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Finger and Hand Problems

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  • MelodyandDon 1

    carpaltunnel surgery

    I had surgery on both hands in the same month about 8 years ago. I had pain as if a needle was poking me in each wrist. It is real sensitive and I have learn to do different techniques to do hand wash dishes and laundry and other home work. I am recently going to go to a doctor and see what they

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  • albert82870 2

    Tingling in left fingers

    i am a fifty year old male. i have had tingling in my left fingers for a few weeks now and when i went to the doctors, they did a blood test. the results came back with low B12 levels and higher bilirubin levels. i have no other symptoms. just the tingling in my left fingers. no pain. no weight

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  • jared24232 1

    Finger Problems

    On my left hand, I can never lift my middle finger even up half way by itself, when I can do it perefectly fine on my right hand. Most of my fingers on my left hand feel not as flexible as those on my right, I also have hitchhikers thumb on my left if that helps. What causes this

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  • susan38074 1
  • susan38074 1
  • ceruleankat 1

    Strange bump on thumb joint

    I've noticed a strange bump on the inside of my upper thumb joint on both hands. It's not a different coolr or painful, and it's hard and does not move. it almost feels like it's simply part of the bone, but it's definately new. When you look at my thumb straight down at the knukle, it's a very

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  • jw454 3

    Wrist tendonitis surgery?? (4th dorsal compartment)

    Any of my friends out there have wrist tendonitis surgery in the 4th dorsal compartment? Basiclly on top of the wrist. It was a suggestion of steps if the PT doesnt work. Im having a hard time finding information about it other than De Quervain’s.  Just curious about your recovery time? Did it work?...

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  • alex71610 2

    Veiny palms? looks almost like someones drew on my hands?

    does any one have this? its mainsly in my left hand. it looks like someones scribbled blue pen all over my hand.  it goes up my fingers too?  I had blood tests due to me having anxeity attacks but they came back clear?  any ideas? am i paranoid from my anxety

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  • Guest M

    mallet finger

    I injured my ring finger making a bed, I didn't even realise I had done it at first as I had no pain. I went to my local hospital and within an hour had been fitted with a splint. I was told to remove the splint twice a week to clean the finger, making sure the finger remained straight. I had to go

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  • SweetBee2 1

    Mallet pinky finger

    I noticed my pinky was slightly bent more than 2 weeks ago. The 2 GP's I went to didn;t diagnose me right away because they didn't know what a mallet finger was so I went undiagnosed for 5 days. After getting a stack splint on by the ortho that was the smallest they had and way too loose I got my

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  • william50451 1

    Little finger does't straighten

    For the last 5 years I have had a problem with my little finger on my non-dominant hand which when the other fingers are straight it is bent not fully but say halfway. On top of it being bent I also get a very sore feeling in the finger and also in the joint. Occasionally the left side of my hand

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  • steve777 1

    Locking fingers

    I have been suffering with locking middle and ring finger on my right hand for several months where to unlock my fingers is so painful leaving me with a pain in the joints. I am unable to make a fist or type properly without the fingers locking again. However I think I have found a solution and a

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  • conor17986 1

    Bump on my middle finger knuckle

    There's a raised part on the knuckle of my middle finger, the skin looks almost honeycomb in nature and heals white it's very visible and bleeds easily, it's really affecting my self confidence I don't know what it is if it's possible to send pictures on here I can

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  • terri-ann28375 2

    Painful hands, getting me down.

    Hi,  I have nerve pain in my hands any way, but recently they've been extremely sensitive. They've been so sensitive that even plain warm water really hurts them and if someone touches them I get severe pain. My doctor prescribed betnovate 1% cream once a day, but that just burns and he doubled my

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  • LisaInMinnesota 2

    Suave Kapandji

    Wondering if anyone had the surgery Suave Kapandji done? What was it like during and afterwards? (2 screws in the radius and ulna bones then a section of bone taken out of the ulna) I have severe DRUJ or distal radio ulnar joint arthritis *Osteoarthritis*

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  • stefan19184 1

    Mystery hand problems ruining my life.

    Hi, I'm a lead guitarist and I'm going off my head with having a left hand that I can barely use for anything. It started two years ago. I'd slept with my arm bent with my hand under my face. I woke up with a heaviness in my arm and weakness, lack of control in my hand. It was mainly my little

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  • pattsy 3 1

    Painfull Thenar part of Hand

    Hi, I fell in late october 2016 fell badly on both hands. My doctor said wait a while and see if it calms down, my take a So it is now February 2017 I  went to see another doctor inmy practise and she said oh its probably authritis now,, I am not happy. My Thenar part is very painfull and  

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  • Yammy1 3

    really bad shooting pain in left little finger

    Hi just wondering if anyone has this or knows what it could be. I keep getting a sharp extremely bad pain in my left little finger,  took some painkillers but not working. I didn't bang or bend it, it just started a few  days ago but seems to be getting more frequent and sore   

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  • sai2980 2
  • elaine55690 1

    web fingers

    I have a funny sensation in my fingers as if there is a web growing between some of my fingers

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  • rachel156843 1

    Shut my finger in a door about 1 month ago...

    so basically i was in school and i shut my finger in the hinge of a heavy door. it has now been 1 month and i can move my finger but if i shake my hand a little i get pins and needles. also, i f i squeeze that finger or hit it on something i am in lots of pain and get a strong pins and needles

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  • sportsplayer88 1

    Ring Finger extension and flexion issue

    Hi, I am looking to see if others share similar experiences with a ring finger injury. I also hope to learn more about my injury. I injured my left finger finger years ago playing sports. There's a slight hint of swan's neck deformity on the left ring finger where the volar plate is somewhat

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  • Natchiz 2

    Ulnar Sided Hand/Wrist Pain for over 6 months, what is it?

    I've been having pain in my right wrist and hand for over 6 months now. It mostly feels like a dull ache/pain and often tenderness which is on the little finger side (ulnar side) of my hand which comes and goes. Recently (within the last month or 2) the pain has spread up to my little finger

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  • chris02029 2

    Numb hands in the morning

    for the last 5 days I have woken up with numb feeling hands, once I move them they get 80% better and they get back to normal about an hour later, anyone seen this before! I have had a weird viral thing for months that gave me upper arm muscle pain. Could this his numbness just be viral? I had a

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  • Ronaldo2010 1

    Finger tip pain

    Hi,  About 20 years ago, I suffered a finger injury involving a joiner planer. I lost the first joint of my left index finger. The surgery performed included a small bone graph pinned to my existing finger joint, and a skin graph. My finger is a full 3/4" shorter than normal. It healed properly and

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  • spicy2828 1

    Feeling weak and shaky

    Hi, I am 25 years old and since 1month I am feeling weak and my hands are shaking a lot. When I hold my phone I can observe my hands are shaking. I don't have Blood pressure/Diabetes and I belive I don't have any illness. Kindly help what could be the reason. Thanks

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  • 1rene40 1

    Trigger Finger

    I woke up with Trigger finger one day. I saw a specialist who offered a steroid injection or an operation which I 6 months it deteriorated and became impossible to make a fist, cut things and then painful to write(it was on the ring finger of my right hand). After six months I was

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  • kjd 1
  • kathy14376 1

    Thumb joint locks but not trigger finger, what is it?

    I have been working with my hands a lot lately. In the last 3 months I cleaned, stripped, sanded, and stained our 12x24' deck. And just finished painting the garage. The knuckle in the thumb of my right hand started to lock. Bent or straight. I saw an orthopedic doc who gave me an injection that

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  • gemmasharpy 1

    Fractured over 10 years ago, left with disfigurment and pain.

    I fractured my right radius as a child, my local hospital comfirmed the fracture and manipulated it under general anaesthetic. I had an appointment weeks later for the consultant to re-evaluate x-rays but he was unavailable (due to a holiday somewhere sunny), I was therefore sent home and the

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  • speedliner 1
  • joanne11243 2

    Radial collateral ligament

    Hi, I fell down a flight of stairs 6 weeks ago. I broke a bone in my thumb and snapped the radial collateral ligament. Was in a pot for 5 and a half weeks. This was taken off last week and I've been put in a splint. Just wondering if anyone has had this injury on here. I am still in agony. My

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  • kelsey89406 1

    Is this normal, or did i do something to my hand???

    I was practicing for guard (we dance with sabers, riffles, flags and toos them also). Well i hit the top of my hand below my index finger, almost as low to where my thumb knuckle is. Whenever i move my index finger or touch the spot the inside of my wrist hurts (on the side where my pinky is) Did i

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  • james85587 1

    Knuckle pain years after punching accident

    A number of years ago I hurt my middle knuckle while practicing martial arts. I can't remember what I punched but the end result was that I had a very sharp pain on the top of my middle knuckle when I pressed down on it. I have had all the scans under the sun and they have found nothing. I've

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  • sw40c 1

    Finger joint frozen, but can be manipulated via a splint...

    In April 2016 I suffered a flexor tendon injury to my left index finger while cutting an automotive tie with a knife. I severed the tendon, the pulley, the artery, and the nerve. Rehab was going great until a post-op infection set in, then the distal (DIP) joint froze and has remained that way,

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