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Globus Sensation

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  • jmcg2014 6

    Avamys Sore throat

    Hi all I have recently started using Avamys nasal spray, my docs think i have some congestion which is making my throat lump feel worse, even though its related to reflux they think.  I have noticed in the few days that ive been taking avamys that my throat is really starting to hurt, wondered if

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  • Guest M

    GH linked to Bell's Palsy?

    I had Bell's Palsy six years ago, acute effects for two weeks then resolved, it was after this that my GH started. I have had an endoscopy which they said showed a spasm in my oesophagus, I have had no treatment given or suggested. I can't find reference to a link between the two conditions but

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  • Guest M

    Globus Hystericus

    you have all made me feel so much better knowing I am not the olny one. For over a year now I have had this wierd lump feeling in my throat, I went doctors this morning and told me what its called. But with mine I have developed a habitual coughing thing, were to clear the feeling a keep coughing,

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