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Pregnancy and Genetic Disorders

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  • shelby22508 2

    26 weeks pregnant and worried

    I am on my 5th pregnancy and this is my 26th week I have been experiencing contractions and a lot of pressure I have only gained 12 lbs so far and she has dropped .my last pregnancy was full term but sue to a placenta tear she was only 4.6 at birth and my water broke prematurely. They gave me 2

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  • lowa 1

    What symptoms does thyroid cancer cause?

     Thyroid Cancer  The commonest way that thyroid cancers are found is the point at which somebody sees a bump or knob in the neck where the thyroid organ sits. This is typically effortless and numerous patients feel generally well.  It is vital to know nonetheless, that having a knot in the

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  • jujufromthebein 2

    What could this be ?

    So I had my period 5/14/17 to 5/18/17 then I had sex 5/19/17 in about 2 days 5/21/17 I started spotting slightly and cramping a little bit. I've also experienced some diarrhea and sore breasts. I know that implantation bleeding is 9-12 days after you conceive . Is there any reason I could be

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  • raziaD 1

    Pregnant or not?

    Me and my bf were dry humping and he cummed on my underwear by mistake. The underwear was the only barrier between the cum and my vagina. It wasn't that wet. I went and cleaned my vagina within 10 mins. And also I got my period the next day. It was normal. Lasted for 4 days. This month I kinda got

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  • Guest M

    Adult suvivors of Rhesus Haemolytic Disease

    I agree that there is very little information about this condition. I was born with it and apparantly spent 2 months in an incubator. I would like more information on possible life long problems as a consequence of having this disease in infancy. I am 34 and have suffered all my life with low immunity,...

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  • brayden16961 2

    Pregnancy Test(Positive or Negative)???

    New to pregnancy tests-- I took a home pregnancy test today (about 10 days before my period) and I'm not sure what to think of the results. I see somewhat of a faint positive line, but it is so early on yet and this is all so new to me, so I'm reaching out to you experienced mommies. Any advice and/

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  • Jessinbrett 2

    No period for 2 months, negative urine, blood and ultra sound.

    I have had normal 26-28day cycles, with the exception of last Sept through Nov. But back then I had a problem with spotting pretty much the whole month, well this time I have had no menses for 2 months, I am 3a 36 ur old pretty healthy female, I have cyst on both ovaries but I have had them

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  • lea97142 1

    Help please

    Ive started getting this stuff since yesterday the small smear was after wiping after a shower and rhe pad is what ive had on for most of the day im not really sure when my periods due i think about ten days but i have had unprotected sex any advice will be great

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  • Chopper32 1

    miscarriage recovery

    I'm 9 weeks post miscarriage and I am still feeling very sore. My miscarriage resulted in a hospital admission as I lost over a litre of blood and I also bleed for 5 weeks after. I have since had a normal period but I still feel very tender. I have had a follow up scan and swobs which has shown

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  • healing4wo65524 1

    Sacred Benefits of Yoni Massage for Women

    Yoni massage is not a form of masturbation. It is not about “getting a woman off” nor is its intention sexual. It is a very conscious & present form of healing & loving touch. To be totally present for another allows the body & yoni to melt & let go. If orgasm or climax does occur it is a healing

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  • Purplepower 2
  • anxious247 2

    Birth Control, missed pills. Am I pregnant?

    Hi everyone, So I've been on Ocella for about 6 years. Last month, I thought I missed a pill for some reason in (I think) the second or first collum of pills so I woke up and took another one without counting the days like I normally do. So, I took my dose the night before and then accidentally

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  • georgie88672 2

    No period for 2 months

    Hi all My last period was 6th-10th February 2017 and I've missed March and April and it's unusual for me to miss 2 months I've taken hpt and all come back negative any ideas if I could be pregnant

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  • lily27550 2

    When can I take a pregnancy test? *READ STORY PLS*

    My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex from April 21st - 27th. On April 22nd he had me take a Plan although I realize now it didn't make much sense to take it that early because we kept having unprotected sex. However; he never came inside of me. He pulled out every time. Around April 29th I

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  • Sammyjo20 1

    Is pill still effective even if you're sick during the day?

    Hello.  My fiancé went out last night for a night out and was sick at around 10pm. She usually takes her contraceptive pill at around 10-12 and it always works perfectly. When she got home she was sick again but after that she took her pill before 12 like normal and went to sleep fine she took it

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  • watts 2

    Factor V Leiden - 2 week pregnancy - Miscarriege

    I am urgently seeking the oppinion of anyone able to hear this entire scenario. I've been seeing this girl for several months. She's 19 years old and currently a second year student. She has, ever since I've known her, exhibited histrionic behaviour and the ability to lie without scruple about

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  • lola727 1
  • jess 329 2
  • tan87651 2

    Trying for a baby

    Hi everyone I got married a year ago this month and have been trying for the last 10months to get pregnant I am 28years old I don't smoke and drink the odd glass of wine nothing major ( same applies to my husband ) Anyway the first few months of "trying" I didn't really think much about it but for

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  • paranoid30674 1

    Am I pregnant? Help!! I am really worried!

    Hi i am so worried. I gave my bf a hj and bj and he did not *** and there was only pre*** on my hands. And then after that, we cuddled for a while and i am sure that my hands were dry. I also might have wiped my hands on the pillows and also, i am touching his body so the pre*** might have been

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  • marta57495 1
  • terrence71815 1
  • mikayla22197 1

    I think I had a miscarriage

    I am on Skyla IUD for birth control, I've had it for about 3 months and have been using IUD's in general for two years now. I had really light and mild periods prior to going on birth control and the IUD made them stop all together. However last week I was experiencing an unbarable amount of pain

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  • neeka05989 2

    Missed miscarrige

    Hi guys I found out I had a miss miscarrige Monday I choose to have a natural miscarrige ... I have been bleeding since Monday lots of small clots and strong heavy period pain ... is it normal for it to go on for so I've also had nausea and tiredness ??? Thank you x

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  • brit01 2

    Pregnancy and Allergies

    Can being pregnant and having a baby change your allergies entirely? I don't mean it getting better or worse, but as in can you develop new allergies as you go through hormonal changes? I was never allergic to seafood when I was younger, but after having my baby I was diagnosed with seafood and

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  • kanwal14297 1

    second time misscarriage

    my age is 29 and i had second missed misscarriage in 6 here i want to mention that i have long cycle 32 days or 34 days ... in both pregnancies baby measure 10 days behind ... e.g according to my lmp baby should 7 weeks but scan measure 5 weeks 3 days then heartbeat starts after 2 weeks

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  • meg48313 3

    bad cough and breast pain in pregnancy

    hi all.  I am currently 21 weeks 3 days pregnant and I've been suffering bad from the bug going around, I've had a horrendous cough now for a few weeks which I got put on antibiotics for but they haven't worked. This time last year I had the same issue and had terrible pain around and under my left

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  • Guest M

    Pyloric Stenosis and long term effects

    Hi - my son had this condition and was operated on at 4 weeks. We were told at the time it is usually noticed at 3 months plus and he was very young and the muscle was very thick. He is now nearly 21 but has always been thin but with a good appetite but always had a 'full' feeling. GP now thinks

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  • Misha555 1

    birth control and pregnancy advice

    I started taking birth control on the first day of my period March 5th, while starting the pill on my first day of my period, it still lasted 4 days and ended on March 8th. Me and my boyfriend are both sexually active and dont use any other form of birth control except for the pill. On March 17th,

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  • jeff65888 1

    More CPT2 info

    "Cold" is another exacerbate for CPT2.  When I met with the geneticist he explained that the muscles actually harden/loose flexibility and perhaps even shrink a bit during an attack.  This explains the severe ripping-like pain. It's typically most severe in the long muscles. Legs/Arms. I remember

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  • Voidal 1

    Looking for fellow CPT-II Deficiency patients

    Hello. I am a 21 year old male looking for more information regarding this disease, specifically treatment options and their effectiveness. Specialists ordered a DNA test to confirm the diagnosis a few months ago so I will have the results in May, they're quite sure of their diagnosis given my

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  • jane86878 2

    Persistent Right Vein Umbilical

    My son and daughter inlaw are expecting her first baby in June but the baby has been diagnosed with 'Persistent Right Vein Unbilical'. It is very worrying for them and all the family, has anyone else been diagnosed with this.

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  • laurensimpson14 2

    Possible pregnancy?

    I had sex with my partner 3 weeks ago and he cum in me. We didn't use protection cause we find it uncomfortable and I'm not on any contraceptive. My period was 4 days late and it just started today. Is there still a possibility that I could be pregnant cause I know not everyone misses a period? I

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  • MAti 1

    unwanted pregnancy? please help me :(

    Hey guys. I had unprotected sex during her fertile period. I ejaculated outside , im 100% sure. Didn;t had a orgasm 6 days before this happend so no sperm left in the urethra that could get her pregnant. im just shacking right now she told me after that she;s in her fertile days   what are

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  • kristen 63870 1

    Hi. I need help.

    I had an abortion 14 days ago. The bleeding stopped 10 days after the abortion. I was taking antibiotics (ciprofloxacin) before the bleeding stopped. Recently the bleeding started again and as days go by the pain is coming back and the bleeding increases. Is it normal? If not what should I do?

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