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Neck Pain

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  • ray63269 3

    Throat and neck tightness with strangulation feeling

    I have had a terrible year this year with medical conditions . Prostatitis that's lasted just over three months and still waiting bladder camera . Lower back issue with herniated disc causing alot of pain . Costochondritis which even when not severe it always seems to be affecting the ribs or sternum...

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  • martin39632 1

    Neck pain on one side for six weeks

    Hello, For six weeks I am struggling with a weird and mysterious pain in the left side of my neck. I think right in my sternocleidomastoid muscle. I've visited three doctors and one ENT-doctor who checked my neck and my throat, but they couldn't find anything. I even visited a dentist and he told me...

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  • ray63269 3

    Neck is such a pain all over

    I have had a neck problem for three weeks now . It hurts and aches at back of neck but at the front it feels weird . It feels tight across the middle of neck and if I wear clothing that's a tight fit it feels heavy on Base of neck at front . It hurts my neck if I nod up and down and seems to make me...

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  • jennifer85396 4

    Ongoing shoulder and neck pain, eye and jaw..HELP!!!!!!

    Where do I start, 14 years ago after my son was born I started to get a terrible achy burning type pain in my left shoulder blade. The pain would shoot up the left side of my neck into my ear and eye.  This will cause me terrible headaches and Migraine.  After a MRI of my head, and Cervical Spine, I...

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  • debbie171066 3
  • james50909 1
  • Redwolf887 3

    Neck pain and discomfort

    I got this mild pain on the back of my neck, near the head and on the spine across the shoulder and shoulder blade, and feels stiff and want to click it, when I turn my head from side to side it feels heavy and tired, like my head is creeking I had issues like this for years.  Things like my anxiety,...

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  • jane14277 3

    cortisone injection in neck

    I have a 'moderately large disc protrusion at C6/7" I've been seeing a physio for a few months now and althought it has improved it's no where near better. Gp suggested getting another CT scan mid January and then perhaps a cortisone or steriod injection. I wanted to know if anyone has had experiences...

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  • danny76668 2

    C spine and neck ligaments problem

    I've had MRI scan showing some bulging disks and left side compression. I've been working with a physio to improve the condition but it isn't improving. My symptoms include; # Headaches (constant and increases to very bad - starting from the back, feels like a tightening strap around my head) # Sickness...

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  • coolmom4 1
  • martin22374 1

    Pain in the left side of my neck

    For almost a month I have a very mild but shrap-ish pain in the left side of my neck. I especially feel it when I swallow. It's as if the pain is coming from my lymph nodes, but I am not sure. I also had dry coughs for about 4 weeks but those are gone now. Sometimes the pain travels upwards and downwards....

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  • cola211 1

    Severe neck pain when I try to turn my head?

    Sometime last night I woke up, and when I tried to lift my head, I felt a pop in my neck. It only hurt a little bit, like when you sleep with your head in an awkward position. I went back to sleep, but when I woke up this morning it still felt like i'd slept on it wrong. After struggling with sharp burning...

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  • richardgeo 2

    Stiff neck 3 months post gym injury

    3 months ago I was doing the dumbell bench press in the gym. I was lifting heavier than usual. About 26kg for each dumbell. For the last rep I couldn't lift on one side so I stupidly lifted myself a bit off the bench and brought my neck into the motion to complete the rep. There was a lot of tenderness...

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  • ruben77897 1

    Please help

    I have a pain in the back of my neck at the bottom of the back of my head, severe headache, painful, pulsating to my temples, etc

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  • Lynn2715 1

    Post 1 year neck fusion

    Hi I had a neck fusion last July Since then I've been doing well ,however in the past 3 weeks I've had pain where the fusion was done C4 and C5..each day it's progressively getting worse each day 😢 I'm having trouble at night too I can not get comfortable and I'm nervous because I have osteoporosis...

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  • amanda87185 3

    Neck pain after surgery..5 years later ? Anyone else?

    Hi.I was diagnosed with cervical degeneration of spine 5 years ago.Had ACDF surgery 2012 and last June slipped disc in lower back and had surgery again. Am waiting for appointment at hospital but no luck so far.Wondering if anyone else has gone through this.Also suffer from G.A.D and health worry is...

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  • david60483 1

    Slow pain on left side of throat only

    For about a week now I've had a pain on my neck that builds up slowly and then hits me hard with a sharp pain if I do something with my mouth/jaw for too much, as in talking, yawning, opening my mouth, swallowing, and chewing. It feels like something sharp poked me like a pencil. If I do something slowly...

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  • lauraspot 2

    chronic pain from head to toe just on left side of body

    I am 26 yrs old i first went to my doctors 18months ago with pain in my neck, at first they thought it was a traped nerve. when i later went back and told them i had not gone away but infact was getting worse. i now have pain all the way down my left side of my body. i have pins n needles in my hand...

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  • deon1995 1

    Unusual bump on back of neck, help

    Bit worried, just noticed this today any idea what this could be? It feels like a pea when i pressed on it with preasure how. For the past year i feel like my neck has got stiff and does start to crack and click when i rotate. Heres a picture of where it is located on my.neck, any help would be perfect...

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  • michelle99912 2
  • Delta94505 1

    Severe pain in upper right side of neck from overuse?

    I'm 50 and in good health. Last week I was installing and taping drywall overhead. I am right handed. I developed a severe muscular pain on the right upper side of my neck just up to the bone behind my ear. Nothing seems to help, not ice, not heat, not pain relievers. Rolling on a foam roller doesn't...

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  • paulfoel 3

    Neck/Shoulder pain - GP says its neck/vertebbrae

    Feels like a really stiff neck. When I turn to one direction the pain shoots down my neck, shoulder, upper arm. Also, my whole shoulder area is sore. Been like this for 8 weeks or so now. Co-codamol helps a little as does ibuprofen gel. GP says its neck/vertebrae related. Has also given me naproxen....

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  • jenniertlewis 1

    Neck pain and AWFUL headaches for 2 weeks after chiro?

    Hi there, does anyone have any idea what might have happened to me? 2 weeks ago I was advised to go and see a chiropractor for a shoulder problem I was having.  He said he thought I had a trapped nerve in the C7 region. I said I only wanted conservative treatment so he used the adjustor (the little device...

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  • JCJune 1

    Post-Exercise Neck Pains - what should I do?

    Hi, in recent weeks, I've begun running for the first time in 9 years. After a couple of weeks, I did 3 early-morning 10k runs in 8 days and pain started kicking in in my neck and head. I was instructed by a GP to reduce the running to max 6.5K, but even so, my neck and head now hurt so much whenever...

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  • tanvir23 2

    chronic neck stiffness/pain

    Hi, I'm a 21 year old male who has been healthy and active for the majority of my life. For over a year now I've been experiencing constant stiffness/tension in my left trap/levator scapulae/neck. The pain comes and goes depending on my activities and sleeping methods. I believe this is due to a combination...

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  • chris05340 2

    Cervicogenic headache?

    Hey guys Can anybody help? I've been having issues for the past year or so and I think it's stemming from my neck. I get what I think is dizziness. Like a woooooo sensation in my brain. I can be off balance and wobbly while walking. I can get vertigo and visual vertigo. The right side at the back...

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  • obin 59956 1

    Strange pain.

    HI all, I have been undergoing alot of strange pain throughout the left hand side of my body. I have serious pains on the left hand side of my head, back of left head, neck through the shoulders in a single profile down to my left back. I have suffered with this pains for nearly a year now. The pains...

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  • anne02830 2

    Neck,back pain and headaches constantly

    Hi i hurt my back at work a year ok from lifting things that were too heavyfor me. I got  repetitive strain injury and the muscles in my neck  became inflamed. i had 12 sessions of Physio on the NHS. My neck felf fine as long as i do no excercise or lifting. as soon as i began doing excercise again i...

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  • ben73 1

    Strange feeling in left side of neck

    It started about 5 days ago, I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden I started to get an ache under the left side of my jaw, and soon after a headache began, for the rest of the day, I went to lie down hoping it would go however it didn't until the next day. The next day the headache was gone but...

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  • Monkey16 3

    Advise - thudding in chest when rubbing nexk

    Hi All, I am currently waiting on the results of a neck MRI I was hoping someone may be able to help/offer advise with a particular symptom I have - it feels as though I may have a small lump/knot in the back of my neck just to the right of my spine sometimes it feels not to bad and then after a busy...

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  • Tigerlily84 2

    Weird pain in neck and head

    I've had tightness in the right of my neck for a few months now. The severity seems to vary, sometimes my shoulder aches, other times I get shooting pains from the base of my skull upwards. Also it sometimes feels like there is something actually in my skull if that makes sense? Like a swelling or something,...

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  • brendan1991 1

    Lower Right Neck Vein Bulging and Pulse

    Hi, For the past year I've had a small, but noticable lump just above my collarbone on only the right side of my neck. It feels like a vein as it does have a pulse. I am only concerned because I do not feel the same vein on the left side and also when I move my neck in a certain way there is a slight...

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  • alexaskar 1

    I feel something in my neck

    I started smoking on September 12 and stopped on February 18. I was usually smoking a pack a week (like 2-3 cigarettes a day). This monday I smoked a single cigarette and since Wednesday I feel something in my neck and it doesn't get better or worse.. I don't know anything about this and I am afraid...

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  • dsunbaba 1

    pain on left side of d body.

    It's been 2years now dat I hv been experiencing dis aching on my left side of d body. The pain is from my shoulder down to my toes. Especially the stomach region....done MRI Bt nothing is wrong.wats ur suggestion.

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  • cj63 2

    At a loss

    My partner has had ongoing neck pain following some kind of accident approx 8 years ago. I don't know all the details as this was long before I met him. Following the accident, he had all kinds of imaging etc done and was given the all clear. But over the past 5 years, most noticeably the last 6 months,...

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