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Nail Disorders

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  • Charsiufan 1

    Partially ripped of big toe nail six weeks ago

    I kicked a tree root walking on the beach and lifted the nail on my big toe. It bled a bit but didn't fully remove the toe nail. Saw a podiatrist who cut the nail back and advised frequent Epsom salt baths, keeping it wrapped up and using betadine cream to treat infection. It was been healing for the...

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  • newhopes123 2

    throbing pain in fingre.

    two days back i noticed red bump on finger with some pain. now pain has increased , bump is warm and its swollen and it is becoming white from corners now. i looked up  on net and found i have Paronychia. this is the first time i have somthing like this. i will visit doctor tommorow. but i had knife...

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  • andrej43444 1

    Injury or fungus?

    Please help i hit my nail like 2-3 monts ago when i did it this started happening now i don't know is it a injury or fungus?

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  • 101dalmation 2

    yellow nail syndrome

    I am 46 years of age, and for the past 2 years have been asking my doctors what was wrong with my nails (fingers and toes) but getting no answer, till finally i was refered to a dermatolagist at hospital, who diagnosed it as YELLOW NAIL SYNDROME which is a rare desease, and only 100 other cases have...

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  • Blahblahtoenail 1

    Lamisil is working, but not how I expected....

    Everything I've read said that the toenail just grows out, and healthy nail is behind that. Well, mine are crumbling and detaching and under the gross fungus nail, there is shiny smooth healthy nail. Has anyone had similar experience? I'm almost done with 2nd month of lamisil.

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  • faiz1 1

    finger clubbing

    I have clubbed fingers and toes. I have had the following test which were inconclusive; blood tests, chest x-ray, heart ultra-sound and lung function test. I cannot remember when my fingers became like they are or if they were like that since a young age. I have asthma since a young age, and no other...

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  • lisa28920 2

    I have to toenail

    My big toe has been bothering me so bad. Honestly I'm embarrassed to seek medical help in person. I feel like I waited too long and it's worse now. My nail is growing high almost like I have a toenail mountain. It hurts so bad and I can't even cut the nail it's almost like become hard skin...

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  • Jk1988 1

    Matching Whiteness on big toe nails

    Hi, i have matching whiteness on both of my big toes. The corner of each toes nearest the next toe has crumbly nail, white, sometimes a little yellow. Ive had it for years. Sometimes it gets a little better, soemtimes it is really obvious. I have tried the pens which didnt work, tried putting menthol...

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  • natalie2608 4

    nail bed curved

    hi some of my nails especially my index fingers the nail curves slightly down, is this normal? sure not always been like it! am 43 with health anxiety. had recent bloods and all ok , how do i upload photo to show?

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  • natalie2608 4

    nail bed curving

    hi some of my nails are curving down especially index ones. is this really early sign of clubbing or just age?! how do i post a photo?

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  • abhishekr700 2

    Is this eary ingrown toenail or just infection ?

    I have had ingrown toenail in my other toe and I had to get it removed by surgery. Now there is swelling on the side of nail in the other toe. It's a little pain when touched on the swelling ( I guess that's normal).  Is this simple inflammation or the early stage of a ingrown toenail ? You can see swelling...

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  • daralee1994 1

    I need a treatment that is very likely to work. Please help?

    Hi all, I have a fungal nail infection on one foot, and am after some suggestions for good/very likely to work treatment. I have been using Excilor, which I seem to have had some success with. 1 of my toenails had been previously curled over and it was too hard for me to clip off. After 2 or 3 weeks...

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  • CasFox 1

    Is this fungus?

    Hello all,  I've had this problem a while now but I haven't seen anyone about it. One of my toenails just refuses to grow normally and it hurts when i cut it, feels like it grows thicker and ''further up'' strongly attached to the flesh? My toe nails are weird already, the small ones are barely visible...

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  • bee78365 1

    One fingernail seems to have a fungal infection

    I've been really embarrassed by this one nail thats just been ugly and sometimes if I try to file it down it can hurt..At the moment I can't go to a doctor hut would like to know if there is something I can do to treat it at home for the time being.. Its been bother me for years.. I don't want to keep...

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  • Theobee 1

    What is wrong with my toenail? Is it fungal?

    I noticed my toenail was like this perhaps a year and a half ago after being on holiday. I had asked someone and they thought I had damaged it. I don't recall damaging it so it's all a bit strange. None of my other nails are like this. Now it's turned a not very attractive looking yellowy colour and...

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  • alex1985 1
  • daniel48059 1

    Ingrown toe nail

    Hi all. Have come for some advice. Please negative comments as it has taken me alot to just reach out for some help. I have had ingrown toenails on both big toes for not far off ten year. Ive been so scared/ashamed i have just let them be. I have to clean them daily as the smell is terrible but the...

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  • denise08809 1
  • susan0347 1
  • danny26079 1

    White vertical line on big toe nail

    I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this. I have a white line, around 0.5mm wide running straight down my big toe nail. I can't remember how long I have had this. I've been to doc who are waiting for lab tests to see if its fungal related - the first tests have come back abnormal and are doing further...

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  • rita99215 1

    Split nail

    My right thumb nail gets a ridge starting from the cuticle, twice before it has stopped half way up but this 3rd timeeit has gone all the way to top of the nail and has split about a quarter of the way back down. My doctor took a plc and sent it to an "expert" who also took a pic and sent me a letter...

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  • keidran 33397 1

    Pale/White Nails Since Birth

    Just registered to post this. Okay, as the title of the thread says, I've had very pale or white nails since I can remember anything in life. I never really thought it was an issue until girls in middle and high school started saying how pretty my nails were and asking questions about who did them...

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  • noah81990 1

    Could this be Terry's Nails?

    Just noticed that most of my toenails have some whiteness followed by a small red line at the top. I'm a 20 year old male, to my knowlegde I don't suffer from cirrhosis, liver failure, diabetes, CHF, or hyperthyroidism. I have had relatively recent bloodwork and everything came back okay, and I just...

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  • steve39022 1

    Toe nail fungas

    I think i have the answer to this after years of trying. Wash your feet with any dandruff shampoo every night with a sponge, let your feet dry then use Lamasil or Scoll athletes foot cream, use a small paint brush to apply. I also put some on in the morning, It takes  six weeks to see a result but after...

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  • lin18584 1
  • jeremy0511 1

    Right thumbnail vertical split, left beginning

    My right thumbnail has been like this for over a year now and it looks like my left thumbnail is beginning the process of splitting and will eventually look like the right. All other fingernails are normal as well as all toenails. Dermotologist injected steroids once a month for 3 months with no results....

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  • glenn987 1
  • DonH 2

    Diagnose needed please

    Hi..  right thumb has vertical line that is rather soft and causes a break right on the end by the line.  Any ideas?  Thank you in advance

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  • marilyn84391 2

    P.M.R. I.P.F. pneumonia and trip to Australia!

    can anyone help please, I had overnight stay in hospital, had intravenous antibiotics for pneumonia and I was told to double my 5mg pred for 5 days and then drop down to five again. Will that be ok as alarm bells are ringing and I'm not sure.  My other problem is I'm hopefully going to my grandaughters...

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  • eva999 2

    Ingrown nails.

    Hi there. I have a problem of ingrown nails. My nails do not grow, the last time I used a nailcutter was about 4 years ago. I tried all the remedies like soaking hands in cold water with salt and oil but it did not help me. I don't bite my nails.(Only sometimes when I'm stressed).  Can someone help me...

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  • waffles 1

    Not sure what's happening after trauma

    Hello All, I've never had any significant nail problems, but several weeks ago I had a small scale at the base of my thumb nail.  I kept picking at it, which became annoying, so I filed the base with a nail file board.  That took the little scale away, but about a week later, the base of the nail became...

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  • anyawill 2

    Please help diagnose this (photos included)

    Quick history. I never had any problems with my nails, ever, until this. I am really unsure what this is. It started the month I was due to give birth in 2014, after I got a pedicure for the first time ever, the woman snipped my skin with cuticle nippers and it hurt like hell! I ignored the cut and let...

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  • camilaber 1

    fungus nail holistic view

    hi does anyone know if this fungus nail predict a disease or disorder in the body?  the nail is yellow with a black line. here is the pic. 

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  • henry19162 1

    Nail looks really bad

    So it started when I felt my thumbnail the white part I pressed it down and it was hollow when I pressed on it . I then started to pick at it and. Ow it looks really bad. I need to know what's the problem to I can try and cure it .

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  • Ryanc5413 1

    Odd toenail growth since birth

    Hello everyone, I have had strange tail nail growth on 2 toes per foot since birth. I am 30 now and they haven't changed. The new nail groans under the old one and the old one falls off or I cut it off. There is never a end that you cut on these nails. They grow in a bubble shape. I do not know if it...

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