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Globus Sensation

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  • Kaleb17 3

    Living with globus sensation!!

    Hey everyone I know how this can be such a struggle I'm 17 and I have had globus since about three weeks ago!! But I must honestly say I've found myself completely forgetting about it quite often. Just try to stay busy as much as possible but night time is the worse for me because my thoughts are

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  • stephx 6

    Is this globes?

    I was co-amoxiclav three times a day for a week also took two days metronidazole but stopped last week due to side effects I finished my last amoxiclav yesterday morning Sunday I stated getting a ball feeling in my throat asif a tablet was stuck after taking it I had cereal and then

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  • jmcg2014 6

    Avamys Sore throat

    Hi all I have recently started using Avamys nasal spray, my docs think i have some congestion which is making my throat lump feel worse, even though its related to reflux they think.  I have noticed in the few days that ive been taking avamys that my throat is really starting to hurt, wondered if

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