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I thought my fun young adult student lifestyle had to st...

I thought my fun young adult student lifestyle had to stop when the doctor told me that I had a hole in lung.

It all started while i was at work (kfc) in the worst possible situation, a saturday evening and incharge. I had uncomfortable pains in my upper back on the left hand side and within the space of half an hour it became unbearable. I ended up sitting in the office as one member of staff walked in and rang an ambulance for me.

Once in the hospital i really didnt think it would be any more than a little back pain, even when i had the x ray i thought they would just send me home with a paracetamal. This was when the doctor said that i had a hole in my lung and would need to stay over night. It was a big shock as at 19 i have never been to hospital before not even for a few stiches let alone one of my important organs failing on me. Fortunatly i didnt need to stay over night. I went and had an aspiration where they incert a needle with a large tube on it and siringe the air out. I am no fan of needles hence why there were six nurses, doctors and ward sisters in my cubical looking after me and a trainee doctor holding on to my hand. I had another x ray and it was in a condition where i was allowed to go home but to come back first thing in the morning. Problem was when i went back the following day my lung had collapsed again but i was dosed up on pain killers i didnt realise. the same procedure was apllied again, i was sent home and went back a few days later. there was still a hole but it was okay for me to go home. got transfered to a chest and heart clinic a week later where i saw my x ray and could already see that my lung had fully expanded and that the hole had healed itself. After six weeks of resting as i was told to do, i worry about going through it again. It does sound much worse than what it can be.

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