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Levothyroxine Sodium

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  • laura80983 1

    Half thyroid removal help

    I had half my thyroid removed 3 days ago I'm still in pain I'm home but feel dizzy foggy really sleepy can't keep my self awake they say my levels are normal I don't feel normal more anxious and palpitations help

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  • sweetpea2936 2
  • Guest M

    Unacceptable side effects of Levothyroxine

    I was described Levothryoxine 2 years ago and my GP has increased it until I am now taking 125mcg. I have never had so many various symptoms in my life - severe weight gain including puffy face and eyes, very itchy dry skin, brittle nails, thinning hair but the major items are the pains in my joints...

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  • barbara98940 6

    Think all levothyroxine tablets are the same? - They're not!

    I found out by accident that different manufacturer's but different ingredients in their levothyroxine tablets when I had an adverse reaction to a batch of levothyroxine. Here are the details. I am on 175mcg of levothyroxine. I hadn't got any 25mcg tablets to hand so I used 100mcg tablets and chopped...

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  • leah19077 3

    Borderline hypo so stopped levo

    Hi everyone last year I got diagnosed with subclinal hypothyroidism. I got put on levo. Well I can honestly say that after a year I've gained a stone despite serious exercise and dieting. Really strict stuff. So I'm aghast why that's happening. I don't feel any different being on levo than being off...

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  • Pandacake 3

    Having Bad Side-Effects on Levothyroxine

    Hello, I think a lot of my problem is my own making and I'm really sorry. But basically I have really bad anxiety problems, and I have also been very paranoid of and scared of my medication. My doctor is lovely & has been coping with me & my meds the past 8 years. I was diagnozed at 18 and I am now...

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  • Mysticprincess 2

    Weight gain of nearly a stone in two weeks...why!!!

    Hi, I have underactive thyroid and take 150mg of Levothyroxine...I used to be on 175mg a couple of years ago but Doctors reduced it. I have had thyroid problems for over 13+ years. I weighed myself today (28/4/17) and scales are telling me I've put nearly a stone on in nearly two weeks. Granted I don't...

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  • judy99075 1

    hair loss recovery time

    I have just stopped taking 25mg of levromycine as my hair has been falling out. My Gp agreed this but I would like to know when the hair loss will stop as it has been awful.

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  • Guest M

    Hi I started to take levothyroxine last August for hypot...

    Hi I started to take levothyroxine last August for hypothyroidism. I have always been slim, no problems with weight UNTIL NOW. Since I started taking the medication my weight started to creep up. In six months I have put on a stone and my tummy is sticking out as if I'm pregnant. I have been on various...

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  • leonie95899 2

    Levothyroxine - borderline underactive

    Hi - I've just been put on Levothyroxine for an underactive thyroid. Initally my blood tests said i was borderline overactive, then underactive, but recent blood tests show I'm now less underactive at 5.6miu/L (Range given 0.20 - 4.00miu/L). My T4 is fine at 11.7pmo/L ( Range 10.00-20.00pmol/L). I didn't...

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  • danny37 3

    advice please

    Hi all, been taking levothyroxine for 12days now and I've started waking up with tremors again this was happening to me previously months ago but had stopped. Is it a symptom of hypo, can anyone relate to this and put my mind at ease, thank in advance for any replies they are very much appreciated

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  • ruthie48437 2
  • maria82873 2

    Pain in large muscles

    Hi I have had the NHS stadard treatment for Hashimoto for 8 years, i am currently spending the day in bed because I cannot function. This is a difficult situation when you work full time, My GP 's are next to useless and a note of non compliant patient has been written on my medical notes, I do not remember...

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  • christina77452 2

    Leveothyroxine - bad reaction, please read!

    Hello everyone and anyone that will listen. Ok so I have been on Leveo for 4 to 5 years now and have always been on the same does which if 50 micrograms. Well, I started to go through emotional eating about 6 mo ago amd when I went for my physical the dr suggested my thyroid is undertreated and to increase...

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  • sandra84985 2

    Thyroid and Swollen Painful Breasts

    I have been on Levothyroxine since June and recently my breasts have felt swollen and painful.  I have had a check-up and there doesn't appear to be anything wrong so is this another side affect of Thyroxine? Has anyone else experienced this?   It feels like the tenderness you get in early pregnancy...

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  • biglewz 2

    Complex Issues Around Prescribed Drugs

    I've been treated for kidney cancer over a year, both radiation and chemo drugs. My oncologist began chirping about a borderline thyroid in blood work results from the start. I think this is important because it is evidence that the thyroid levels were not perfect even b4 chemo drugs. She kept wanting...

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  • Hilds1213 1

    Levothyroxine... on off depression for 2 years!!!

    Hi, I would really appreciate some advice. I had a total thyroidectomy 2 years ago, after being diagnosed with follicular cancer, I had radio active iodine treatment and everything went well, I was on 100mcgrs thyroxine until my first follow up, when it was increased to 150, since then it has been decreased...

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  • angieb223 1

    ive been on thyroxine for 5yrs now,and ive had weight probl

    Ive been on thyroxine for 5yrs now and ive had problems with weight gain since being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid,i was told i would lose this weight once i started takin thyroxine,but havent and im 5 stone overweight,which gets me down as ive always been slim and i know i dont eat enough to...

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  • Hannah08 1

    Pregnant and have an under active thyroid have had two miscarriages

    Hi so I'm new to this , but I don't know where else to go to find someone's who has had the same problem as me so here it goes ... I have two very healthy children I was diagnosed with an under-active thyroid after my second since then I've had two miscarriages one at 7week and the other at 5weeks ,...

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  • TheAnnamal 2

    Lowering Levothyroxine

    Hello, I was hoping someone could elaborate on my levels. I just got my blood results back today and they are lowering me from .112mcg of levothyroxine to .100mcg. They told me my TSH level is .170 and my T4 level is 1.5, I have no idea what this means, but I do know I have been miserable. My resting...

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  • WissaMurt 1

    Water retention and weight gain

    I'm on levothyroxine sodume for the past 5 years, I am an athletic person. Since i was digonised with hypothyroidism i added 6 pounds on and A massive water retention and I never was able to go back to my normal weight range, my GP put me on 50 mg for the first month then gradually raised the dosage...

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  • oksi 2

    Levothyroxine high heart rate side effect?

    Hi guys I need your advice. I am female 50 yo was recently deagnosted with hypotheroidism. TSH- 5.9, T4-5.3, T3- 30.8. I was feeling fatigue, depressed, tired, with anxieity and panic attacks for more than 10 years. TSHlevel was normal all these years, but my doctor never checked T4 or T3 levels. Last...

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  • Ria2710 1

    Levothyroxine - Side Effects

    I was diagnosed with under active thyroid about a year ago, and have been slowly increaing my levels of levothyrine. I am currently on 125mgs. Ever since i have been on a higher dose, i have had terrible pain in between my shoulder blade, and feel pain when breathing deeply.  I stopped taking it for...

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  • Rosiebranston 3

    Getting NDT,s on prescription

    I am having a really bad reaction to Levothyroxin and have asked my GP to put me on Natural Desciated Thyroid which is made from pigs glands instead of Levothyroxin which is synthetic and causing me a lot of problems, as well as a lot of people all over the country.   I am not holding out a lot of hope...

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  • rosie34970 3

    Help, dose change problems!

    Hi, I would be so grateful if anyone can shed any light on some problems I've been having.  I take Levothyroxine following a total thyroidectomy 2013 during which they found a papillary cancer and so it was advised that my TSH is suppressed to 0.1.  Generally Ive been on a dose around 125mg (sometimes...

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  • marie03656 1


    Felling so confuse , can't seem to get pain free regardless if intake Wp or try synthroid? Any help?

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  • Patricia 864 2


    I am really confused about what time I can take my atenolol Ativan prednisones after I take my Synthroid I am waking up at 5 AM to take my Synthroid 7 o'clock having my coffee but what time can I have my oatmeal and take my other medications

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  • Brtr79 2

    Not feeling right after doesage change.

    My doesage was lowered to 100 Mcg. I haven't felt right since a couple of days after I started taking the new dose. Depressed, nervous, sweating excessively, shaking, increased appetite among many others. Would these things be from my levels not being correct, that quickly?

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  • R2016 2

    levothyroxine and sleep

    Hello, i wondered if i could ask for some advice please. I recently reduced my dose to 137 a day, but about 8 weeks down the line i feel i'm starting to feel some symptoms of over medication i.e. i'm having bad problems with sleep. out of sheer desperation i've reduced my levels down to 50 for three...

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  • nornie 1
  • Brtr79 2

    Levothyroxin dose lowered.

    I had my thyroid removed inOct. Have had my blood tested every month. The Dr. Lowers my dosage every month and I've not had any problems until this month. I was put on 100 Mcgraw from 112mcg. I have had a headache ever since I started taking the lower dosage. Is this normal?

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  • bingbingryl 1

    my problem is my head why its still feel heavy...

    it already 14 months ago since my total thyroidectomy and 3 months ago my RAI., does anybody experience in head like i remember when im stress doing house chores, i experience that my head is heavy and feels like a i immediately lay down...i always experience on these even i only

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  • sai08579 1
  • grace45280 1


    Hi Im new here and Im having some issues with synthroid and wondering if Im a freak or if everyone goes through this and how do you cope? Im 46 yrs old-female Hysterectomy 13yrs ago- cancer Thyroidectomy 2.5 months ago -cancer Issues since thyroidectomy and synthroid (125mcg) 1. Water Retention -...

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  • kalishia96085 2

    wweight gain

    I'm on levothyorixe 88 for hypothyroidism and the weight is making me depressed I tried everything need some help

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