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  • Guest M

    Methotrexate, Shortness of Breath and Increased Heart Rate

    On Friday, I got up from my desk to make the short walk to the toilet, after which I was a complete mess, I couldn't catch my breath, I was sweating and my heart was pounding. I took myself to the company first aider who recorded my pulse at 98bpm. She recommended I went to the doctor which I did

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  • carrieann 64399 2
  • barbara93798 2

    Hair loss

    Hi can anyone tell me is it normal to have hair loss when on methotrexate I have been taking it for over a year. I have lost hair under my arms, on my legs and my arms. My hair on my head has become thin and like a babys hair. Not sure if it is that drug or something else I use. Hope to hear your replies.

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  • joe88085 1

    Methotrexate side effects - blisters- how long?

    a few days after starting MTX i developed severe blisters on my lower lip and  nightly peeling and bleeding.  its been a week since my last dose but no subsiding in the blisters.  After 3 weeks of MTX my doc has switched me to mycophenolate.  How common is this blistering side effect and how long

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  • tricia1982 2

    Cold sores

    Hi can someone please give me advice got started on methotrexate a week ago the day I took it I felt sick but the day after I felt dreadful feeling sick, feeling exhausted and my joints were killing me. I now have a massive cold sore on my lip is this normal????

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  • Wheato 2

    Tips for avoiding hair loss on Methotrexate

    Hi everyone, I have RA and have been taking Mtx for about 6 years. I take a high dose folic acid supplement every day apart from the day I take my Mtx. I am also on Humira injections every other week. When I ran out of folic acid a few years ago I lost masses of hair and (at the time) hadn't

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  • kirknap 2

    Methotrexate and alcohol

    Hi there, I've only yesterday started on my methotrexate tablets and have just started reading the online forums and have became very worried! The number of people who are losing their hair seems incredible, is this a common side effect? I'm 23 years old and drinking and work in a bar while i'm

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  • scott59075 1

    Methotrexate "bad day"

    Hi all, ​    I was prescribed methotrexate injection (25 mg) weekly after having gastro issues with Cellcept and Imuran.  I have been on it for 3 years.  I am also on daily folic acid and Leucoveran.  I have always had what I call a bad day after my injection.  3 to 6 hours after the injection, i

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  • leonard12916 3

    Having difficulty walking from reducing steroids, looking for advice!

    Over the last 2 months I've reduced from 7 to 6 mg of Prednisone at the advice of 2 of my doctors.  The results of this are that my knees have become very sore along with muscles in my legs thereby making it harder and harder to get up and walk.  Lately even my shoulders hurt and my biceps ache; I'

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  • mary00571 1

    Is methotrexate causing my weight loss and decreased appetite?

    I have arthritis and was recently (in the past month and a half) put on methotrexate tablets (6 a week) and im also taking a 1mg folic acid supplement 5 times a week (excluding the day i take my MTX). Ive noticed ive lost a couple pounds and i have no appetite whatsoever. I dont have really bad

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  • kelly2804 1

    Methotrexate weight gain and weak bladder.

    okay I know the doctor says there should be no weight gain but I have been on 25mg per week now for three months and have gained about 7 kilos.  I have started to monitor my eating and it is around the calorie intake prior to going on or less and I was slowly losing weight at that eating level.  

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  • leonard12916 3
  • jacob75577 2

    INCREASED PAIN from Methotrexate!!

    I took my first dose of 6 - 2.5mg pills last night for my arthritis.  Woke up a few hours later in the most excruciating joint pain I have ever had--in EVERY joint including my knuckels of my fingers.  Anyone ever experience this crazy reaction to this medication??

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  • GeorgiaToddy 1


    I am 21 years old and around about 4 years ago I began to have swelling of my knee. I have had one x-ray and two MRIs in this time and both have come back negative. I have been to my local hospital and been transferred elsewhere. I have been diagnosed with arthitis and also been told no one really

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  • davidmb13 1

    Stomach pains

    Hey all, I took my first dose of 12.5 mg of methotrexate last Saturday night. About four days later, I started having stomach pain. It's been about three days now and it's been constant. I've been taking the 1 mg of folic acid every day. I've tried Prevacid and bentyl but neither have helped. Has

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  • sunny25366 2

    Questions about MTX and alcohol

    I'm getting ready to take my 2nd dose of MTX 15mg for Lupus. I am a 57 yr old Caucasian woman diagnosed in February (onset was in December!). I noticed after the first dose I was sick that afternoon and next day nausea and diarrhea but it got better every day after that. No hair loss at all! The

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  • lesleybt 1

    Reducing methotrexate

    I've been on methotrexate for 5+ years taking doses between 17.5mg to 25mg. Was on 20mg and consultant recommended reducing to 17.5 and even 15 if can tolerate. Have been on 17.5mg for 4.5 weeks now, and am feeling rubbish. Don't know if it's related or not or if RA is just more active due to weather,...

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  • trev1986 2

    bad side effects

    iv been on methotrexate from around december 2016 started off fine but recently started feeling awfull chest pains, headaches blurry vision to the point were i feel anxious and very panicky at times, iv had one from what i can decribe as a panic attack, iv never suffered anything like this before

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  • Charlie.Chatz 2

    About to start Methotrexate

    Hi all, So I am about to start my first, test dose, of Met. tonight for my Psoriasis. I chose to take it with my evening meal as A. I don't want to find out about the initial side effects while I'm at work and B. I will hopefuly sleep off ay of the side effects.  I will be taking the Folic Acid

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  • kat54641 1

    Major appetite changes with methotrexate

    I have been on injectable MTX for 4 months now and not only have i lost weight (12 pounds-which i probably needed) but am experiencing major appetite changes. Eg. I used to love It was my middle name!! I seem to have no desire for it and other goodies i used to love. Anyone

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  • kristy7 2

    methotrexate toxicity fatality

    Dear Methotrexate Gang, Hi - I'm writing this post because my father has passed away from methotrexate toxicity in February. This cause of death has been officially confirmed. I'm in a state of shock and I really don't believe that the general public understand the severity or danger of this drug. ...

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  • Erika 1234 2
  • paul82428 1

    Iritis and methotrexate

    Hi  I have been suffering recurrent iritis have been using maxidex and timolol, the eye hospital want me to start methotrexate 12.5mg for 2 weeks then 17.5mg after that if all the blood tests are ok been reading about this medication sounds like it could be a bit of a nightmare with the possible

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  • tia35000 2
  • j.capes 1

    Methotrexate Injections

    Hi, I've been on methotrexate injections now for about two years. Prior to this I was on the tablets and had to change to the injections because they made me feel very sick. After the two years on these injections I'm also starting to feel sick for quite a long period after I inject. I'm not sure

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  • robertcosmos 2

    Great help with GI side effects

    Chlorella and Spirulina are apparently known to help with the bad effects of chemotherapy on the body.  As most will know methotrexate in very high doses is used as a chemotherapy drug.  So I tried them and I believe they have significantly helped alleviate the impact of methotrexate on my

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  • judith09301 2

    Does everyone get side effects from MXT?

    I will be taking my first dose of MTX this week for my RA after putting it off for half a year.  Reading through the discussions on the forum I am getting the impression that everyone gets unpleasant side effects of some sort. Does anyone know if there are people who have not had nasty side effects?...

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  • Pesh0308 2

    I started taking methotrexate last night..

    I started taking methotrexate last night, 4 pills,, have been taking folic acid about 2 weeks and I feel terrible today.  It seems every ache I have had in the past due to RA is magnified.  I also feel bad In general, fatigued, tired, sore.  Is this normal?

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  • kathleen14585 2

    I'm confused about alcohol and Methotrexate

    I'm really confused about using alcohol with Methotrexate.  I was told by my daughter's doctor that it should NOT be done.  A lot of you on the Methotrexate discussion are stating that you can drink but just a few days after you take the drug to prevent sick feeling.  I was under the assumption

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  • confused12 1

    Autoimmune Diseases

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.  My condition started in 2012 with dry itching eyes which felt like there was dirt or grit in them.  It went from there to water retention below my eyes (worse in mornings), and water retetntion on my forehead.  I have times when I'm really

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  • Audrey08 1

    Methotexate and cancer

    My grandmother started on this drug for Rheumatoid arthritis whilst living in Spain. She was on it off and on for a total of 7 years. Each time she tried to come off it she couldn't cope with the pain. This was until her white blood count started to drop. She was taken off the drug due to this and

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  • Guest M

    I have been taking Methotrexate for a year

    I am 65 years and have suffered psoratic arthritis for 16 years, I also have three stents in my been on Methotrexate for a year 8 x 2.5mg and up to 15mg of Predisilone, 14 years on this. I am suffering from loss of sense of smell (nearly gassed the house out several times), all food

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  • Kpiscit22 2
  • mr todd 2
  • Guest M

    Methotrexate concerns

    Methotrexate is a potent drug with many side effects. Even those on low doses normally report adverse reactions, often very unpleasant and adding to their other health problems rather than clearing them up. I was prescribed it, and stuck it out for a year before deciding that it was doing me more

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