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I have been on Flucloxicillin for the past 3 weeks as I ...

I have been on Flucloxicillin for the past 3 weeks as I have an ingrown toenail and gout which has become infected. The first dose I had was for 7 days - the pain went away but the swelling did not. After that I went back to the doctors as the pain had become so severe that I couldn't even begin to make an appointment for my ingrown toenail to be removed, and he stated that the infection was still there and that I should have another dose but stronger, so I am now on my 8th day taking 500mg but I now feel sick all the time and feel hungry but can only eat about 2 mouthfuls of food.

I hope that my swelling goes down so I can get my ingrown toenail sorted out and get my gout under control.


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