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Pain in Right Armpit

So I'll start by saying I'm 29 and have horrible anxiety. A little under two years ago I was convinced I was dying of of colon cancer during a stressful year of my life when my IBS kicked up. I got over that, but for the last week I've been terrified of breast cancer.

I've had a sore spot in my right armpit for about a week now. There's no swelling, no visible bumps apart from a few light pink spots (so light and tiny that you barely notice them) and no other symptoms. My underarm doesn't hurt constantly, just when something rubs against it. The pain isn't too bad, although I think I made it worse yesterday while searching for lumps because today all I have to do is touch the sore spot a little and it stings.

I can feel maybe a bit of a lump in the armpit almost near the surface (like right under the skin) and I can move it.

I won't be able to see my doctor until later in the week and am having a hard time not panicking. Any advice?

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  • lynda20916 dani84472

    Hi Dani,

    Sorry you'r experiencing this anxiety.  Please try not to panic and do your best to put yourself at ease until you can see your doctor.

    No one on this site is able to diagnose an illness--we're not doctors.  We're just fellow patients offering each other comfort, support and practical advice/information.

    I hope all will be well with you!

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