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  • jibitesh11455 2

    Chicken pox in genital

    I'm roy .. my panis is infected throw chicken pox/vericella zoster and human herpices virus 3. In inner sight of the panis showing infection

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  • Guest M

    Chicken Pox at 29... what the?!

    So it started last weekend. Saturday - I was TIRED.. so very tired, but my mates kept insisting I come out so I did... drank lots, kind of overcame the tiredness. Next day Sunday - , I noticed one spot on my waist. Thought nothing of it until that night I was running a temperature (38.5)... Monday morning,...

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  • marc69809 1
  • rachel90529 3

    chickenpox really need advise please !!

    Hi everyone. There is chickenpox going about at the moment and I've never had chicken pox as a child. When I was younger both my sisters had them and I never contracted them even though I was around all the time. I'm now 24. Has anybody here ever got the vaccination for it and if so is there...

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  • miulux 1
  • jerry39104 1
  • marigold_64 3

    Chicken pox at 69.

    I was diagnosed with chicken pox about three weeks ago.    The rash is fading now, but I have had severe pain above my left hip and along my lower back.    The pain is improving, but my abdomen feels numb.   Has anyone else had this?

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  • indrajit60988 1

    Chicken pox in adults

    i am living with my wife and she contacted Chicken pox 15 days early and now recovering fully. Today I had a fever and shivering, I am 45 years old and never had this virus. Now there is no such rash with blisters on my body but I do have pains in my leg. i have to conduct audit from 7th this month,...

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  • vicky 01723 1

    Chicken Pox Vaccination 5 years apart

    I got my first Chicken Pox vaccination 5 years ago. I want a baby asap so I had a blood test and I had no immunity to chicken pox. I got the second one last week. Will I be immunise? My GP said needs to be one month appart? Is this true?

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  • Guest M

    i am 26 and i have caught chicken pox for the second tim...

    i am 26 and i have caught chicken pox for the second time i am in to my 5th day and still feel no better i am still feverish and am covered from head to toe with water filled spots which show no signs of crusting over yet i have them in my private parts and on tne palms of my hands and on the bottoms...

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  • Lotz 1
  • paul36320 1

    Chickenpox Interaction With Children

    Hi. My 4 year old has just developed chickenpox spots. We are due to go to a public event with lots of other children in a couple of days. I really don't think we should take him due to the contagiousness but my wife doesn't think it is a problem because most children will develop chickenpox...

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  • helpme68816 1

    Chicken pox...20 years!!

    So I've recently developed chickenpox, this is my 3rd day following the development of the pox (the rash). My face has been submerged in pox, with an acne like appearance. I was just wondering when does the redness start to dissapear and the pox fade? I've just finished my exams and I can't...

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  • sarah32398 1

    Chicken pox ruined my life

    I caught chicken pox for the first time when I was 16 years old back in may 6 months ago. I started off getting 6 painful lymph nodes around my neck and ears. My dr said it was an ear infection. 3 days later I got diagnosed with chicken pox after my entire body was covered in excruciatingly painful spots....

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  • VinayMalik 1
  • raven88019 2

    Chicken pox @ 18

    I'm 18 and I'm on my 7th day, all the spots on my face are scabbed. I'd like to know if I accidentally scrape some off during shower, would it become a scar? And what cream should I use if ever they become scars. I'm just so anxious of how they will turn out after I'm healed. Can...

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  • joy97820 1
  • vikash70148 1

    Woman conceive during chicken pox

    I have just recovred from chiken pox one week back can my conceive now. If we have sex. Can a woman conceive with a male partner? Who has just recovered from chicken pox.?

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  • RaptorStar 2

    Chicken pox scars on face.

    Hello I have 3 Chicken pox scars on my face that are dark crater shape scars. I have had them for a few years. How do O remove them? Any products? or remedies?

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  • steveyraff 1

    Not sure I've had Chicken Pox?

    Hey guys,  My fiance has to babysit her nieces and nephews today. One of them has the chicken pox. I hear getting it while older is very dangerous.  I am 32. I remember when I was 18 or 19, I was working in a warehouse. One morning I woke up and discovered I was covered in what I presumed...

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  • mi1984 1

    Diagnosed with chicken pox, any use of my family take vaccine now

    Hi All For past few days I was feeling bit tired and felt fever from inside . Today I saw few small pimple like blister on my face and I was diagnosed to have chicken pox. I am leaving with my wife , 15 month baby , mother and my brother in a two room apartment . My question if it is of any use if...

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  • poxythrowaway 1

    chickenpox questions

    INTRODUCTION Hi, so I'm currently suffering from chickenpox. I am 19 years old, living in a tropical country. I worked with kids, and I noticed this wound thing a few days ago. I had a bad case of acne growing up, but my face was clearing up so I popped. It would scab and itch for the whole day and...

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  • martha73502 1

    Hey I am suffering from chickenpox

    Hey I'm 16 and this is like the 6th day of my chickenpox Almost all my blisters have turned into hard crusts over my face. And today while I was slightly touching one of the crusts and it came off So I just wanted to know will it turn to a life long scar??

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  • louise33847 1

    Can I still catch Chicken pox?

    I had an immunoglobulin injection when pregnant 6 years ago as my oldest had CP and I hadn't had it. Since my middle one has had CP and I've not caught it now my youngest looks like he'll be getting it. Am I likely to be immune from the immunoglobulin 6 years ago. Not looking forward to the...

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  • Pree 2

    Chickenpox 😭

    When should i when used the calamine lotion?some people says i should appy it after 3 days of my chicken pox. I would like to know is there any duration or when I should appy cause it's itching badly...

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  • craig94973 2
  • michelle02209 1

    Rare chicken pox

    Hi My son recently got chicken pox while on holiday. He was vomiting and also had a temperature which I know can be normal with chicken pox. 4 days in and he was out of it and some of the chicken pox went black. We ended up in hospital in Spain where he spent 10 days. It was the worst time of my life...

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  • shannonoude 1

    I think I have chicken pox but I'm 14?

    I have had a fever for a day or so and I've been threwing up a lot I have red dots on my legs I thought they where pimples but there is a lot of them only on my legs. I don't know if there chicken pox or if they are just red spots from shaving.

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  • moggycat 1

    Exposure with chicken pox

    I took my daughter to town yesterday we were in a cafe/shops and took a  lift with some people (one who was pregnant!) and then today she broke out into spots! I am worried I will have unintentionally infected people by taking her out. She didn't come into direct contact with them or cough/sneeze...

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  • barbiegrrrl 2

    arghhh timing

    Chickenpox was doing the rounds at my son's school before the end of term...lovely holiday present for mums there, especially when some (like my son) started showing the rash on the first day of the holidays!!!! my daughter who is 3 hasn't shown any signs yet, but it's tricky keeping them...

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  • kelsey59707 1

    18 with very mild Chickenpox?

    I'm 18 and never had Chickenpox. When I was little, my mum took me to work with her at a child care center because there was an outbreak, but I didn't catch it. Recently she had mild shingles. Just one spot, and we didn't even know until it was non-contagious, the doctor said. But even so,...

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  • tessa67343 2
  • stacy58477 2

    25 with chicken pox..

    ok so i caught this awful chicken pox from my daughter who has now fully recoverd,i saw my first spot on sat,so took my self to the gp first thing monday and he gave me Aciclover which i started takin right away,im abit worried as he told me it should have been started with in the first 24 hours for...

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  • mich0802 1


    I'm looking for some advice please. I managed to avoid chicken pox for 48 years ( all my siblings and children had it ). I have developed a rash and it's starting to blister, with blisters in my mouth, extremely hoarse, swollen glands and severe headache. I developed a chesty cough yesterday...

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  • tanyxa333 1

    Is this a chickenpox?

    Can anyone advise if this looks lie chickenpox or what else could it be? Just noticed those to be everywhere on my arms and belly, they are quite itchy. Would appreciate advise by adults who had experienced it ! Thanks

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