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  • mo 1946 3


    Hi  I recently had colonoscopy and had  my hemmeriods  injected , but I am still getting  slight blood on stool. When straining  hard stool  Has anyone else had this problem , Also have diverticula decease 

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  • monu35597 1

    How to recover by hemorrhoids

    I have phased outer hemorrhoids in my life 2 times. It feel  very uncomfortable  in your below side. And you do not understand how you overcome by this situation.  Actually its main cause is long time constipation. Your unhealthy diet habits. I would like to share my experience with you. When I

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  • reyn 1

    After BM ritual

    After BM, I sit on a cushion with my thighs and butt cheeks tight to reverse the swelling and IT ALWAYS WORKS. so far there's no more bleeding during defecation. Ive been doing it for months now everytime I defecate. But I'm still scared that It may progress and be more difficult to deal with. Am I

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