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Pleurisy and Pleural Effusion

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  • jean15780 1


    Hi, Am new to this forum and really don't know where to start, at my wits end. Firstly, am ashamed to say Iave not seen Dr for over 10yrs, I have a absolute fear of Dr,s. Since a really bad cold the beginning of last year I have coughed on and off. it always goes to my chest, but with home

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  • jean15780 1


    Hi, Am new to this forum and really don't know where to start, at my wits end. Firstly, am ashamed to say Iave not seen Dr for over 10yrs, I have a absolute fear of Dr,s. Since a really bad cold the beginning of last year I have coughed on and off. it always goes to my chest, but with home

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  • pops92573 1

    After heart surgery Recurrent Pleural Effusions query

    my wife had 2 heart valves replaced in Jan 2017 since then she has needed 4 Pleural Effusions drains at first these were running a week apart but the last one was after a 3 week period my questions are: is it normal to need that many Pleural Effusions drains? Is it safe to have that many drains?

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  • lisa18188 2

    MRI addendum 'fluid in the bases of lungs'

    Hello All, I'm new here and have been reading lots of your posts in the hope that someone has been through something similar to I'm 33, had an MRI of my spine that found evidence of Ankloysing Spondylitis. However, there was also an addendum on the results saying that there was a 'small

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  • Willowtree27 2

    Mystery illness: concussion, pleraul effusions, CA-125

    Hello, I'm really hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction as the doctors are still baffled at what is wrong with me. In April this year I felt really unwell suddenly, then a few minutes later fainted and cut my chin open. I have had post concussion syndrome since and also BPPV.

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  • Guest M

    Could this be pleurisy?

    After reading some of your stories, I'm wondering if I could have pleurisy. I have another 5 days before my next doctor visit, so thought I'd check the Internet for advice, etc. History. About 3 months ago I started coughing really bad. Mostly getting out in the cold and talking or laughing

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  • tiffany75011 2

    Pleurisy again??

    I had been diagnosed with pericarditis and pleurisy in June of last year (2016), I'm now getting my allergies back, now a deep painful cough and chest pain is worsening. I've had on and off chest pain since my bout with it in June but no one seems to know wth is going on. So many energency visits,

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  • mike3232 1

    Is this pleurisy??

    Hello I'm 22, male & recently quit smoking two weeks ago. My symptoms crushing chest pain, difficulty breathing to the point I think I'm suffocating. Chest feels cold/like its burning also sensation is in my back. Sharp stabbing pains through out back & chest ribs as well. Sore feeling in back &

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  • Guest M



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  • ahmed42526 1

    Post necrotizing pneumonia suction?

    Dear all, Thank you in advance for any advice you can share. My 4 year old daughter came down with very severe pneumonia that was necrotizing. She has been in the hospital for 25 days today. I sleep every night in her room. Her left lung was collapsed at first but the right was untouched. The

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  • rachel14373 1

    Pleurisy or cracked rib?

    I wrote a couple months ago after a Pleurisy diagnosis following chest x-rays. As it turns out, it was a cracked rib that I had, NOT viral Pleurisy as the Dr had suspected. The cracked rib did not show on the chest x-rays, but I was told they don't always show. It took about 5 weeks for the pain

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  • hannahl13 1

    Severe chest pain and shortness of breath- possible pleurisy?

    For about a month now I have been having severe on again off again chest pain on the left side accompanied with occasional shortness of breath, left abdominal swelling and left shoulder/arm pain. I am 20, and in fairly good shape. This was an extremely sudden onset that started around the same time

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  • Blondie_Ness 1

    Pleurisy, further attacks and exhaustion...

    Hi I have just got over pleurisy. I have had several chest infections since July and then all of a sudden on the Thursday mornng when I got up to get ready for work, I noticed stabbing pains when I breathed in and cough. I thought I'd pulled a muscle and tried to ignore it during the day at work

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  • emmy39248 2

    Is it Pleurisy?

    Last Thursday I got diagnosed with Pleurisy after ringing up 111 with chest pain and they sent an ambulance. They did an ECG, a sensitive blood test on my heart (don't know the fancy word for that blood test) lol FBC, the usual blood pressure, temp etc.. the doctor checked if there was swelling in

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  • lisa11609 1

    Chronic pleurisy

    I have been suffering from pleurisy for a few months now!! I had it 3 out of 4 weeks in one month. And now twice within 3 weeks. I have been to a pulmonary specialist and they ran all kinds of tests just to tell me they all came back normal. Well why am I constantly getting this pleurisy and

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  • HavenStreet 2

    They say I have Pleurisy

    I woke up in early January with sharp chest pains. I'm young, but of course I did not discount heart ailments. Two ER trips and a Doctor later, after every medical test to my poor body, I have been diagnosed with pleurisy. I have kids, they are great and understanding and have helped me a lot,

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  • sharon16673 2

    Spontaneous Extra pleural haematoma and pleural effusion

    hi I'm 47 and prior to this always in good health. I woke up couldn't breathe and after several misdiagnosis a CT scan showed I had had a spontaneous extra pleural haematoma - apparently extremely rare it was left to see if my body absorbed it but I became  breathless had a lung fluid biopsy done

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  • janni79600 2
  • sarah197810 1

    Re-occurring pleural effusion

    In March is was diagnosed with a large pleural effusion in my right lung.  Ended up in hospital and had 2 thorocentesis done.  They took over 2 liters out.  2 weeks later the fluid was still there and they did a 3rd thorocentesis.  took another 675cc out.  2 weeks after that I had a follow up and

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  • martyn92249 2

    9 months on

    Hi all.. getting concerned of my situation, i had a pleural effustion with pleurisey very ill at the time, but ive all ways been quite fit, i am only 43 and dont know what is going on with this, i can feel my right lung when i breathe in deep in my back which i never had before,  not very painful

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  • natashatandem 1

    Pleurisy and pain in opposite collarbone

    I have had ongoing pain for the past 2 months, worse when breathing in on the right side of my chest. My doctor has diagnosed pleurisy and said it should resolve on its own. I have now developed a very sore collarbone on the oppisite (left) side. Could these two symptoms be related? I have health

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  • HavenStreet 2

    The Great Pleurisy Conspiracy

    This January I will have had the symptoms for 24 months. I've been through two primary care physicians (interviewing the third in a week), two pulmonologists, one cardiologist, a gi doc, and numerous others. Every test known by the medical field. My health is great. I have no problems. Except

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  • celesta82674 2

    What should I expect?

    I was just diagnosed with pleurisy. I'm 24, almost 4 years ago I had a pulmonary embolism due to birth control. I was in pain for 2 years. Right when I think I'm back to normal I get intense lung pain. It felt like my lungs 1\2 their normal size, I went white and clamy and almost passed out. Seeing

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  • EhudsDagger 1

    Pleurisy or not Pleurisy?

    For nearly three months I have been dealing with some serious chest pain, particularly when I try and take deep breathes, lay down, or bend or lean forward.  At times, the pain is unbearable.   My family doc did some x-rays and sent me to a pulmenologist (assuming it was pleurisy?).  After meeting

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  • nicole06027 2

    Possible pleurisy, sent for Bronchoscopy? Please help.

    My dad (he is 60, ex-smoker (as of Tuesday :D) taken into hospital, via 999, on Sunday (7 days ago). With a stabbing pain in his lower chest, his skin also was sore to touch in that area. Paramedics said it sounded lung related and not heart, so they took him in. He had an XRAY done and bloods.

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  • jayne03174 4


    Hi all posted on varios forums,,, PTSD,,, depression ,, anxiety,,, stress,,, getting lots of support for all of them been like it for nearly 2 years,,,, been having back and chest pains over past 2 weeks  went to doctors been given antibiotics and stonger pain killers as already take for O

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  • bry79304 1

    Lasting effect of pleurisy?

    About three years ago before moving away to uni, I was diagnosed with having lung pleurisy, although I had great discomfort in my chest, back, right shoulder and could breathe only shallowly, my GP told me that it had been caught early, prescribed me a course of antibiotics teamed with paracetamol

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  • zooey76 2


    I've felt so frustrated for many years. I too was told muscular/skeletal. While experiencing short breath, extremely tired, pain that shoots like a spear on left side from upper rib cage, center of left breast through to back.  In 2012 after hours of waiting, the blood clot I guess hit me hard, I

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  • dena38801 1

    Kidney infection & sinus infection

    I was on 3 different rx's for a bladder & sinus infection. The kidney infection is feeling better but still having sinus issues & it's hard to breathe even when my nose is clear like I'm not getting enough O2

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  • PRthyroid 2

    Werid Chest discomfort

    Hi everyone,  For a few weeks now, since coming back from a trip from my Aunt's house, I've been feeling this werid chest discomfort on my left side upper area, abit above the heart I believe. While I was at my Aunt's house, I had accidently over pulled my lung muscle while reaching for my

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  • lindaInez 2

    Just diagnosed with pleurisy.

    Was in MVA july 2013, sever seat belt injuries across my chest. Had seriously bruised sternum and a couple broke ribs. After a couple weeks of pain at the point where the old break is, I went to Dr. afte Xrays and exam, I have pleurisy. Is this something I will have to deal with from now o?  

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  • Sheri216 2

    Pleurisy for the second time

    I am writing for my 42 year old son going through his second time with pleurisy.  Both times involving pneumonia. The first time he developed empyema as well as pneumonia and was in intensive care for 11 days. Four of which he endured 3 chest tube surgeries.  This as two years ago.  Right now we

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  • Guest M

    Thank you to all of you who are documenting on this site...

    Thank you to all of you who are documenting on this site! I was diagnosed with pleurisy early last month (July 2006). I was shocked! I hadn't even had a cold! And now, early July, and I have the pain again on my right side. . .my back (burning sensation) and under my breast. X-ray and blood work

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