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  • spotty1 2

    Bisoprolol - constant nausea

    I was taking Bisoprolol and Candesarten for about 18 months, until I went away for 5 days and forgot to pack the Bisoprolol. Within 3 days I stopped feeling nauseous, which had been a daily occurrence for about 12 months. I hadn't associated the nausea with my meds because the side effects didn't

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  • Skyla 1

    Perindopril - debate

    I absolutely don't doubt that loads of people have some very difficult side effects from this drug and similar medications for cardiovascular problems. :cry: I also agree that health profesionals don't always listen to, fully comprehend, or empathise with our concerns. :x However, I think it'

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  • Guest M


    My 83 year old mother was recently prescribed Bisoprolol 2.5mg. Withing hours she was really dizzy, couldn't eat, very confussed and breathless. She collapsed after the 3rd tablet and her blood pressure fell dramatically. I stopped the tablet and rang the doctor the next day informing him. He

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