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  • marian78549 2
  • Jean.Ann 2

    To take or not to take?

    I have a prescription for Metronidazole but since looking at the posts on this forum I don't feel inclined to pick it up.  I don't like taking antibiotics as it is, as they always cause me problems e.g. upset stomach.  My doctor told me to come to this site to read about VB but then I looked at the information...

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  • Guest M

    metronidazole long term effects

    :? I was given metronidazole for a tooth infection 200 x 9 tablets and I collapsed I discovered later that I had been given this medication 9 time for diviticulitus over 10 years this last dose has completely upset me neurologically. 2 years later and I have not recovered, my doctor was very helpful...

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  • marian78549 2


    I have had one diverticulitis flare up after another for the past 17 months and cannot seem to get them under control.  I have been taking Metronizadole and Trimethoprim  together for each attack but within a few weeks it flares up again.  It's making me so ill and weak as the pain is unbearable.  It...

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  • Guest M

    Odd Side Effects

    I found that for the first two days i was taking these pills i was i was having side effects like switching between tired and angry to hyperactive and unable to concentrate on anything, dizziness, tastes like im sucking on coins and the weirdest being an INCREASE in my sex drive. Four days throught now...

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  • richard11472 3

    How long should I wait to start Flagyl after drinking wine?

    I had some wine with dinner and read the insert on the Flagyl I was just prescribed. It says not to drink at least 48 hours after finishing the drug. It doesn't say anything about how long to wait after taking alcohol before taking the medicine. Does anyone know the answer. Thanks.

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  • lauren275673 2

    Metronidazole- PLEASE HELP ME!

    People! I was prescribed 500 mg, twice daily for 7 days for a BV infection. I have never ever had any bad reaction to any prescription drug. A few days into it, I noticed weight gain and bloat. After a few more days, my abdomen blew up. I am a skinny, fit and active woman. I do not go around looking...

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  • chillipadi 1

    Metrodazole - a positive side to the drug

    I was prescribed Metronidazole 400mg three times per day for a week for D Fragilis and Blastocistis (sp?).  My doctor told me I would "feel bad" taking it so I came home and started reading.  After reading the many blogs I was very apprehensive about taking it but wanted to get rid of the parasites. ...

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  • cece01894 3

    Flatly and weakness!!

    Omg my arm is going numb my neck is swollen went to ER they said it was viral so there is nothing they can do for me. My legs are weak.. can someone please give me some insight on why this is happening

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  • maria2990 2

    Ringing in my left ear at night

    So last Tuesday 12/8 I started a bacterial medication called Metrodinazole for a 7 day 2X , 2 days after I started hearing a buzzing noise from my right ear when I lay down . It's been the same since then , I stopped taking the medicine since I read in a forum it causes ringing in the ears . I went...

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  • paul75665 3

    How safe is Metronidazole?

    Hi All I'm in need of a bit of reassurance concerning taking Metronidazole, and hoping some of you can help me. I've currently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS and Anxiety, and currently taking Omeprazole and Mebeverine (Colofac). I have also developed a lot of food intolerances...

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  • lanie287 1

    Metronidazole help!!

    I took metronidazole ointment when I had a vaginal infection. I took it for five days. It's been almost two weeks after taking it and I'm throwing up almost everyday. I can't keep any food down. I went to the doctor and I canceled out the possiblity of a pregnancy. My two lymph nodes in my vaginal area...

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  • Portacrean 4


    Had pain and neausea for around 6 months. Had endoscopy 1st week in June. Found H-Pylori bacteria. Took triple antibiotic treatment for 14 days. Started taking probiotics ( Kifir and yogurt ) before I finished the antibiotics and I am still taking the probiotics. Have been finished with the antibiotics...

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  • dorcas44815 3

    Finished the 5 day course.

    I had an infection after having some dental work. Dentist told me to take Metronidazole 400mg 3 times a day for 5 days. I managed to take all the tablets, but felt very unwell and nauseus the whole time I was taking them. I finished them on Sunday and felt a little better. 3 days later, I am very sick...

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  • Shmerlock 2
  • dee376 1

    I found a possible link to adverse effects of Metronidazole.

    My doctor prescribed Metronidazole 500 mg. 3 times daily for 7 days.  I made it to day 3, and had such severe weakness that I did not take the morning dose because I would not be at home.  I did okay while shopping, but once I reached the checkout, I became really weak, could not feel my legs, vision...

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  • sarah38871 1

    Metronidazole help please

    I have a gum infection and have started a course of Metronidazole today. So far I have taken two tablets. However, since taking them, the pain seems to have substantially increased.  I am wondering if this is normal for these antibiotics ie: worse before it gets better?  I have taken these tablets previously...

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  • jakeb90779 2

    Side effects!

    Recently discovered after two plus years of stomach issues that I have helicobacter. Initially I was put on a one week course of amoxicillin and metronidazole. Plus lamzoprozole! The first week wasn't enough I had Mild side effect! I'm on a second two week dose now, I'm on day four and feel awful. Depressed,...

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  • gordonmo 1
  • poppy41441 1

    Can I have a drink yet??

    I took my last 400mg tablet this morning at 8am, i am planning on going out tomorrow evening. If i have a drink at 9pm will i be ok? I weigh 132lb. Will this be out my system?

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  • aimeeee 1

    Flagyl side effects after finishing

    I took Flagyl 400mg 3 times a day but I could not finish the last 2 doses due to having stomach pain and diarrhea. After that, I am still having mild diarrhea for 2 days now. Not sure if I should take Imodium as I am so tired of this.

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  • alana05411 2


    I was prescribed Metronide for 7 days 3 tablets a day due to a infection.  Today is the fourth day and ive stopped taking it and the other days i did take it could only handle taking two tablets. Felt so nauseas and dizzy, i had no apetite and had like a buzzing sensation in my ear when i would lay down. ...

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  • alana56248 1
  • kelly 10984 3


    Hello I have been diagnosed with diverticulitis and the doctor has given me Mentronidazole 3 times a day does this clear the inflammation up on its own because I have heard it is used with another antibiotic

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  • sunset.tahlia 2

    Side effects or just lack of good bacteria?

    Well I had been sick for 2 months, gastrointestinal issues and discomfort, a lot of my issues were stomach upset and bloating, loss of appetite and nausea, weight loss and constant burping/reflux. A stool test recently showed presence of the parasite d.fragilis and I'm currently on flagyl to treat it....

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  • pam33976 1

    worried about reaction to metronidazole GEL

    Can anyone reassure me please? I've just started using the gel on my face for rosacea. My skin is feeling hot now and tender. Does this wear off in a while? My skin is fair and sensitive anyway, before this! I feel like stopping it but don't know if the condition gets better on its own? Thanks

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  • odelia 1

    stopping metronidazole after 3 days

    I was perscribed the drug before the results of my culture were in. I just learned that my culture is negative, soI stopped taking it.  My last dose was close to 24 hrs. ago. How long do I have to wait before having a drink, after just 3 doses?

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  • tanya42521 2

    metronidazole - bad side effects

    I was prescribed metronidazole by my dentist for pain relief for my wisdom tooth infection , I've taken two so far and having Timmy burps ... You know when the burp don't come up all the way. I've been feeling a little nauseous. I've read so many people have bad experience on these anti biotics and I'm...

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  • chunky17348 1


    Took metronidazole as part of a triple therapy for h.plyori.  Has started black stool two days after finishing this med.  Has anyone had black stools, not during, but after taking this med.  I feel great otherwise.

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  • debs012 1


    I AM ON DAY 3 Well I am on metronidazole amoxicillin and omeprazole a 7 day course to treat Helibacter. So far only bit tired and a little discomfort of my stomach. If I get most of the side-affects but it works it will be worth it. I have suffered for years with pain which is probably due to the bacteria....

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  • melanie11202 2


    I have been giving Tramodol for Siatica off the doctor I have had the pain now for two weeks now and the pain is not getting any better .The Tramadol are working but How long can Siatica last or will I keep getting it

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  • popping candy 2

    tetracycline, metronidazole and cipralex

    hi please can anyone advice me.i have been on cipralex 10mg for 7 months now, a few days ago i developed an abscess under my tooth, ive never experienced pain like it,the doctor has put me on tetracycline 250mg 4 x daily, and  metronodazole 200mg, 3 times daily, is it ok to take all 3 meds at the same...

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  • kate47654 1

    feel I have the full blown flue.....including runny nose

    Day 6 of 400mg Really surprised I've not been charged with grevious bodily harm....mood swings galore! Nausea, aching bones , pressure headacheslikes, taste in mouth.... anxiety ...THIS DRUG IS HELL... IM NOT DOING LAST DAY ...and I don't think it's cured the problem

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  • rachel41222 1

    Do not take this antibiotic! Dangerous side effects.

    I was given this antibiotic for ulcers which had been brought on by a wisdom tooth. I was on it for 5 days. The day after i came off i started suffering from severe stomach cramps. It wasn't till 5 days later i realised it could have been brought on by this antibiotic. I had lost my appetite which meant...

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  • beth21928 2

    flagyl saga

    hi to all, well what can i add to this saga and beleive me its a drug that i wish i had never been given yes .First by dental hospital pre-op not too bad after op it was repeated and boy was I ill.Managed to go on holiday but became very unwell chemist gave fluconazole because in her opinion it was...

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