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Globus Sensation

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  • emilia47047 3

    Throat Tighteness

    Hello everyone.  I have been having a really bad feeling where it feels like my throat is tightening or is swallen. I suffer from panic, anxiety and depression and when I get this feeling it directly brings on a panic attack and then I feel short of breath, light headed, and all tht fun stuff. Also

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  • freddie_84 2

    Glad I'm not alone

    It's been really useful and helpful to read about other people's experiences with Globus Hystericus. This is a term that you wouldn't just \"know\"-you would have had to have researched it. Having read other people's experiences with it, I could really relate to many of their feelings and symptoms-it'

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  • Guest M

    GH linked to Bell's Palsy?

    I had Bell's Palsy six years ago, acute effects for two weeks then resolved, it was after this that my GH started. I have had an endoscopy which they said showed a spasm in my oesophagus, I have had no treatment given or suggested. I can't find reference to a link between the two conditions but

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