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Carpal Tunnel

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  • sarah48040 1

    Thumb pain

    I am 5 weeks post op and have started getting constant pain in my thumb down to my wrist. Is this normal ?

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  • keith12345 1

    Carpal tunnel in both hands miserable no insurance help

    About seven months ago my hands wrist and forearms started killing me. I couldn't work cook open doors could barely even eat or brush my teeth it was so excruciating for about 2 months. It got a little bit better like the bones in my hands and fingers Don't Hurt Anymore but still kills me everyday.

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  • bmelony 2

    Meloxicam /Mobic for CTS

    Still undergoing tests for on going pain/stiffness/weakness in joints in both hands and wrists. Specialists thinks it may be CTS so prescribed Meloxicam whilst i undergo more tests. Anyone with CTS tried this and found it helpful??

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  • julie25682 2
  • katpet2u 2

    Pinky trouble post op

    I'm 10 Days post op. Ever since the bulky dressing came off at Day 5 my pinky is feeling "weird" like it's not part of the rest of my hand. It wants to go off on its own when I move the rest of my hand. At first I thought it was from being bound by the bandages for 5 days. It's not numb and I'm not

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  • w3ndy 1
  • amy27161 2
  • amy27161 2


    Have carpel tunnel, Been to Neuro will see hand surgeon the 27th. No one has done anything for the pain and the swelling is awful. Can't see my knuckles,lots of redness,fingers swelled at times. Wearing a brace,using ice. Also have moderate arthritis in hand. Any suggestions appreciated. Arms &

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  • freda01932 2


    Has anyone tried Acupuncture? I had success years ago with treatment on my back, so I am thinking along those lines again instead of op.

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  • Indigogirlu 2


    Hi. I had CTR surgery done 3mths ago on my left hand and I'm still getting pins and needles and numbness in my hand at night time. I dont no if this is because it's still healing or the op hasnt worked?

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  • terryj17 2

    Carpal tunnel post op

    i had my carpal tunnel done 4 days ago on my dominant hand and all seems to be well. I am just a little concerned that under the dressings the blood has congealed and gone black. Is this normal and should I leave the dressing in place until the stitches come out, or should I contact the hospital/

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  • sandy 17171 2

    Carpal tunnel surgery anaesthetic injection

    Hi all I am having carpal tunnel release surgery soon and have a huge needle phobia. I know it sounds ridiculous given the surgery (which I'm not remotely bothered by) given that I have suffered for years with limited sleep and pain. Please tell me if that injection hurts? I have watched lots

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  • IT Dude 2

    Carpal Tunnel Surgery and Recovery

    Ok, I just had bilateral (both hands) carpal tunnel release on Friday (April 21st). My doctor, right after recovery in post op, wanted me to start making firsts and do so every hour. He mentioned that as long as I could handle the pain there is no damage I could do internally. I thought I would use

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  • sandy 17171 2

    Increased pain in opposite arm anyone?

    Hi all I'm having my op on Tuesday. I just wondered if anyone found that their opposite arm was more painful because of having to use it more, due to lack of use from the side of the op? It just occurred to me as I am in a lot of pain on both sides at the moment that the other one may struggle?

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  • janet29399 2

    Carpal tunnel op and driving

    Hi. I had op 2 1/2 weeks ago on left hand. I'm gently exercising and can bend fingers to palm but can't grip yet. I'm keen to start driving as soon as possible but I'm concerned as I will need to drive for my holiday in 8 weeks time. Can I ask for your experiences please? Apart from the pain I'm

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  • nicole29679 2

    Carpal Tunnel & Bone and Joint Pain

    Hi all, Been suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for 7 months now, it's been very painful the last 2 months. I have also had pain in the bones in my fingers and Is that normal with CTS? My doctor has ordered cortisone shots to see if they help, bit should I ask for an x-ray as well

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  • Peacock50 2

    Pain relief

    Apart from steroid injections has anyone been offered any form of medication that has had a positive impact on the symptoms of CTS especially pain and stiffness of the fingers?

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  • jon 45760 1

    carpel tunnel?

    Alright been told by non professionals n do have symptoms of carpal tunnel am self employed scaffolder who works flat out and can't do anything else cannot take time off ,not too much pain at mo my hands just don't work till about 11sh struggle before I get working than after work the same what to

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  • shelly80449 2

    6 weeks post op and in more pain.

    I'm 6 weeks post op after carpal release surgery on my dominant right hand. I'm in so much pain. Some days so much more than others. At best I have a dull ache or slight shooting pains and at worse I feel like I need to chop my hand off. The pain is in my wrist either off to under my pinky or just

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  • 976pamela 2

    carpal tunnel surgery post op

    I had my surgery  carpal tunnel syndrome 7 weeks ago on my dominant right hand.  My job requires alot of manual handling with adults with learning difficulties and pushing of heavy wheelchairs therefore I am still off work.  I am in constant pain and scar area is solid and tender feels lumpy.  I

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  • katpet2u 2

    Upcoming carpal tunnel surgery

    I'm from the US and have been having symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome for a little over 2 years. I believe it to be work related despite the controversy of CT being a repetitive condition. Workers Comp has denied my claim so I am going forward with having the surgery on my own on May 5. Surgeon

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  • elizabeth99079 1

    fallen on my hand after carpal tunnel surgery

    i had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand on 19th january, i still have my stitches in and today i fell down the stairs n i landed on my let hand which hurt like hell and want to know if i would have done any damage to it, i also have pain on the left side of my hand nad in my elbow and what to

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  • kate-1986 1

    Too Much, Too Soon!

    Hi there,  My partner recently had the CT op in both hands. On Sunday he went to pick up a bigish pan full of water to move it and his hands been in really sore and swollen since. He won't go back to the Doc, the stitches aren't due out until Friday. Has anyone else experienced this, do you think

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  • nats4p 2

    Post op swelling and pain

    Hi all ... i had my op nearly 3 weeks ago and still in lot of pain and quite swollen is this normal ??? Also how long realisticaly does recovery take ??

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  • shelly80449 2

    4.5 weeks post op ( had both done now ), in pain! !

    Had the op and after a week or so starting getting bad wrist pain, stiffness and swollen fingers. Been back to the surgeon for my post op review. He says rest elevate and ice and not to worry. That it can take longer to heal in some cases. Well I've had the other hand done 5 months prior so I'm

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  • whoms41829 1

    Cts is worsening day by day... Life is hell

    Hi.. Need help This cts is destroying my I am always in severe pain and frustrated.. All my relationships r I have become a grouch.. I have it past 8 yrs.. First it was in one hand but now both hands r in extreme Problem is my NCT comes negative

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  • gedc 2
  • eric96726 2

    Fingers still numb 2 weeks after Carpal Tunnel

    Today is 2 weeks post op for carpal tunnel in my left hand.  The tips of my thumb, index, middle and inside of ring finger are still completely same as before surgery.  At my 1 week follow up, the surgeon said it can often take time for sensation to return and not to worry right now. He

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  • ambernicole22 2

    Burning forearm carpel tunnel

    I've always had some discomfort and poor grip strength in my wrist and pain right at my thumb pad. Usually I can just rub that spot out and it'll be better but Last night I stupidly decided to go online and perform "median nerve glides" well about 30-45 mins later pain started from my hand

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  • louise12345 1

    Carpal Tunnel surgery....I have to make a decision??

    I have had a nerve conduction test about 4weeks ago and have been told today that i have Carpal Tunnel. My doctor is going to refer me to the hospital for surgery, is there any questions i should ask when i get to see the consultant? I do not know much about it, ihave it in my right hand, i am abit

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  • jenny42237 2
  • CharlotteAnn 1

    Post Op Wound Problems & Pain

    Had bilateral endoscopic (I think. 1.5" incision on palm) carpal and cubital tunnel release surgery 22 days ago. I feel it's important to include that I'm type one diabetic All stitches were removed 10 days post op. Palm incisions opened up the day of stitch removal. Per my surgeon several

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  • andie2008 2

    carpel tunnel post op 7 weeks and still in pain!

    Dear Friends I had carpel tunnel surgery 7 weeks ago and I feel that my wrist and arm are worse now than before the surgery. First 2 days I cried almost nonstop with the pain. I am suppose to get the other wrist done and now I don't want to get it done. I also have broken sleep as I wake up

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  • freda01932 2

    Other remedies

    Hi, Has anyone thought to try Acupuncture, had it on my back some years and never looked back, it's worth a try at least, I shall be trying it out soon so will report on results.

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  • anglea34514 2


    hello, im desperate here, i had open release surgery on January 20th and i still have a lot of swelling in my fingers and cannot bend them even half way, and when i try and use my hand it feels like a railroad spike is being driven through the palm of my hand and have almost no rane of motion in my wrist,...

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