HSP in "Eight year old female"

    My daughter was recently diagnosed with HSP. It was quite a trial seeing her suffer through the various stages and symptoms. She has always been a healthy child until recent past two months whereby she came home from school with every ailment out there. It resulted in many absences at school. The last...

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  • elizabeth44267 2

    Makeup or Coverup for HSP?

    I understand that the rash itself is not medically the most serious part, but it really hurts my morale and gets me down in the dumps to have to see it every day and also to have to cover it up with clothing, in hot weather. I actually think it makes it worse. Anyways, when I asked for cream from my...

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  • claire95711 1

    Henoh shonlein purpura

    My 15 year old daughter has been diagnosed with this condition after getting run down. Doctors have said is may have been caused by a reaction to penicillin. She has been on steroids now for 5 weeks and 3 of those on 60mg. We have had two trips to hospital with accute stomach pain and vomiting....

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  • jerry57483 2

    3 year old son with hsp

    Hello my son was diagnosed with hsp a few days ago. It has been very stressful and I have been trying to do as much research on it as possible it has been difficult because not that many people know what it is. I just joined this group to try and understand more about it and what I can do to help him....

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  • theresaaa 2

    Henoch-Schönlein purpura

    My 4 yrs old boy has this since 21 March 2017 & now it is 8weeks. He had swollen ankle then moved to knee & back to ankle again. All this repeating for few round. His tiny red spots come n go too until last week we thought that he is going to heal totally as getting less n less spots. He starts bit feverish...

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  • Guest M

    My daughter is six and has had HSP for 8 weeks. She has ...

    My daughter is six and has had HSP for 8 weeks. She has not had any kidney involvement, thankfully, but has had swelling and a rash that just will not quit. I was told that this was a 4-6 week thing and the doctors are very casual about it outside of insisting that her urine be checked. It is very much...

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  • ZBee 2

    Henoch Schonlein Purpura in Adults?

    Hi, I'm currently a 19 year old female student in my 2nd year of my degree, during March 2012, I was diagnosed with Henoch Schonlein Purpura (HSP) after being sent to hospital with meningitis like symptoms. You can imagine the relief, when I found it it was not in fact meningitis. The symptoms of HSP...

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  • christina01500 2

    8 year old with hsp

    My son was diagnosed with HSP at the end of February and is still having outbreaks till this day. We see a specialist in two weeks. Has anyone noticed that possible stress can cause the outbreaks? He lives one week with me one with dad and I have noticed that when we exchange he has an outbreak????...

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  • christina01500 2

    HSP going on 2 months

    My 8 year has been diagnosed with HSP...February 24th he had strep followed with a red rash covering his lower body, he was misdiagnosed with scarlet fever. Fast forward to now and we are on number 6 with outbreaks and they are getting worst and now they are literally covering his entire lower body...

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  • rosieposie94 2

    1st HSP @ 8yo. Now 22 Suffering GI involvement from HSP??

    So I have been seeing GI after GI for some time now. With overwhelming nausea, severe bloating, and discomfort using the bathroom. FINALLY today after talking with my dr about the ulcers in my mouth, as well as fissures in my large intestine, he asked if anyone had ever linked my HSP to GI issues. And...

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  • Guest M

    23yr Old HSP (Student at Uni) IT DOES GET BETTER!!

    Hello All This post is aimed at the slightly older people who have got HSP... Im a 23 year old student at Universtiy in the UK. I got HSP while i was on holiday in the states. It started off with the red spots on my ankle and then spread untill i had a really bad rash all over my legs and on my waist...

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  • mary55774 1
  • annabel46039 2

    it's starting to get a bit annoying, just looking for some support

    The symptoms started about a year ago, and like many cases of HSP the diagnosis was tedious, confusing and long. So far, I have realised that the disease is rare enough for doctors to make mistakes and wrong diagnoses as well (they are human after all). Another thing I have realised is that the symptoms...

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  • megan90476 1


    I'm 21 and I was diagnosed with HSP 3 months ago but I probably have it the last 5 months. These posts are so interesting because like a lot of you alcohol makes mine flare up (especially wine). I was admitted to hospital with mine where they did so many tests, I had a skin biopsy carried out too! But...

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  • Guest M


    I am 22 year old female from Ireland.I have been suffering with the horrible disease of HSP for 2 months This is my story... On the 28TH of February this year I woke up with abdominal pain i thought nothing of it at first but as the day progressed it got worse and worse so bad it was unbearable and...

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  • Roni07 1

    What type of doctor is best for diagnosis

    I've shown the rash on my lower legs to several differant doctors, non of which had any idea. If I have HSP it must be a chronic thing because the rash has been there since 2013 at least and has only gotten worse. ​I have numerous bouts of intestinal distress where it feels like my intestines are going...

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  • debhha 2

    HSP and sun poisoning?

    Hello everyone, We are new to HSP (this year).  My daughter is 20 and is having a terrible time with the sun.  She has never burned in the sun until this year.  she got sun poisoning terribly after being in the sun for only 30 min.   Anyone know about this?  thanks!  

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  • amanda67114 1

    5 year old diagnosed with HSP

    Hey everyone. My 5 year old was just diagnosed with HSN today. I know the Internet is horrible to go to but I'm at a loss and trying not to freak out. He has had the rash on his legs, just below the knees so far. He's had them for a week now. He started complaining last night that it hurt to walk and...

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  • angeAU 1

    Please Help- Severe HSP Rash

    Hi All,  My daughter is in her 3rd week of HSP. She had abnormal swelling all over her body so they gave her a course of sterroids for 5 days. She was off the sterroids for 1 day and now she has these massive sections of brusing that are black on the inside which will scab and scar. They are extremely...

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  • f4rw1d 1

    Almost 3-yr old girl with HSP - please help!

    Hello all, So, so glad to have found this forum. My almost-3-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with HSP and I'm just trying to research as much as I can to get myself knowledgeable. Her leg pain started 5 days ago. I have a few questions: * She experiences severe headaches in the mornings right...

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  • brittany08747 2

    Five year old with hsp

    My five year old daughter just got diagnosed with hsp about four weeks ago. It's been a nightmare ever since. Every part of her body has swollen, including her head and spine. She couldn't walk some days because of the pain. Then, one day she started vomiting blood. We rushed her to the ER. They found...

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  • racheltree 1

    7 month old baby possible HSP - please help

    Hi Ive a 7 month old daughter who last Wednesday suddenly started screaming in pain. It was soon obvious she had severe tummy pain. That night she developed a fever. I took her to the hospital the next morning as she was still screaming in pain, we couldn't even touch her. She was transferred to a...

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  • jennymoulton197 2
  • danielle43453 2
  • danielle43453 2

    Is there anything to help the swelling go down ???

    My 8 year old daughter has been diagnosed with hsp. The nurse has told us that her swelling is the worst she has seen in hsp patients. I can't even give her a cuddle at all as the pain is that bad and she is currently using a wheelchair and has not walked for 5 days due to the swelling in her feet and...

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  • samfortune 2

    4 year old daughter HSP, please help

    Hi. My daughter was diagnosed with HSP on 7th jan 2017. She had a horrible angry rash on her legs and feet so we rushed her to A&E thinking meningitis. We were told after urine tests and blood tests that it was HSP, all very confusing. She had blood in the urine but not visiable to the eye. She had...

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  • rocky31676 6

    Frustration over HSP Diagnosis and Treatment

    Has anyone gone to the extent of suing or almost taken action a medical clinic/hospital/HMO/doctor for mis-diagnosis of HSP or no diagnosis of HSP,  with prescribing wrong medicines that did no good, or treatment that was not appropriate for the health condition of HSP. 

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  • cameroncunliffe 2

    can my hsp return after 10 years?

    when I was about 9, I was diagnosed with HSP. im now 19 and im starting to get symptoms again. I'm getting horrible stomach pains like I used too and im starting to get blood in my stool. I dont have a rash, but I only got the rash one time when I was younger. within the 10 years I havent had much stomach...

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  • Cinders68 2
  • becky40790 2

    Daughter off Prednisolone but still has over exhaustion

    Hi, my daughter is five y.o., and was on Prednisolone for almost seven months. Though the time frame was only a few months originally, trying to get her wean off without causing withdraws was not as easy as they thought it would be. Her last dose was on 01/13/17, but it seems likes she's still exhausted....

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  • Magstah 2

    Creams to help the rash go down?

    Has anyone used a cream/gel which has helped take the rash away? I have a bad bout of HSP at the moment. Antibiotics prescribed by my GP have helped clear up the fever I was experiencing, but my right leg is still very swollen and red. I can't get a shoe on it currently. Also, does anyone have any good...

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