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Fissure In Ano

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  • GC1801 2

    Botox experiences?

    Hi everyone, I've had a fissure for 7 years now (yes, ow), put off getting it sorted as I wasn't 16 when it started and guess I was just young, naive and nervous. Anyway went to see a consultant when I was 19 who said it no uncertain terms that he would not ever operate on me because of my age, because...

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  • caitlin734 1

    Fissure for 6 months, no pain though?

    Hi everyone, I have read many posts on here about everyone's struggle with the curse that is an anal fissure. This is my first time posting but I thought I should because I have never read another person with a situation quite like mine... which is peculiar to say the least. A little background......

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  • melissaxo92 2

    Fissure split again after healing with botox

    Very depressed tonight. Was healing after Botox injection that I had end of April. Had a harder stool today and I'm now sore again, looked in the mirror and its split again near my anal opening. Instilagel stings when I put that on for pain relief. My surgeon is NHS based and has said he has only ever...

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  • Mello 1

    Recovery after surgery

    Hi. I have had an anal surgery to deal with my fissure, a couple of days after surgery I got really constipated and had to get an enema. It's been 6 days now since the surgery and my anus still burns, and itches a bit. Can anyone tell me, how soon will I stop feeling this pain. The surgery has help with...

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  • morris72638 2


    Hi Everyone - I can tell you how to cure Anal Fissure's quickly... Firstly, my experience was horrible just like everyone else. I have read that it can be more painful than childbirth! Mine started from an overly large bowel movement that ripped me in 3 places. The pain was so bad that i passed out...

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  • dee300 2
  • Cocon93075 1

    Syphncterotmy twice failed?

    I had had two in the pst 5 months, my last one was 5 weeks ago and I'm still sore!!! I'm worried I'm not healing again. Has anyone had 2 and it not worked? They were from 2 different sugeons.....

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  • reggiecat 2

    Sphincterotomy didn't work

    I had the surgery almost a year ago, I thought there was some improvement but not totally, still feel burning and some soreness and I think I developed a thromboid or hemmoriod from it. I can't believe it didn't work. There was some improvement but not much. I have to bring myself back to the doctor...

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  • Riri000 3

    Anal fissure After Botox HELP PLEASE

    I'm 8 weeks post the Botox I feel I only always temporarily heal and never complete two days ago I did a harder stool and now it's back to bleeding and discomfort and burn when passing stools has anyone ever completely healed from the Botox ? I'm im so depressed this isn't funny anymore

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  • em1989 2

    Anal Fissure, Skin Tag and hemorrhoids, Botox? Help Please

    Hi All, I have posted a few replies on here to discussions and thought Id write my own as really feel I need some help and advice, I am 25 female and have been suffering with hemorrhoids for years, 8 I think now, they resulted in a nasty skin tag and when I though it couldn't get worse, I have now had...

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  • heather81129 2
  • heather81129 2

    Anal fissure with pain/bleeding but without spasms

    I have had an anal fissure for 6 months now. I read so many posts from people reporting spasms for hours after a bowel movement. I do not get the spasms. I do suffer extreme pain (feels like passing rocks or glass) when having a movement, but the pain goes away immediately. I also have bright red bleeding...

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  • tanya72746 1

    Fissure reoccurance

    Hi guys, I have been reading all the posts. I am having a recurrence of a anal fissure. I think I have a sentinel pile as a result as well. Mine has reoccurred because I had two lots of antibiotics and very loose bowels. I had been managing it pretty pain free for 3yrs. But I forgot how painful it can...

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  • Netty179a 2

    Anal fissure and intense itching...

    I have an anal fissure and possibly some more problems, I'm soon to have an internal investigation by camera (sorry forgot name and notes are in the car) The itching around my anus and perennial area is just too much to bear. I try to ignore it, and bathe it it salt water or plain water or even diluted...

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  • jennifer82624 2


    After suffering from a chronic fissure I ended up having the fissurectomy last Monday. I am 10 days post op and feel worse than ever. The first few days were fine and then the pain started coming on strong about the 5th day. I made the HORRIBLE mistake of taking pain meds w/o stool softeners (they were...

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  • Guest M

    My experience with a chronic anal fissure

    Hi all I thought that I would post this as a lot of people appear to be going through the same agony that I was going through for over a year. Anyway, I was at uni and going through a bad time in my life, whenever I get stressed my guts go into turmoil. As a result I was off uni for a week with severe...

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  • Butt Pa1n 1

    Hemorrhoidectomy, "Fear IT!"

    2 weeks post surgery. 3 weeks post rotator cuff & detach/re-attached bicep surgery. It was my 4th shoulder surgery, I've had 5 other major surgeries prior to this. I read another's post saying that his doctor tried to relax the patient by saying "it's not as horrific as people make it out to...

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  • abby54934 2

    Anal Fissures.

    Hi there, I feel like talking to you because like everyone in this chat, I too have an anal fissure. But there is one thing different in contrast to myself and the rest of you. I am only 14 years old. I don't go to work, I go to school instead. I sit in a chair for 9 hours a day, and lately I just...

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  • georgina 64619 2

    Recurrent fissure

    Hi , I don't know if anyone can offer any advice but I have been having recurrent anal fissures for about 3 years , normally at the top of my anus , sometimes top and bottom , I can see them if I open my bottom ( sorry tmi 😊) , they go away for a few weeks then if I have a hard stool they seem to open...

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  • Riri000 3

    Healing anal fissure - advice please

    Hi guys My fissure is healing it's slowly closing I can see the new tissues that have grown to fill in the split and is slowly closing , it's not raw anymore , no longer bleeds, only issue I find is I go a few days without any pain or discomfort and some times a bit of a burn after passing which u can't...

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  • jo79024 2

    Pain management for anal fissure

    Hi - I would love some advice about pain management for an anal fissure. I had mine diagnosed about three weeks ago, but have had it longer than that. I am currently using Rectogesic (externally - far to painful to try internally) and have started having linseens, a sachet of Fybogel a day, increasing...

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  • dee300 2
  • edmund15166 2

    At loggerheads don't know where to turn to

    Dear fellow patients I would love if some one out there could get me some hope as regards my problem with leakage after having sphincterotomy operation and before that two botox injections.I had leakage for a few years but got worse in the last few years so send for botox but made very little different...

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  • juanita93228 3

    Has anyone had any luck with Hfissures?

    It's supposed to heal anal fissures. I plan on ordering some next week. I've been battling with my fissure since March of this year. I thought I had it beat, with vaseline and a mixture of peppermint, cypress, and tea tree oil. I had a solid BM this morning, no blood. I had another at noon, and I could...

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  • Riri000 3

    Seriously depressed about anal fissure

    Seriously am so depressed dealing with this the weight loss , the life change, the pain , the emotions I'm 8 days post Botox I've had so many panicking attacks my surgeon has had to contact me outside his usual hours I just feel like I'm forever doomed the Botox has worked abit but going...

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  • finngirl 1

    Fissure advice needed please

    Hello! I've had an anal fissure now for about 18 months. It bleeds daily and I have tried GTN and diltiazem but neither have had any effect. My consultant has said that botox would be the next course of action but my hospital won't fund it. I don't really want surgery. What do I do next? Any advice would...

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  • d39881 2

    Abscess, chronic fissure and skin tag - confused and need help

    Hey, I've just left the hospital. I was rushed in with a perianal abscess that I've just had drained. They also removed 2 sentinel skin tags and they discovered a chronic fissure. I have to go back in four weeks (once abscess is healed) to then check for fistula and have Botox in the chronic fissure....

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  • Ja22m3 2

    Going for Fissurectomy tomorrow 4th of February

    I have done the coconut oil, the olive oil, the sitz baths and so much more. These have been measures to manage pain, but they have not been cures... I have eaten well.... but sometimes even when the stool is as soft as water, the fissure will hurt and ruin an entire day. And so, fissurectomy it is......

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  • Fafeli 1

    Fissure or.. Something else?

    Hi guys, I'm 24, female. I've been having this sharp pain before I pass stool. It's still bearable but I'm definitely sure the pain is not on the openning of the anus. The pain only bothers me during bowel movement. Somehow whenever I pass stool, I feel that it is passing something sharp BEFORE it...

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  • SimonMcG 2

    Is there any pain killer that works? (UK)

    My pain started at the end of February and originally was thought to be piles. Now thought to be an anal fissure I have an appointment for the Botox treatment on 15th June. I'm looking forward to the anaesthetic for some pain relief. If I have a bowel movement in the evening I can say with absolute certainty...

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  • sharon48405 2

    fissure after hemmoroid surgery

    in dec 2016 I had hemmoroid surgery and a fissure was repaired that was caused by the banding that the doctor did on my first visit.  (never had a fissure before banding so be really careful if you agree to banding as a quick fix.  Live with the hemmoroids.  Anyway, the surgery was horrible - long recovery...

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  • angel62788 2

    Chronic anal fissure

    Hi, I've been dealing, more like suffering, through a fissure for three months. I've been to my doctor, GI, and general surgeon. I've religiously done the stool softeners, Metamucil, Nitroglycerin, and sits baths. Please, if you have any advice or been through this, can you provide your story?...

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  • Riri000 3

    Anal fissure post Botox 7 weeks

    So I had my post op visit today tomorrow marks exactly 7 weeks since the Botox I've had a roller coaster of a ride but the Botox had alllowed my fissure to start healing Today I revived Goodish news - the fissure is healing and only a smart part of it is still raw he said I'm about 95% healed - as...

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  • melissaxo92 2

    One month post Botox - extremely down

    so I'm having a really bad day today. The pain isn't half as bad as it used to be.. but to be honest, it may aswel be agonising again because I'm totally fed up and upset that Botox isn't healing my fissure. It's just blocking the pain and prolonging the inevitable in July once it wears off. I'm using...

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  • crystal22 2

    Fissurectomy and anal stretch

    Hi there, I had been suffering with a fissure (2 actually) for over a year! After seeing my GP numerous times she finally sent me to a surgeon, who set me up for surgery within a week! I just had the surgery two days ago, and I am actually feeling surprisingly great! I had such excrusiating pain over...

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