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  • b0son 2

    post-op spermatic cord swelling

    I had bilateral hydrocelectomy 7 days ago. I took keflex for 5 days post-op. No major swelling of scrotum or testis to speak of, just some inflammation of the remains of the excised hydrocele. A few days post-op, but while still taking the antibiotic, I noted some pain along the right spermatic cord,...

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  • deepnidhi86840 1


    I had hyrocele surgery in may 2013 but i felt little pain around testicele spacialy after masturbation. This problem was from starting after surgery.. What to do?

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  • deepnidhi86840 1


    Does gym exercise cause pain around hydrocele, if hydrocele surgery done 4 years back

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  • Mountain Mike 1
  • matt12 1

    Hydrocele Surgery

    Hello, I had my hydrocele surgery on February 15th, 2013 in Houston, Texas. I wanted to share my story as I was terrified before having the surgery from all the posts I read. Mine was on my left side and was about the size of a small grapefruit. I was living with this hydrocele for about a year,...

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  • richardgeo 2

    Testicle same size as before surgery

    I had a hydrocelectomy 5 weeks ago. There is a bit of excess skin. The bigger testicle has not reduced much in size with surgery. I am not really sure what is going on. Does the testicle generally reduce in size post surgery? I got the surgery done because the size was a bit uncomfortable. Just wondering...

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  • mike16600 1

    Post Surgery Sensitivity (2 Years)

    I had a hydrocelectomy performed two years ago, shortly after I had an infection that was treated with antibiotics. The size and comfort is MUCH better than before, but I've had a sensitive spot (bottom of testicle where 'cord' attaches) that hasnt really seemed to go away or get any better; When sitting...

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  • Yodel02392 2

    Hydrocele repair and change in sperm quality

    Hello, I recently under went a Hydrocele repair over a month ago now. Healing of wound and most other aspects of my recovery seem to be going well apart from one problem that has become a real source of worry for me. I was told to wait 7-10 days before resuming any sexual activity. After a week I was...

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  • naz36825 2

    Excruciating pain after Hydrocele surgery

    I had a hydrocele surgery 7 days ago. At this time, I have excruciating pain when I stand up or walk. It's a charp burning pain as if someone was pinching my suture area. However, the pain is almost none existent when laying flat on my back. It's the only position to get relief and become comfortable....

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  • scottrobinson 2

    Surgery 4 weeks ago...when does the pain stop?

    Like the title said I had my hydrocele surgery 4 weeks ago.  The swelling is pretty much about gone.  Surgeon said it could take 6-8 weeks for swelling to go away.  The thing is I have pain in one area still.  Is this normal?  Does it take weeks to go away?

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  • ben24814 1

    Hydrocelectomy Complications

    I just had the surgery done 12 days ago and am having nothing but problems. I've had increased swelling, about the size a little smaller than the original hydrocele. The Dr has aspirated this twice already, but the fluid keeps coming back. The Dr is 95% sure the hydrocele did not return, he says it's...

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  • richardgeo 2

    How long for excess skin to shrink?

    I had a hydrocelectomy 6 days ago and I have a lot of skin hanging due to one of the hydrocele being the size of an avacado before surgery. I am wondering how long I can expect for the skin to shrink in to cover the testicle?

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  • richardgeo 2
  • richardgeo 2

    Can Hydrocelectomy cause infertility?

    Can Hydrocelectomy cause infertility?  And if so what are the chances? I am scheduled to have my Hydrocelectomy operation on Monday. If the operation can cause infertility I think it is not worth it. One of my hydroceles is about the size of an avacado but I'd be happy to keep it if it meant keeping...

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  • ilija62296 1

    Post surgery questions

    Hello, i had this surgery 2 weeks ago and i still have swelling on my left scrotum but when i touch it i dont feel pain. And i am afraid my scar wont regenerate normaly because top side looks its like an open wound but it isnt, i don't have an infection thank God. I am just courious how long will i have...

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  • richardgeo 2
  • vinod17688 2
  • colin 48153 1

    Hydrocelectomy- Don't be nervous, get it done

    I just wanted to post a quick note to reasure anyone who is nervous of getting this done. It took me years to build the courage to get the op and it's the best thing I have ever done. I had a large hydrocele on the left side of my scrotum, finally got the courage to go the doctor and was on the table...

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  • Guest M

    Hi guys, I'm from Chicago, IL and finally found this bo...

    Hi guys, I'm from Chicago, IL and finally found this board. I have been seeking information on hydrocele repair for quite sometime now, and was glad that I found this board. I have a right hydrocele about the size of an orange, and have had it for a few years. I saw a urologist who wants to aspirate...

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  • sama007 2

    Had my hydrocele operated.Everything is very fine now.

    Had hydrocele since last 7 to 8 years.Now I'm 21 years old.I was afraid of the surgery so kept on postponing it and i was in search of other solutions but nothing worked at all...may be I didn't search enough.. But at last, I thought surgery is the only choice and the only solution. Read so many articles...

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  • ned62447 1

    Irritated Scar from old Hydrocele Surgery affecting sex drive?

    Back in September 2015, this problem started after I had rocked back and forth vigorously in a chair out of habit. A few days after the week that this happened, my abdomen felt soar. By November of 2015 however, my sex drive almost completely dropped by 90%, I had trouble getting and maintaining erections,...

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  • keith65805 2

    Hydrocele return

    Hi, I have had three hydrocele operations within 9 months and it has come back a forth time. Two weeks after my surgery in January I believe it is filling up again. Anyone else have this problem?  

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  • weerix 2

    to help keep "balls"

    Is there somewhere for sale something special pants with big balls because of hydrocele to keep it upp . ? As cows udders hah.

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  • medical7777 2

    More Concerned Than Before

    Since I have been doing my own research what I am finding is that the none of the 2 doctors I saw told me that the problem could return and reading here I see some people have already had the surgery 3 times. I know I am going to have to do something but there does not seems to be a reliable cure. Has...

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  • A2hydro 2

    8 weeks post Hydrocelectomy, Hydrocele coming back?

    Hi, I'm 8 weeks post hydrocelectomy. I had a smooth operation, walking same/next day, feeling ok. I have been taking time to recover, and my right testi, which had the hydrocele, was a bit meaty and lumpy post op. I took all this to be part of recovery, swelling, etc. Up untill a week ago I was in a...

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  • medical7777 2

    Where does the fluid go after you have the operation?

    I am really concerned with what happens with all of this fluid after you have the operation. The protective sac is open so it cannot hold the fluid but what then. Also this sac provides a protection and if it is opened it no longer provides this function and there is scar tissue which has to have some...

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  • cameronclark 2

    after the procedure

    Hey guys I got my procudure don 3 days ago now. I was just wondering if anyone could inform me on how long I would have to wait to masturbate and/or be sexually active again? I want to be careful and not rush into anything that could hault the healing process.

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  • daniel99815 1
  • weerix 2

    hydrocele operation ?

    Can operation with hydrocele be with risks ?. I am soon 70 years old. I have had also prostate operation. Twice. Hydrocele (left) disturb me only when sitting. It is almost as big as bulls have (lol). I am waiting letter from hospital but I can also refuse.

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  • don999 2

    Question about swelling after Hydrocele Surgery

    I am about two weeks post surgery and as I've read swelling is pretty normal after a hydrocele surgery. But what I'm wondering is how do I tell the difference between normal swelling and the hydrocele returning? My testicle is about the size of a baseball and it feels similar to the hydrocele. It's...

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  • weerix 2

    operation next week

    I have hydrocele operation next week. I do not know what they are going to do. I am age of 68. My left ball is not very big. I just watched opearations in youtube and they really have very big ones. My ball do not cause much harm. I was at doctor only talking about prostate and I asked about hydrocele....

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  • rizwan 61548 1

    Hydrocele repair post op testicle position

    Hi guys I had my Hydrocele repair 8days ago. The problem I have is the operation was carried out on my left testicle which use to hang lower then the right one but since the op it has not dropped or moved position at all and is causing great discomfort. Its staying high.

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  • Jaybee17 2

    Hydrocele Questions

    I had an ultrasound last week and yesterday my primary care physician told me that it found a moderately sized hydrocele. I had originally gone to her because I was having some groin discomfort/swelling, but I was also having pain in my back, buttocks, calf and foot. I asked her if it could be related...

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  • raydogg59 3

    Patiently waiting......

    I am 7 months out from Hydrocele surgery.  My doctor initially said the scrotum would go down "in about a month". And months later, I still have an orange-sized pain at all, but a slight tingle every now and then. But does anyone who has had the surgery know how long it takes for things...

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