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Fissure In Ano

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  • IanM24 1

    Rectal pains, unable to poop properly

    -Male -22 years old -No serious medical issues -Not taking any medications and only allergic to penicillin Complains of: feeling of unable to complete poop properly if that makes sense, that there is always something stuck there at end unable to "wipe" away. Have tried extreme forcing myself to

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  • jo79024 2

    Pain management for anal fissure

    Hi - I would love some advice about pain management for an anal fissure. I had mine diagnosed about three weeks ago, but have had it longer than that. I am currently using Rectogesic (externally - far to painful to try internally) and have started having linseens, a sachet of Fybogel a day,

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  • molly204 2

    Does anyone else panic about their Anal Fissure?

    I've always been a nervous person, worrying about everything. When I got my first fissure in my early 30s, I panicked. It was like my life was over. Of course I was overreacting, but that's what I do best. Convinced it was cancer, and with a doctor who is a bit reluctant, it took me almost a year

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  • Hello265 2

    Could this be to do with my anal fissure or something else?

    I have been diagnosed with a anal fissure about 3 weeks ago, and now I don't get any pain passing stool but only get pain everytime I finished passing the stool. I also feel like I haven't fully emptied but then it feels like I have fully emptied at the same time? and everytime after passing it, I

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  • lee65521 2

    Desperate: Anal fissure- BOTOX treatment

    Good Afternoon everyone, I know there are a few posts about this topic already and believe me, I have read all of them. Most dating from 2010. Anyways, a little about me. The week my daughter was born, I had a large BM (I was taking blood pressure meds and Percocet from a c-section), both very

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  • katpain 2

    Rectal pain, too much to live with

    Been dealing with this for years, terrified of doctors in fact a few years ago I broke down and ended up in the ER , that Dr helped more than any of the others , he gave me a nitro compound cream that helped .then I went to see a gastro guy who made me get on my knees after telling him pressure on

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  • melissaxo92 2
  • Annoyed23 2

    Botox procedure in 2 days

    Hi, I went to see the specialist a year ago regarding The pain I had in the area. She said it was a very large fissure and to be honest no idea how it started. My doctor gave me everything to try but nothing has helped. In the first 3 months I was in extricating pain unable to sleep, was pacing at

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  • Guest M

    My experience with a chronic anal fissure

    Hi all I thought that I would post this as a lot of people appear to be going through the same agony that I was going through for over a year. Anyway, I was at uni and going through a bad time in my life, whenever I get stressed my guts go into turmoil. As a result I was off uni for a week with

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  • patrick93350 1

    Small amounts of blood on tissue paper after pooping

    I'm a 24 year old male who is generally in good health physically, although this issue has been worrying me for some time.  Around Autumn last year I noticed blood in the toilet when I pooped, bright red blood with no pain, and I simply put this down to piles and as days went on I no longer

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  • Guest M

    anal fissure

    Does anyone have thoughts about fasting as a way to heal anal fissures. I have had a chronic one since giving birth 7 months ago. I've done topical treatments and have had the botox injection, but nothing is changing. I'm considering either a 3 day clear juice fast or even the 10 day Master

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  • morris72638 2


    Hi Everyone - I can tell you how to cure Anal Fissure's Firstly, my experience was horrible just like everyone else. I have read that it can be more painful than childbirth! Mine started from an overly large bowel movement that ripped me in 3 places. The pain was so bad that i passed

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  • Anon2388 1

    Having INTENSE anal itching for years now.

    I am 28 yrs old and have dealt with anal itching for years. It gets so bad at times that it wakes me up in the middle of the night and I can't go back to sleep. Sometimes it itches and I scratch to the point of bleeding. I've taken a picture of what it looks like around the anus, but am unsure if I'

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  • april81228 2

    Lis surgery

    Hey everyone,I will try be brief and as informative as I journey with anal fissures started in Aug 2016,I was ill informed and didnt know what was going on.I had gone through a rough emotional patch,had a lot of fear and trepidation.I rem hvn a hard bm,it was too big or smthn I hadnt

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  • Guest M

    Desperate. Thinking about quitting my job

    Hi everyone. I'm so depressed about this experience but at least I've found this board, I've not been able to talk about this to anyone, not even my friends. Id love to ask some questions to get your take on things: - Do you guys exercise? It really helps my bowel movements but also I can't help

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  • ianee 1

    Has anybody had a Sphincterotomy?

    Hi All, I've been advised to 'seriously consider' a Sphincterotomy following Botox, which doesn’t seem to have worked. Although I'm booked in for a second round of Botox, my consultant advised me to have the 'risky' op The risk he says could result in incontinence and this is what scares me. Has

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  • worstpain50648 1

    How long should I expect to be out??

    Im a 17 year old high school student so you would imagine that and anal fissure is the last thing on my agenda. Its been 2 weeks about and only 1 week since ive been on antibiotics. How long should I expect to be out of my sport and school. It it so bad I left school early on Friday and cannot

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  • maxigal1212 2

    Sphinterotomy and removal of skin tags

    I had my sphinterotomy and removal of skin tags done 2 days ago. I had the procedure done early in the morning, I didn't feel a single pain after I went home. The doc told me he gave me lots of local anesthesia to numb the wound. It could last for 24 hours. It was nice that I didn't feel any sore

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  • marilyn69818 2

    Bulging disc and trapped nerve pain

    my MRI scan has shown a bulging discs and pinched nerve to shoulder which has caused me pain and weakened arm for over 12 months. Originally I was diagnosed as having a frozen shoulder and given pain medication and steroid injections which didn't give lasting relief. 12 months later the consultant

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  • alan32571 1

    in agony withanal fissure any advice

    hi am just looking for some advice ive ben suffering for months and decided i should go see the doctor a few months back , he gave me a examinaton up my anus and he said i have anal fissure he gave me boxes of suppositories and been using them ever since but had to go back again this wk he gave me

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  • mark94515 2

    Terrified of having lateral sphincterotomy.

    Hello.  This is my first post on this forum, though I have been following it for a while. I am a 56 year old male. I was diagnosed with a fissure over 10 years ago, well the first Gp to examine me said it was proctalgia fugax after forcefully inserting her finger up there. You could hear my screams

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  • valerie58328 2

    I have just had aTrans anal rectocele repair

    On Monday I have had a Transanal rectocele repair. This was to be on a day surgery coming out later on that evening.  The surgery actually takes about 1 hour and they give you about 3/4 hours recovery then home.  Unfortunately after the op I could not pass urine so I was unable to leave that night.

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  • jonathan58 3


    Hi one and all just to let you all knowy Botox injection outcome. I had this injection on the 6th December 2007, I was only in for the day, I feel so much better, no more having a bath at 2 and 3 in the morning. The muscle spasms have gone, if anyone of you have read about me on this forum I was

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  • ali 42367 1

    Relief from Haemorrhoids and Anal Fissures.

    I have some knowledge about this and the remedies are Constipation. 2. Increase fiber intakes such as Prunes,Apple,Pears,Carrots,Figs are very very suffering from diabetes and having haemorroids and fissures should avoid dried figs instead you can have fresh

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  • laura12239 2

    Fistulotomy recovery?

    Hi I've been reading these forums with interest since my illness began in June. I presented at minor injuries with severe back and rectal pain, I was sent away with a diagnosis of soft tissue damage and painkillers. Over the next few days it became excruciating and I returned and was firmer this

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  • SherryPoppy 2

    Anal Fissure

    I have been in excruciating pain since October last year. The pain has been unbearable, also suffering from piles! Well on Wednesday this week I had Botox injections for my fissure, and happy to let you know that so far, no pain! What a life changing outcome! Any help or chats welcome x

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  • imcka 2

    Pain relief suggestions and general advice? Help please

    I am only 22 years of age and have had these for around 6 months now; they are excrutiating and very uncomfortable. I have previously had chronic depression and as a result my stomach is now in turmoil and I get very constipated, which just repeats the cycle. I have been drinking cosmocol sachets

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  • bordersgirl 2
  • eric 87904 2

    lateral internal sphincterotomy…. boom!

    Instead of getting in on existing conversation I have hopes that this post will get read more as a new topic.   I, just like anyone on this forum am a sufferer of chronic anal fissures.  Im a 30 year old otherwise super healthy and fit male.  Ive been suffering from fissures for 12 years. Let me

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  • molly204 2
  • anthonyFx 2
  • angela5783 2

    Very painful anal fissures! Years of suffering here's my story!

    Hi all I see loads of posts about fissures I thought id share my experience! For yrs now I've been suffering with ibs (constipation). I can be on the toilet for 30-60 mins per bm. After many yrs I plucked up the courage to see my doctor and had been given fibregel and laxido etc. Last year I was in

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  • LoveHeals 1

    anal fissures and diverticulosis

    I see many suffer with anal fissures, sorry. I too have such, and my whole life! It seemed to worsen after age 50. I see many do surgery with success. I have other surgeries to do ahead of this one! I've always just suffered! I also have diverticulosis which, a high fiber diet is encouraged. ...

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