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Elbow Problems

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  • Speedycat 1

    Tennis elbow operation

    Hi everyone, good to find similar ppl reg elbow probs on here. I had an elbow op about a year ago now , today ive still got pain there . Also got nerve pain in my hand when pressing down, cuttin bread etc Really at my lowest now they do your surgery then see you after a cpl months then thats it ....

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  • jaw1204 2

    Total Elbow Replacement - I have had this done. Anyone else?

    In June 2014 I had my left elbow replaced.  At the present time this is 9 weeks ago. I have had good progress but concerned about doing anything that will make it come loose. Has anyone else had the same operation and how has it been and has there been any problem with the joint coming loose? 

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  • Flossyjojo 2

    Elbow replacement

    Hi all, have had 15 surgeries due to RA. Most recent was Jan 16, left ulnar head replacement. Have also had total wrist replacement same wrist. Now need elbow replaced too. I'm in New Zealand so could be different but what can I expect after surgery? Size of incision? Hospital stay? Right hand is killing...

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  • cindy80039 1

    A little nervous about the total replacement, advice please.

    I am 48 and have RA since age 12.  I have had both elbows reconstructed a few years back.  Wrist joints are fused and locked straight from the RA.  Fingers are crooked and damaged.  I take a lot of Medications.  However, I have always been able to cope with the pain until now.  I am scheduled for a total...

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  • Fizzy11 2

    New elbow causing pain in hand

    Since falling & blowing my elbow to smithereens & having a new joint & ironmongery in my arm my worst pain is in my hand but mainly my little finger. Has anyone else experienced this? 

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  • mlmurphyld 1

    Numbness Post Op Ulnar Nerve Transposition

    I had an ulnar nerve transposition 2/22, 5 days post op, and I have a lot of numbness on my forearm below my elbow.. It was never numb before the surgery, only my pinky and the side of my hand.  I'm assuming this is from the surgery itself? Should I be concerned? Help?

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  • pknaturgrl 2

    elbow replacement questions

    For those of you out there with elbow replacement joints, do you have any squeaking in the joint? Any play or floppiness in the joint side to side? I am now 7+ months out from an all titanium replacement (with a polyethylene bushing in the middle) and noticed squeaking this morning , quite loudly! The...

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  • missatkins 1

    Broken elbow now can't straighten my arm after 10 weeks

    In November I was kicked by a horse and it completely shattered my right elbow.  The open wound was exposed to all sorts of farmyard debris for a few hours before I was eventually airlifted to hospital. I was originally sent to Minors, but then an orthopaedic surgeon saw me and rushed me straight to...

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  • connie16725 1

    Elbow Golfers?

    I am an active 63 years and have had a very painful elbow on the inside bone for about four months, stopped pickle ball and golf. Went to the Doctor after a couple months wearing elbow band and he diagnosed it as Golfers Elbow amid sent me to physio which is not helping. Still painful, wakes me up several...

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  • akil31656 1

    lump in elbow crease?

    Hello all. I've had a lump in my elbow crease for a very long time now (years). Sometimes there is no pain at all but sometimes the pain is quite sharp. I'm guessing that's because it might be pushing down on some nerves in my arm. Every doctor that I've gone to tells me it's not a big deal and I shouldn't...

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  • sue1949 2

    Hi had plasma treatment 2 months ago.. slow going

    Hi had plasma treatment in May (yep very painful procedure, but worth it if it works) I'd had previously had 8 weeks of physio including manipulation and ultra-sound, used clasps ect. 3 lots of steroid injections (only got relief from one..) Seems very slow to improve, i try not to write to much on computer,...

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  • tina59560 1

    I had golfers elbow surgery it still painfully

    I had golfers elbow surgery 4 months ago and it's still painfully and now weak and much less use able. Has anyone had this happen? My surgeon said give it a little more time. I see the surgeon again soon and it's not better it's worse. Who has experienced this?

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  • megan 33232 4

    avascular necrosis in elbow

    Hi all I am 17 years old, I've been diagnosed with avascular necrosis in hips for over 8 years now. Recently I've been having bad elbow and wrist pain got referred to the hospital, they want me to go for a MRI scan and soon a operation as they know I have damaged tissue but they also think that avascular...

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  • gillianchan 1

    Cubital tunnel syndrome

    I am currently undertaking an Extended Project on Cubital tunnel syndrome which is the cell phone elbow, it is a Neurological injury and involves the Ulnar nerve that runs down the arm. Therefore I was wondering is anyone here is with this syndrome? Please if you don't mind can you please share your...

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  • milly1948 1

    Total elbow replacement

    Hi all, I have had a partial right elbow replacement two years ago, but have always had continous bad aching. i just had two operations to ease the pain ( possible trapped nerves), but they have not made any difference. I play the guitar and wonder if this would still be possible if I have a full replacement.I...

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  • Elbow hurts 1

    Compound Fracture 20 years ago - pain all the sudden

    Hello! When I was 12 years old, I fell off my bike and broke my elbow in 13 places. After a very long surgery, a cast for 2 weeks and a brace for 2 months I was basically cleared. I had many screws, plates, pins and wire put into my elbow, which was never removed. Lately, my elbow has been causing...

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  • Dawn1118 1

    fractured my radial head on my right elbow

    I did this on New Year's day....I fell.....the orthopedic surgeon was calling it non displaced (?)  I have been in a splint and a sling.  It feels like it is getting better but when I went for follow up xrays last week, he told me the bone has moved and has mentioned surgery.....He wants me back on the...

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  • ivan82505 1

    difficult elbow injury

    Good day,10 years ago when i was 14 i broke my left elbow, i had operation where they put pates and screws,but the operation failed,the pate was moved,and they should repair...after the surgery,i went to physical therapy for about 6 months,but my mobility elbow remain minimal.Elbow movement today is...

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  • Billmorse 1
  • Guest M

    tennis elbow

    I have had tennis elbow now for 8 months, tried tablets which didn't help at all. then i had the injection last october which worked for 3 months. i work in a factory making & packing furniture so i am constantly lifting, pulling & twisting. now the pain is back & is really painful, i had...

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  • Kingnel 2


    Just had PRP 9 days ago. When does it get better. Still cant lift anything or turn a door knob. Anyone had prp and how long before you see improvement

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  • bnb87 1

    Golfers and Tennis elbow or misdiagnosis?

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone can help? I was diagnosed with golfers elbow in my right arm about 7 months ago. I then got golfers elbow in my left arm 4months ago. Now i have golfers and tennis elbow in my left arm. I have been doing my physio excercises and have been resting both my arms. A couple of...

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  • maria2015 3

    Tennis elbow

    I was it on pain killers 1 morning 1 evening They haven't worked so today he changed it to tramadol but still have pain so I often have to take paracetamol and ibrofen can't believe they don't always work help and advice greatly appreciated

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  • david09667 1

    worsening elbow pain

    I had mild pain for a while leading up to the incident but it did not pose any limitations. then about 8 months ago, i experienced sharp pain in my elbow while moving a couch and could not flex my arm without crippling pain in my left elbow. i naturally assumed that i tweaked something in the joint (a...

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  • dombow73 2

    RE: Radial End Replacement

    Hi all, Looking fo some advice. I fell off my flat garge roof when the edge of the roof gave way whilst cleaning leaves off it. Unfortunatley landing on my outstretched hand which caused me to dislocate my elbow joint. I had it re-positioned on the day (August Bank Hoilday Monday). After several weeks...

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  • megan 33232 4

    Elbow pain!!

    Hi everyone, I've had elbow pain since April I am scared incase it's AVN which I have in my hips ( just got a hip replacement 19 weeks ago). The pain is like a burning pain, a sharp pain, a duff pain, I can't write or type without it swollen up or burning up... plus it cracks like it breaks. I've had...

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  • rose85383 2
  • dougsford 2

    Elbow MRI 7 months out

    Hello everyone! ​I had a fall months ago that fractured my radial head - docs decided to let it heal on its own and its still, causing lots of pain in my elbow. 7 months have gone by and the dr finally decided to send me for an MRI because of the pain. Results show - sequela of a previous radial head...

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  • maureen68763 2

    A Question About Vanity!

    I have been given a surgery date of December 14, 2016 to have my right elbow replacement. I am not ambidextrous at all so I have been thinking about the limitations I am going to encounter and I wonder if I am going to be able to do my hair and makeup? I know it sounds like a very vain question but I...

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  • Joseph1031 2
  • pknaturgrl 2

    elbow replacement surgery recovery timelines

    Hi, I just had my R elbow replaced 4 weeks ago. Recovery seems to be going well and I already have full extensions & flexion, but some of the exercises cause a "wobbling feeling" or it just sort of moves to the side a bit, usually when in a 90-110 degree flexion with hands up and trying tro move wrists...

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  • Primrose55 1

    Tennis elbow pain

    Hi I have just been diagnosed with Tennis Elbow, probably should have gone to the doctors sooner, as this has been creeping up on me for about 9 months now.   I get the problems with twisting my arm and pain aroundtheelbow but does anyone else get a burning feeling in their forearm?

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  • fured 1

    Olecranon Bursitis

    Hello,i am a 55 year old man and have Olecranon Bursitis in my elbow, i have had it drained twice in the last 2 years and have had no problems, 10 days ago a new doctor drained it for me an them put a steroid in, he hit something with the needle in my elbow and it hurt ,it did bleed much more than before....

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  • Cuchuu 1

    Possible tennis elbow? Or overreaction?

    Yesterday evening I done weights at the gym for the first time in 10 months. By my own admission I know I pushed myself too hard being it was my first session in a long time. Woke up this morning with pain in my elbow when bent and 90 degrees and less. Few hours into the day I discovered a lump on the...

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  • danieel04644 1

    any info on elbow replacement

    Hi I'm only 27 years old and had a elbow replacement 5months ago about a month ago the orthopaedic surgeon operated again and put in a head replacement as well I've been in for elbow manipulation in July please tell me about your experience and any advise would be helpful

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