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Breast Cancer and Screening

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  • jenna88216 2
  • tina01572 2

    Lymph nodes/breast lumps

    I am I need of some advice. Been suffering bad low back pain for a few months. This week my boyfriend found a lump on my neck near my clavical it's around 1.5 cm and rubbery. Upon inspection my lymph nodes under my jaw are swollen and there is another lump on the other side. This has prompted me to

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  • jennifer85396 4

    Need biopsy and scared to death! please need advice

    My name is Jennifer, I am 50 year old wife and mother going through Perimenopause.  Ten years ago I had my first mammogram which revealed a suspicious mass in my right breast.  I actually had two, one they could aspirate and one was solid, had biopsy and came back benign now have a marker on it.  I

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  • stacey1986 2

    Cysts or Cancer?

    I had a sudden shooting pain in my right breast and it made me scream out. It only lasted 2 seconds but it happened another 3 times that night. The next day I examined my breast and found a lump, I made an appointment with the doctor who confirmed the lump and found another on the opposite side of

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  • venkat sai 2

    How Can Help Cancer Screening to Every-one

    Hi Good Afternoon All.. Today we discuss about, What is use of  Cancer Screening? Many cancer screening tests are in used to find the cancer in an early stage and to lower the chance of dying from the disease. Some Screening tests  have been shown to find cancer early. But, have not been shown to

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  • Babypodof4 1

    Had something show up on mammogram. Scared

    Hello, I am 42 years old and just had my third screening mammogram, first one at this facility since we moved, but I brought my previous films on disks. I don't regular do self exams because I have fibrocystic breast disease and I always find something that scares me. Here are the findings: No

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  • tracy19390 1

    Suspicious Lump & Waiting

    I am new here and going crazy in my mind waiting for a diagnositc mammogram and an ultrasound on April 4th. Almost a month ago I was leaning back in a chair and went to scratch my breast where I felt an itch only to feel a lump. A very hard, non-movable lump about the size of a marble. I went to my

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  • rita99385 1

    Breast cancer?

    Hello guys, Im going to be 19 this year. About 2 months ago I noticed that my breast size increased out of nowhere and they were hurting for so much for so so long!! I only take vitamin D and the pill, but that doesn't seem like it could be the case. And now, about two weeks ago I notcied this

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  • m47248 1

    breast pain and burning

    hi hope u all fine. i am experiencing pain in my left breast from month and half but it is commimg and going.i been to my gp four time they examine me but they hadn't found any thing.i am unsure about my breast coz i never self examine it before my pain, i also feeling my hurting breast is bit

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  • dani84472 1

    Pain in Right Armpit

    So I'll start by saying I'm 29 and have horrible anxiety. A little under two years ago I was convinced I was dying of of colon cancer during a stressful year of my life when my IBS kicked up. I got over that, but for the last week I've been terrified of breast cancer. I've had a sore spot in my

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  • MsM81 3

    Why have I been referred

    Hi everyone Long story so here it goes. I found out last November that I was pregnant. In Dec/Jan I noticed what looked like a spot at the bottom of my left breast which I didn't think anything of at the time. Unfortunately I miscarried in Feb and had a D&C - this was 5 weeks ago. Earlier this

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  • Kathyh62 1

    HER2 TEST ( Breast Cancer)

    Hi, I am new to this site. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been told it is Triple Negative. I was given this diagnosis after a biopsy which only took 4 days for results. I have since been told that the HER2 test takes 2 weeks to come back. My question is how could I be

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  • Charligirl 1

    2 cm nodule in right breast with edge

    My doctor found a 2cm nodule in my breast. She said it has an edge. She is sending me to get an ultrasound. Should I be concerned that the mammogram was skipped and I'm going straight to an ultrasound or is this a normal order of things? My family does have a history of breast cancer but does not

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  • sandra77983 2
  • jojo40 3

    Breast cancer need some help

    I would just like to know does all cemo treatment make you loss your darther as just been told she as breast cancer and will need hop and cem she is only 38.

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  • emma50975 2
  • jade19859 2

    Lump on boob

    I first noticed a lump on my right boob in July 2016. Got referred to a breast clinic after me seeing 2 different doctors as I was so worried. Both doctors did not believe it was cancerous. Had a ultrasound and was told it p2 glandular thickening glandular tissue u1. Which is basically begnin and

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  • sarah44727 2

    im really scared and no one to talk to

    Im 32 i have 4 kids age 14 12 6 and 2 i found a small lump in my armpit next to my breast in august docs said give it 4 to 6 weeks to go i give it 9 it didnt go it has grown much i was referred for a ultra sound with radiology but they canceled it and said to send me to breast clinic for breast

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  • Bon2011 2

    Lump with other problems

    I'm 27 years old. A few months ago I noticed a lump on my top right breast. I've noticed pain off and on through out the month which I tried to tell my self was just from menstrual hormones. 3 weeks ago I noticed another lump under my nipple. This one doesnt feel as perfect in shape and I found it

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  • michelemuffin 4


    I am 45 and last Thursday 12/22 I had my first mammogram. I got a call yesterday 12/29 that they found a mass in my left breast and scheduled me an appt for next Monday to come in for an ultrasound . I am not sure how to feel right now. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in sept and had a

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  • mary62360 1
  • zoo12313 2

    20 year old worrying after screening

    Hi, I'm 20. I went to the breast cancer clinic two weeks ago after finding a lump (doctor told me it was cyst and so I had to wait 3 months for clinic appointment as it wasn't seen as serious). My breast and lymph nodes were checked by doctor and consultant and they couldn't find it. I was sent

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  • PGtips11 3

    Problem with balance

    I had a single mastectomy 10 months ago. Since then I have noticed a problem with balance. For instance I can't stand on a chair or use a ladder. Could there be a connection or is it just coincidence?

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  • catherine56365 2

    Inflammatory breast cancer scare

    Hi All I've gone through the worst week of my life waiting for my biopsy results which I will finally get tomorrow I found a very small lump in my right breast which was unusual for me as I've had cysts and fibridaneomas in left breast since I was 16 I'm now 50 I was waiting to see if lump grew

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  • sally76919 1

    I'm scard I have breast cancer

    I'm 43 iv been to the doctor about having what looks like dents very near my nipples both breasts they have referred me to the breast clinic I go on Thursday

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  • youngatheart1 5

    Really scared just need to talk

    Hi, I am 57 this year, white female and have a large bust 40g, I am pale skinned so have always had veiny breasts and large pink areas around nipples.  During the past year have had a dull ache under left armpit which moves across top of breast, gp not too concerned but have noticed in the last 6

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  • stephanie221 2

    I could possibly have breast cancer?, crying I'm so young

    I had an ultrasound today after noticing a lump in my breast and pain in breasts with my period. I also have a very small and very movable lymph node under my right collarbone. The ultrasound showed the lump on my right breast. The ultrasound tech seemed concerned and said the radiologist will

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  • Razouski 3

    Painful Symmetrising Surgery

    HI, I had a mastectomy back in January and felt absolutely dreadful about my body, even thought the surgeon had done some reconstruction at the time. The problem being that the reconstructed breast ended up a lot larger than my natural breast (not too mention the shape, scaring and loss of nipple).

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  • olivia97215 1
  • teresa18635 2

    Fibromendena breast lump

    Hi I'm 51 and found a breast lump . I always go to my mama grams and have lumpy breast my whole life. But I'm scared as I have been referred to get a mamagram and ultrasound because my gyno couldn't tell me what it was. She suspects fibromendena lump . But she would not tell me it wasn't not

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  • abby0 2

    Kinda worried I will be diagnosed with breast cancer

    Hey there,  So I am a 24 year old overweight female. I have slight anxiety, severe hypocondria, and also SVTs of the heart. I have been on beta blockers for them since 13 months ago. Anyway, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this month and my fear of my own illness possibility has heightened. ...

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  • amanda49932 2

    Mammogram callback

    I am 52 and have just had my first mammogram All went well although very painful At the time the technician mentioned it was not uncommon to have a callback Well today I received that callback and boy am I freaking out They just said they would like to see me As they will do another mammogram

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  • klb3006 2

    inverted nipple & crazy dreams

    Hi I've always had inverted nipples but in the past 2 months my right nipple has become more so if that makes sense. It has become tight and wrinkly looking, I have examined myself and felt no lumps but am becoming slightly worried. My Dr said not to worry when I brought it up at a recent visit

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  • Sally 66 3

    Breast screening recall

    Hi there. I know being recalled after a routine screening (part of the pre-age 50 group being screened in our area) but I still feel incredibly anxious. The letter was written yesterday and so was waiting on the doorstep when I got in from work. At that time on a Friday all advice lines are closed

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  • Je n 3

    BC Chemo - Mouth Sores, any suggestions?

    Good morning ladies. My best friend is going through this ordeal of BC, you all are very brave and I admire you very much. Would any of you have any suggestions about how you manage mouth sores?  Thank you very much.  

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