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Cervical Rib Syndrome

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  • charlotte1824 4

    Symptoms of TOS

    What were your symptoms of TOS? Did you get audible sounds from shoulders, clicking, ripping, shoulder getting stuck like a bone catching? Did you have any facial pain, headaches, jaw or teeth pain. Was the pain sharp or dull achey, did it travel down your arms? Did your neck ache? Did you have...

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  • Sp00ks 1


    I have been diagnosed with TOS a few years ago. I normally have a lot of numbness and pain in my hands and arms. However a while ago my face started to also become numb. Then as of recent my jaw, face, and nose have gone numb as well as my hands and arms. Is it normal for TOS numbness to spread to the...

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  • lesley53641 2

    Hi all, I'm nearly 3 weeks post rib resection surgery for TOS

    I wish I'd been given info on post op recovery to better deal with this. Since the op on my left side (first) my arm, hand and fingers are numb but highly sensitive at the same time. Slightly cool water feels like ice! The strength is returning but very slowly and the pain is better but flares up quite...

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  • sherry13849 1
  • paulfoel 3

    GP suspects TOS

    Never heard of it. Have had pain in my neck/shoulder/arm and weakness for a few months now.  Its strange I can pick things up etc with no problems. The pain occurs when I turn my head or move my arm in a certain way. Sleeping can be difficult because its difficult to move arm to a position that doesnt...

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  • linda5220 1

    post Thoracic Outlet Syndrome decompression surgery.

    Hi. I'm 2 weeks post op. It took me 3 years to get the diagnosis from an amazing Plastic Surgeon in Salisbury Hospital. UK. After 2 years of physio, scans, xrays and appointments with pretty much every specialist in Dorset I finally was told I could have the op. I was advised that recovery was hard...

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  • holly75952 3
  • Guest M

    TOS Cervical Rib Removal and First Rib removal

    I (have) had Thoracic outlet syndrome. It took approx 8 years to figure out what I had. Finally found a doctor I could agree with. He found cervical ribs both right and left. Only had symptoms on my right side. Pretty sure symptoms were brought on by a car accident (whiplash). Anyway.. Had the...

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  • summy1316 1

    Total arm numbness after surgery for TOS. Is this normal?

    I've had thoracic outlet syndrome for 4 plus years. & did two round of PT in which got no relief but only made matters worse. Th last resort was surgery. I had surgery a week ago in which they removed on just one, but two ribs on my left side as well as my scalene muscle. My surgeon was only planning...

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  • Tash2345 1
  • a26543 2

    Still in pain!

    I'm at a week and a half past my 2nd surgery with thoracic decompression surgery. This time the nerve pain is insane. Usually gets very bad in the evenings and its like lightning bolts shooting from my jaw, my neck, under my armpit, down my forearm and into my hand. Nothing seems to help it. Tried heat...

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  • Missy135 2

    First rib resection post surgical pain

    I was diagnosed with TOS about three months ago after years of going from doctor to doctor to figure out where the severe shoulder and neck pain was coming from. On May 3rd (almost 6 weeks ago) I had first rib resection on my right side, along with a scalenectomy and brachial plexus neurolysis. I am...

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  • seth29407 2
  • holly75952 3

    TOS surgery

    I'm due to have a first rib resection next week and I'm really looking forward to getting better but I don't know much about the surgery. I havent really been told risks or what will happen afterwards. ​Any information would be a massive help.

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  • Ski2016 2

    First Rib Resection - understanding side effects after surgery

    In October 2015, I underwent a first rib resection after being diagnosed with Venous Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (Subclavian Compression v. Nueral Compression). My case was fairly urgent as the blood flow was limited to roughly 10% thru my subclavian vein. I was very lucky as I did not experience any typical...

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  • x.Stax.x 1

    Cervical rib removed 2009... Pains are now back 10x worse!!

    I had the cervical rib removed in July 2009 (I only had one on my left side)... i had all the usual symptoms, muscle wastage, twitching, aching, cramps, pins and needles. It took almost a year after my operation to finally feel normal-ish again. But for the last 9 months all of the symptoms have come...

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  • tracy26978 2

    Numbness in fingers after TOS surgery

    Hello, My fourteen year old daughter was diagnosed with TOS in late December 2016 after a year and half of seeing numerous specialists. She had surgery to remove her first rib on the right side 2 1/2 weeks ago and still has numbness in her fingers (she also had this before the surgery). For anyone...

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  • lsurgeonpatient 2

    Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

    Dr Hugh Gelabert This vascular surgeon at UCLA is the first second and third choice of surgeon I would recommend for this condition. Well worth travelling for from anywhere Best at diagnosis.  Best at explaining.  Best surgeon in the world.   Meticulous to the extreme.  High volume operator, but  with...

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  • ttoy3kids 2

    TOS- Cervical Rib

    My 12 year old daughter has congenital scoliosis with an extra cervical rib. She has had right handed numbness for a year now, getting worse. We went in for her follow up spinal fusion appt today. He thinks she has TOS and is sending her for an EMG test. Just wondering if this is the best course of action....

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  • holly75952 3
  • holly75952 3

    first rib resection in UK?

    so i've got TOS and i've been told that i'm having a transaxillary first rib resection done at some point because i had a DVT in my subclavian vein. ​has anyone had this done in the UK? ​

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  • Jules100201 2

    TOS hand cramp

    Hi, I had first rib resections and scalenotomy spring last year and although my pain is 80% better I still get terrible hand and elbow cramp when I write or type. I'm lying down typing this now and within a few seconds it becomes almost impossible to type much more. Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • genie66 2


    Had tos on right side and had surgery to remove it over 10 years ago. They called it dead arm due to having blood cut off when i moved it or raised it at all. Had migraines, numbing, and needle pain. That rib grue all the way to the front of my rib caige. I just had the same surgery at the end of December....

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  • sheena60346 2

    Over 12 years of they say wrong advice!

    Hi... So, I was told over 12 years ago that I had an "extra rib" in my neck. They really had no clue what it was at first. For over a year, they pushed and poked, and probed me. I was suffering from migraines on a continuous basis. I had constant neck, should, and back pain. My doctor finally just sent...

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  • ann44037 2

    cheer up TOS is not life threatening i hope!!!

    just diagnosed with cervical ribs as the cause of blood clots,cold hands and shoulder pain. told my husband   who now makes jokes re spare ribs for dinner etc!! A sense of humour can help no matter what symtoms you have.Was at a Billy Connolly concert last night and he could joke  about his Parkinson`s...

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  • Guest M

    Oh my god, I have an extra rib (cervical rib!)

    Hi there, I am one of the 1 in 200 people who have an extra rib. I just found out about, how do doctors and chiropractors miss something like this... I have been suffering for 5 years with neck and back pain.. yesterday I had a back scan for the first time when the chiro discovered the nasty rib! ...

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  • laurenkutasi 1
  • Jay182 2

    Thoracic outlet syndrome

    Hi had first rib and muscles removed 5 days ago now. (TOS) id just like someone who has had this procedure to tell me if there symptoms are totally gone was it a success? It seems a very long road atm. I'm still pretty numb all around from hospital. And lightheaded everytime I go to walk around which...

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  • nicole76334 1

    Cervical rib and surgery

    Hello all, I am nearly 21 and was diagnosed in 2011 with a cervical rib (well two) however since last December it's been causing me problems in my arm, and have been referred to hospital for various tests. They have looked at these and have found its crushing my blood supply. I wake up in agony, get...

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  • Simurgh 2

    First rib resection due to DVT

    Hello to you all,    I need advice from good people here J    Here is my story. I am a health 27 male.   Last year, after training for a half-marathon I experienced some pain in my shoulder area. At the time I ignored the symptoms and continued with the training.    This continued till one night...

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  • Cleo09 2

    TOS...diagnose... not the rib surgery?

    I am 30 years old and live an active life. I have had on going isses the entire year...and finally have answers.  PT has done nothing for me.  My doctor does average 10 a year.  At this point my rib went down. I have the nerve pain. The surgery is not removing my rib at this point. However, he said he...

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  • Randy91 1

    Arterial thoracic outlet syndrome

    Hi, my name is Randy and I am new to this. I was diagnosed with TOS 2 years ago and had my first rib resected. Now, I still experience large bulging veins in my arm, especially when I am hot or doing physical activity. With this bulging comes heaviness and engorged feeling as if the blood flow is extremely...

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  • kathymonk 2

    After thoracic outlet surgery

    Hello, new here. My 27 year old daughter is just home from hospital after having her first rib removed 4 days ago. My question is, when should she be starting to do small exercises. Her neck is stiff and she is lifting her shoulder, to in some way keep her incision area from moving. I want her to relax...

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  • Missy135 2

    Fibromyalgia and post TOS surgery recovery

    Hi everyone, Just curious to see if there is anyone on here that has had the rib resection surgery alongside fibromyalgia?  I am about 6 months post surgery and am still in incredible pain.  I also had the pec minor tenotomy three months ago, and it does not feel as though I am healing correctly.  The...

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  • rene8603 2

    Son is asymptomatic with venous TOS

    My 24-year old son was hospitalized two years ago with a blood clot near his right clavicle that had spread to his lungs. Since then he has been treated with blood thinners. About three months ago, he got a definitive diagnosis of venous TOS. His surgery to remove his top right rib is in five days with...

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