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  • lentos 2
  • mariam06860 1

    How I cured my acne rosacea

    I am from Ireland and struggled for many years with acne rosacea. I now have perfect skin and it just dawned to me today, that I could share how I achieved this, in the hope that it can help any of you out there. My skin was red raw and full of postules, marks and my self confidence was down big time....

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  • libralady13 5

    Return of Rosacea after many years.

    Hello  I suffered fror Rosacea from my early 20's but it was manageable.  I did have anitibiotics and creams which made it worse.  It really flared up during the menopause (together with severe migraines) and where I really only had redness and flushing before I then got the awful spots.  Once I was...

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  • katherine05310 1

    tea tree oil treatment for rosacea

    I have had rosacea for over ten years and with exception of during pregnancy have been on medication with little sucess. I then read an artical on tea tree oil. I must stress nothing is proven but I thought I would give it a go. My skin is really sensitive so initiall I added a few drops to my moisteriser...

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  • annaswa 1
  • lindsay32626 1

    I've just been diagnosed with Rosecea, help!

    I do suffer with quite a few medical problems stemming from alcohol  abuse, but this seems to be the final straw. At first, I noticed a rash on my cheeks, more patchy than just red all over, Now I'm getting lumps and bumps daily. An online doctor (I couldn't face going to my GP) has prescribed beta blockers...

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  • Cheetah 4

    Face flushing - Skinoren?

    I don't have any pustules at the moment, but rmy face and neck regularly flush three or four times a day.  It doesn't last for long, but often occurs when I feel cold.  Is this common?  I have used Finacea in the past, but now my GP has prescribed Skinoren, which I only use when I have pustules.  If...

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  • Kim697 1

    Recently diagnosed with mild Rosacea

    Hi everyone, I have been recently diagnosed with Rosacea (although I've probably had it for about a year before being diagnosed).  I was prescribed the generic version of MetroGel.  I'm relcutant to use it and was wondering if anyone has had any luck with natural remedies.  I saw the thereputic grade...

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  • jordan67285 1

    Rosacea products

    Hi I've suffered with Rosacea for many years and tried various products that don't really work. Can anyone recommend a face wash and moisturiser and any other products. I have seen that jojoba oil is good to use as a moisturiser so I'm going to use that but would like some more recommendations if possible....

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  • HopeAgain 3

    New To Rosacea. Please Help!

    I have been having this burning sensation all over my body for about 30 years. I went to dermatologist after dermatologist and all they ever did was give high dose steroids even for my face! Recently I thought, "No way!" This is not excema. After looking I am realizing it is rosacea. I quit the steroid...

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  • Andy s 1

    Facial flushing

    Hi i have roceaca but in the last 12 months I get facial flushing which can last up to 2hrs but oddly only comes on in the afternoon does anyone have the same problem and can offer any advice

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  • steph57030 1

    I Have Uber Red Skin And Nothing Seems 2 B Working

    I am just a teenager and I have a ton of redness on my skin! My Nose, cheeks, and chin are always really red and it gets even worse when I am in public. I am using this mousterizer from whole foods, noncomodogenic sunscreen, and cleanser from sephora. I went to a dermitologist and she said it was trademark...

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  • Rhian S Wales 1
  • dragana09107 1

    Recent skin problems

    Hi guys! I recently started suffering with skin problems, it was mentioned to me that it could be mild rosacea... I get these red bumps and stains on my face, sometimes they are a little bit itchy...  If someone recognize it what it is please write me a replay. Should I go to the doctor? I've always...

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  • jade00610 2

    Rosacea from the Cold Weather

    Hi everyone I began getting Rosacea on my face just after Christmas.  Prior to that I have never had it before and think it must have began due to the stress of exams.  My problem is that everytime (literally) I go outside for more than a couple of minutes it flares up. It itches and burns.  It always...

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  • ellie41402 1

    Red flushing every time I wash my face

    Hey, I think I may have rosacea, came completely out of the blue - very annoying! The symptoms first started showing this week as every time I would wash my face it would flush for at least 30mins - hour afterwards (wasn't even using any new skincare products, so can't blame it on an allergic reaction)....

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  • sue1987 1

    Jojoba oil is the best moisturiser I've tried

    I have a very sensetive and dry skin and my skin is all the time flushing and burning. I've tried many many different moisturiser and I've been allergic to all of them. but recently I am using the 100% natural Jojoba oil as a moisturiser and I absolutely love it. Hope it helps those suffering rosacea.

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  • jade00610 2

    Antibiotics for Rosacea

    Hi Does anybody elses Rosacea itch them? Also anyone who has had antibiotics for Rosacea, how long did they take to work? I'm on Doxycycline tablets and Erythmrycin lotion. Many Thanks Jade

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  • john78277 1
  • jmk51 1


    i was just diagnosed but do not have the center patch that they talk about. i wonder if i might have something else.  it itches awful and i cant imagine six weeks of this.

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  • ld1986 1

    Treatment of Rosacea - issues with Mirvaso

    Hello everyone Had a quick search through the forum and saw a few helpful comments about Rosacea, but I wanted to also seek advise specifically for my current situation and find out if anyone else has experienced similar. I'm male, late 20s, and have always tried to take care of my skin, probably more...

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  • scobie10 2

    Treatment - HELP

    I have had Rosacea for many years but just recently, because of added stress and anxiety I have had bad flare ups which Ia never really had before. My Doctor will only prescribe Doxycyline or Metronidazole, not at the same time, these do not help, is there anyone that can suggest something else that...

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  • carole62532 2


    what high factor sunscreen gel is best for rosacea, i can,t use cream or lotion as my face won,t take cover make up on top of it, it,s too greasy with cream so i need it in the gel, i,m desperate please help  

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  • carole62532 2
  • mellowing 2

    Recently diagnosed with mild Rosacea & prescribed Soolantran.

    Hi, I'm 29 & I was recently diagnosed with mild Rosacea (Although I have probably had the symptoms for a few years prior to diagnosis). The dermatologist has prescribed me Soolantran & I haven't had any other treatment previously apart from prior to waiting to see my Dermatologist, cutting out hot drinks/diet,...

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  • mrt1970 2

    Newly diagnosed rosacea sufferer

    Hi all I have recently been diagnosed with rosacea by a dermatologist as I have been experiencing all the symptoms in the last two months. My facial flushing began all of a sudden and took me completely by surprise. I am now experiencing pustules and podules as well. This has left me very anxious...

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  • stefania3 3

    Another new rosacea patient

    I'm 60-years-old and after caring for my skin with good natural products for the last 15 years, was proud of my flawless skin.  Then in July this year, bang: a nasty rash and spots!!  My GP thought it was contact dermatitis and I was put on hydrocortisone cream, which initially helped a bit but dried...

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  • Starlight11 1

    This has helped the roseacea

    I started using tea tree oil soap from health shop about 6 days ago and my skin is looking so much better . I have had roseacea for 3 years and nothing else I have used has helped but this . The inflamed red look of the spots and rash has cleared up.all I have now is a slight rosy healthy glow. I...

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  • Mirandamolly 2

    Best eye cream for ocular rosacea?

    Hi everyone I'm 57 and have recently been diagnosed with blepharitis after having 2 chalazions- one severely infected for which I took antibiotics, a stye and an ingrown eyelash. I also have sebhorric dermatitis and rosacea- and was told the blepharitis could well be related to either/ both- but was...

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  • NHSpatient 1

    Facial thread veins.

    I have some quite large blue thread veins in the nose/ridge/cheek area, I use a dermablend foundation to cover them up but I am wondering if I can get this laser treatment that is all the rage on youtube and on internet as an NHS patient in the UK. Can you also advise which section of the forums I should...

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  • Cookie4472 1

    How do treat rosacea?

    I've been on erythromycin anti biotics for 2 weeks now with no changes to my red cheeks and forehead. Got told by my GP to use E45 moisturiser yet this reddens my face even more. Anyone any ideas or do I persist on using tablets & E45 cream?

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  • Katie L 2

    lymecycline 408mg anyone?

    Hi I've been advised to start lymecycline 408mg for 6 months for my rosacea. Has anyone had good results? Side effects? I'm a bit nervous to start taking them :-( I'm never well on antibiotics

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  • shaq26875 3

    Very itchy skin

    My Pityriasis rosea cleared up after 4 months a couple of months ago (September) . Before my skin broke out with Pity my skin...esp. skin on my upper back used to itch like mad..violent scratching gave me welds across my upper back.....once I had Pityriasis all the itching stopped...even the Pityri didnt...

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  • sammy1979 2

    Rosacea - nothing is working :-(

    I was diagnosed with Rosacea back in May 2015 by a cosmetic dermatologist. I have redness on my cheeks, forehead and chin with bumps under my skin which are visible. I was put n efracea which I have been taking since then and also was told to apply finacea topically to help reduce the bumps. Over the...

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  • david01026 3

    Different Anti-biotics for Rosacea

    Today, I saw the following ABs mentioned in a Woman's Magazine as being useful in the treatment of rosacea, Rozex, Finacea  and Soolantra, has anyone tried them?  If so, did they have any noticable effect?  My own type of rosacea is the reddened complexion, no thread veins or soreness, I tend to use...

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