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Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis

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  • kim03900 2

    Psoriatic newcomer

    I have had three flare ups, the worst this week just a week before my daughters wedding in Italy. I checked everything symptom and had it. I am doing my due diligence and definately decided to opt out of normal treatment like humira and drug that depresses your immune system further

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  • tony35673 3

    Lung biopsy

    I had a lung biopsy last week, apparently Doctors don't do this procedure, the local butcher does them.   The Butcher gave me some anesthetic, then jabbed my lung - I screamed, he jabbed my lung again - I screamed again, he made another jab and I screamed again, so he said 'hmmm, I'd better give

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  • don62273 1
  • jlogan4401 1

    Cosentyx questions

    Im sure this has already been discussed but please bear with me. Im a 38yr old male psa diagnosis for aprox 3yrs. Im in decent shape and exercise 3 or 4 times a week. I was on enbrel since i was diagnosed and had kind of hit a wall with it. My doc switched me to cosentyx. Im in week 4 of loading

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  • tony35673 3

    Psoriatic arthritis not RA

    By way of an introduction, I was diagnosed with RA around 18 months to 2 years ago and have tried the various DMARDS and biologics without any luck.   My Rheumatologist has just advised me he now believes I have psoriatic arthritis mutilans.   Mutilans is the most agggressive and serious and often

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  • joy74926 2
  • angela22608 2

    Newly diagnosed and feeling overwhelmed

    Hi, I'm waiting for my first rheumatology appointment in a couple of days and feeling really apprehensive and a little scared. Been very recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis by my doc after severe pain came on suddenly in multiple joints. Could barely walk or use my hands for a couple of

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  • jake02168 1

    This Treatment Worked for Me

    Hey Guys, I wanted to post because I've actually felt guilty about not sharing what worked for me with others. I stumbled upon this treatment on a forum and it actually worked wonders. Quick background -- my psoriasis really showed up in earnest when I was about 27 (I'm 30.5 now).  It was worst

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  • elyshia1991 1
  • sophie020891 2

    Feeling depressed with no1 to talk to who understands :(

    Hi everyone, Im new to this and am so glad I found it as I have Felt the only one in the world with Psoriatic Arthritis! I have no one to speak to who understands & im beginning to feel very depressed. I'm only 25 but feel I just can't do a lot without being in pain! I'm always making up excuses to

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  • Patrichigan 1

    nail disease improved, joint flares increased

    Do others with enthesitis/nail disease experience improvement of, say, nail disease, at the same time as joint flares increase? I am wondering if the joint issues are something new and unrelated. Though my symptoms of hard, red, initially painful bumps near some joints (mostly thumb ip) seem to be

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  • deb76704 1

    Severe psoriasis of the fingernails

    Hi I'm new to this forum. Around 12 months ago I noticed a change in my usually very healthy strong fingernails. I've now lost all my fingernails. I've seen three dermatologists and been diagnosed with nail psoriasis. I've neen given diprosalic scalp gel to apply every day.  I put stick on nails

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  • madkitten23 1

    is anyone on humira?

    ok so im 27 ive been on meds for years ive tried unfortunitly Im open to all side affect and seem to get affects off every med ive tried, and never the common ones always the rare I have just finished on methotrexate because I was so sick I was unable to even get up, I

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  • Goergie 1

    Itchy hand rash

    I was diagnosed with psoriasis many years ago that only affects my palms and only one at a time. Usually it clears with 4-5 days steroid cream under duoderm. This hasn't helped recently. I have a circumferential flaky itch area approx 3cm diameter. Also tried 6 week of terbinafibe which seemed to

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  • wroad 2

    Second opinion - PsA

    Hi. Just at a loss and need some advice.  I have been diagnosed with some kind of "inflammatory arthritis", confirmed by scans, but negative antibody tests. I have mostly pain and mild swelling in the small joints of my hands and feet, wrists; plus back, hip and SI joint pain. I have some minor

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  • Carolineq8 4

    Ankylosis spondylitis and muscle spasms

    Does anyone suffering with AS also suffer with muscle spasms, I have not yet had a diagnosis but waiting for tests and MRI results but iv suffered with muscle spasms in my shoulders and neck for years now but this past year there almost constant, at one time id get a spasm in my shoulder blade or

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  • JanineF 1

    Help/Advice Needed

    Hello, my brother (aged 26) was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis approximately 2 years ago. He has been prescribed and taking a huge amount/dosage of methaltrexate as well as suplhazine with no improvement. His feet and hands are severely affected and it has now reached the stage where he is

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  • robert271163 3

    PIP Assessments For Psoriatic Arthritis

    Has anyone been for PIP assessment? I went yesterday not sure how it went i will have to wait to find out. But the Questions i was asked was pointless they only asked what i had written on the application to confirm what i had written, They have been in contact with my specialist who has confirmed

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  • Guest M

    I was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis in april this yea...

    I was diagnosed with guttate psoriasis in april this year just after my 21st birthday after having my third bout of tonsilitis in as many months, was put on Alphosyl which didn't really do anything and then Dovobet. I was lucky then in the fact that it was coming up to Summer and so it seemed like

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  • toby93 1

    Dark spots,uneven skin tone

    Hello, I am 19 years who had psoriasis since 12. Back then, nobody knew it was psoriasis so doctors would gave me different types of medicine and one even gave me creams with cortisone and sort of screwed up my skin. Years down the road now i am doing very good, i have managed to control my conditon,...

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  • ERL88 1
  • emagers 1

    Something that's helped my psoriasis quite a bit

    Hi everybody, Thought I'd share just in case this might help any of my fellow sufferers out there. I've battled psoriasis for about 15 years now; my diagnosis is typically moderate plaque psoriasis, and over the years it's migrated all over my body, most prevalently on my shins, knees, elbows, forearms,...

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  • Guest M

    Methotrexate and high blood pressure?

    I have psoriasis and mild psoriatic arthritis and take methotexrate. Just lately I seem to be having high blood pressure. I am not taking any medication for this. However a friend of mine has just alarmed me by saying that he saw some TV programme or other and on the show they are supposed to

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  • gabriellaroma 2

    Energy loss and Depression

    Hi All, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis about 1 year ago and currently taking 20mg MTX and will be adding Humira shortly. My skin is all cleared up from the MTX (besides the occasional rash here and there) but I don't notice any improvement in my joint pain. My pain is in the a ankle /

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  • castar 1

    Finally natural treatment that worked for my psoriasis

    I was dealing with psoriasis for more than a decade. My elbows, knees and torso, as well as scalp were affected. I went through numerous treatments from simple moisturizing to ummunosuppresant drugs. Some of them worked for a while, others - did not work at all.I was at my wits end when I started

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  • james58856 1

    Any Advice on PA and work

    Hi all and happy Sunday, I am just looking for a little advice really I have had psoriasis for 22 years I am now 40 but since august 2016 I have had pain in my right wrist which caused me a lot of problems at work as I am a Chef and am constantly using my Hands. Anyway went to the doctors said it

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  • glenn81074 1

    Help advice on tablets

    Rite IV been diagnosed with psroriatic arthritis. Tests 1 my bloods are normal 2 hand x ray all ok 3 wrist x ray all ok 4 chest x ray all ok 5 foot x ray all ok 6 bloods still all ok 7 back x ray all ok Rite for the last 14 months IV had there symptoms and some days I struggle getting out of

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  • loreta46974 2

    Feeling Scared

    I have had psoriasis since I was 15 years old and now at 40 I have psoriatic arthritis. Recently diagnosed and waiting to be formally diagnosed. I have all the symptoms and I am doing everything I can naturally until I can get proper medication. I am experiencing depression and overwhelming

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  • loreta46974 2

    No Skin Flare Up but Pain remains.

    Although my skin is 90% clear through a strict diet and natural supplements I am taking, the joint pain has not left. I don't know if the skin flare ups are related to the joint pain ? It was my idea that the skin and pain were related ? For the moment, Advil or Motrin has helped along with

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  • loreta46974 2

    Has Anyone Tried Natural Route ?

    I have been recently diagnosed and seeking information about treatment. I am willing to try the natural route first and then go on to medication. I have recently changed my diet and it has helped me in many ways but the pain is not completely gone which wears me down. Heat and Ice works but I can't

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  • Lisa Bellew 1

    Methotrexate & Intersatitial Pulmonary Fibrosis

    I am 39 and have had Psoriatic Arthritis for 13 years. I have been on every drug but they only last for a certain length of time. The arthritis started in my right hip 4 weeks after I gave birth to my first daughter, when I fell pregnant 3 years later and was crippled with both hips and my hands,

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  • johanne95250 1

    Right choice! Or not

    Hi every one, I have had RA since a child and few years ago developed colitis/ crohns the hardest battle is to convince docs how you really suffer! Now on Humira! Well what can I say !! I've had ongoing sinus problems with hacking cough totally SO tired find it so gat to function, dread waking up

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  • k81753 2


    Hi my consultant has suggested i start on Etanercept, does anyone have any experience of this particular DMARD, i would appreciate some honest info, i have been on most other DMARDS with varying degrees of success over differing lengths of time, i have had this disease for over 8 yrs and only

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  • robert271163 3


    Hi all, I have been on Cimzia for the last 12 weeks, up until week 10 I was fine, but for the last two weeks I have been suffering from Virtigo.  Has anyone had the same? is there any treatment? or do i have to come off Cimzia? Rob 

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  • Gilch51 2

    Alternative Therapies

    Hi all, I have been suffering from Psioritic Artritis for many years, but only diagnosed for the last six months. Since my diagnosis, the flare - ups have become more frequent and more intense. This im not prepared to put up with! My life at present is very active, and im having the time of my life! 

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